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  1. Are you serious? Out of curiosity, do you have a link to a post they made about this? Figured it was an exclusive since this isn't the first time I've seen something like this. Cant believe they could fuck something like that up.
  2. There's two trophies Xbox has that we don't, but thats not a glitch, just exclusive for Xbox. Problem here on PS4 is that no one is able to unlock "A Ph.D in murder". Unless they're gonna tell us again that there's more kills but yet Steam has unlocked the achievement but no one on PS4 or Xbox One has?
  3. Going by that tweet, I was expecting the trophy to be fixed with this update on PS4. They mention nothing of this "achievement fixes" in their Facebook post when the actual PS4 patch came out. If you check your update history on FT13 on your PS4 it will also mention no trophy fix. There's a possibility that in their eyes it was such a small fix they didn't feel the need to mention it. Guess we'll just have to wait and see on Xbox since they have an easy glitched trophy, so if it's fixed we'll know this patch included trophy/achievement fixes. If not then Gun Media is just lying to our face at this point.
  4. ??? I realize you guys were in the rush to get it out by June 20th, but you guys couldn't even squeeze in the smallest fix for achievements/trophies?
  5. Yeah, I'd laugh if they tried say "But the One for Good Measure" isn't glitched on Xbox One. https://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=921968&anchor=7224360#m7224360 Here's a post saying that they're getting ignored by the Devs about the same issue as us. http://steamcommunity.com/stats/438740/achievements The trophy for get a sleeping bag kill is more rare than Ph.D in Murder!! I wonder if they removed the kill and didn't update the trophy requirements. I guess when they said they fixed it, they just fixed the fact that the kills kept resetting. If it's not fixed by next update, I'm really going to start worrying that they'll never fix it.
  6. Sucks to hear what happened to you, idiots out there just want to ruin the experience for everyone else. It also doesn't help that the game is riddled with bugs, so at the moment, the game is a train wreck. By the time the developers actually fully fix the game, the player base will have dwindled so much, everyone is just going to move on. Trophy wise, FT13's FB has made a few replies to some of the comments left on their post. They're insinuating that we haven't found all the kills yet but that they'll review the trophy. I can't stress enough how wrong they are, Steam has unlocked this trophy because they fixed it for them. So there's either a glitched kill, progress is resetting, or they're right and console has some exclusive kill. I think I'll put my money on that fact that it's glitched.
  7. They've already stated you won't get your 13,000CP when double XP hits June 23rd. As for Jason, you need to press R3 when customizing Jason 3.
  8. Sucks to spend $40 on a game that is full of glitches. I feel like they should have delayed the launch of the game, but then again if they wouldn't bother to test the trophies, I doubt they'd bother to test much at all. I'm happy you aren't affiliated with Gun Media, if you were you'd most likely make the game company go bankrupt. I'm the same as you, normally I don't trust indie developers because they're known for glitched trophies and never fixing them. I purchased the game because I trusted Gun Media will fix it, but now I have my doubts. I realize they're busy, but I see them responding to tweets and other posts made on this forum, they're ignoring this issue. None of the admins even bothered to post anything here like, "Fix will be included in next patch" or "This fix is in the works". I hear Xbox One users have had it the worst, at least on PS4 the game is somewhat stable.
  9. It's awesome Xbox gets a progress tracker, wish PS4 would incorporate that. I've heard the same thing about the boat kill, I guess it was a thing in the beta but it's glitched in the release. I just find it baffling that there has been 5 patch updates for FT13 on PS4 and a simple trophy fix still can't be included in them. Not sure why the development team couldn't just earn all the trophies themselves to test if they work, guess they couldn't be bothered. If they don't want to pay employees to do that, contact me FT13 Devs, I'll do it for free. Anyway, I just pray to God that this doesn't reflect the skill level of the developers at Gun Media. I also pray that they don't turn into Overkill Studios and end up fixing "A Ph.D in Murder" but glitching other trophies as the result of the patch.
  10. Yup, I checked on TrueAchievements and it's still at 0 achievers. Here's the link that shows the patch notes for Xbox One for the update that went live on the 14th: In the patch notes they say they fixed it but I think thats a load of crap. Steam was able to earn the trophy, in fact its not even the most rarest trophy, it's 2.3%. I doubt that there's 0 achievers because we haven't found a kill. If Steam found them all, console must have too. Friday the 13th's twitter account ignores my tweets about this issue. In fact, seems like we're being ignored by the developers here about this issue. I tagged @GunMedia_Ben 3 minutes after he made a post on the forum and he was on 3 hours afterwards, no reply yet.
  11. The trophy "A Ph.D in Murder" is still glitched on PS4. Are the Devs not bothering to fix this? This is a known issue, even FT13 twitter has confirmed they know about it. The trophy works on Steam. Xbox wise, the Devs said it was fixed in the last update but there are still 0 achievers. @GunMedia_Ben
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