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  1. We'll see! They might scrap the whole thing. Pass the buck on the law suit.
  2. There wont be anymore DLC Coming out due to the last suit. I wonder what this means for the "Dedicated severs" Now? http://www.f13game.com/news/end-of-content/
  3. First, I love that scene! Funny as hell! But the game, it is like Buying a car with out the tires and the Dealership not telling you about it. Its bad, and whats worse is it reflects on the gaming as a whole industry . I always will now look at Match making, if a game has host migration or dedicated servers cause of this! this game is a PRIME reason the gaming industry needs. What exactly is a complete game, What kind if support does it have. And if the industry doesn't do it them selves......Then The government needs to step in and do oversight. Over the past 5 years I have been more disappointed with games i bought. This was the kick starter for it all.
  4. It has been over a year since I suggested dedicated servers for this game. And there is still nothing, Just promises from game devs that "They are coming". I am sorry, but Promises dont mean much from Dev's that don't think you should have something in place before launch. You keep making promises, trying to reassure us. But have nothing to prove its coming. Other than the word from you all. Well I am sorry, but your word doesn't mean much. I havn't played this game since 3 weeks after launch. Cause 7/10 of my matches ended in Host leaving. This isnt a small bug, Something that can be forgiven. This makes the game unplayable. This is GROSS oversight on the part of the Devs, and the fact it has been a whole year....says that the team doesn't really know what they are doing. TA lot of you likely ask why I am still here, and thats an easy answer. I paid for this game, that is unplayable, and if it was anything else I would have gotten my money back. But since I bought Digital, I cant. SO I will keep harping on this, Pressing on Reddit, The FB page. Making sure the Dev's KNOW the messed up. Cause I want my money out of this game. All the people I played with, Quit and wont go back because of the lack of Dedicated servers or host Migration. he Screenshot needs to end, Sooner rather than later! Otherwise you wont have a player base for your games, and your dedicated severs dont matter!
  5. It has again been Months since I have posted this, and yet there is no sign of dedicated servers. And Honestly, Its not exceptable. This is a gross oversight on part of the Devs. So where are the Dedicated servers promised? Or is it like Final Fantasy 7 Remake, The Promise was made and it will be 15 years before we actually see it? All my friends have quit playing bacause they are tired of being unable to finish matches. It is now April, Almost a full year since the games release. And NO dedicated servers.
  6. Nice to see you can tweek Jason and yet its been 7 months since you said dedicated servers where coming. 7 months. Almost 8. Make the game more playable THEN Worry about tweeking things for game play. 7/10 matches on the PS4, for me, end in Host leaving. FIX THIS.
  7. It now the new year. 4 months since I have posted this thread, 7 months since I orginally gave the suggestion, and there is Nothing new on Dedicated servers. Yet you keep pushing out content and coming out with patches and fixes for other things and not fixing the main game. I play on PS4, we NEED dedicated servers. 7/10 matches the host leaves and the wait time in between....there is no point. You spend mroe tiem waiting for matches than playing for them.I tried to get a full refund for the game and got no luck. You NEED To do these servers. You NEED To give the player base what you said you where working on. This is getting ridiculous. Or are you like Square Enix, The Promise has been made and it will be years before we see anything else on it.
  8. Dedicated servers are like the FF7 promise. They said it was coming and then dont talk about it anymore.
  9. Sorry but I don't believe this. the Devs SAID That Single player was gunna be here by the end of summer, and no Delivery on it. So I take everything now said with a grain of salt.
  10. Since I was asked NOT To post a second thread. I figured I should post here. There is another patch coming out, and There is No dedicated servers, No Single player mode that was Promised by the devs. This is getting to the point where I am feeling ripped of, My purchases off of what they say is coming. This game held a lot of promise, and it has gone down hill. Poor match making, NO Host migration or dedicated servers, no Single player mode. I will be going to Sony to get a FULL REFUND Of this game. And I will not buy another game from the Devs. They make Promises and don't follow though. Its been 7 months since launch. Based on the track record. The Dedicated servers aren't coming, Just like the single player mode.
  11. No point in having leader boards when you cant even finish a match!
  12. So they come out with another patch, And we still dont have dedicated servers. Heck we still dont have the Single Player mode that was going to come out "By the end of summer." This is really getting unexceptable. I want a refund for my game, but cant cause I bought digital. I am feeling like I was ripped off. Promises where made and they arent being followed through on.
  13. I'mthe only one of my Friends that plays it. Quick play is all I have. 7 out of 10 matches on the PS4 end up in host quiting. The Devs wont do anything about it, So you have to hit it where it hurts, Their wallets. You do this by driving people off the game so they DONT play it. Its a "bad" thing to do, but the Devs should have thought of this BEFORE they launched. Considering online is the only option, They DID Say they where going to have Single Player end of summer.. *Checks calander* Bit late to me. And for the record, yes, I am pissed. It has been 6 months and they are still "Working on it".
  14. I think Host leaving should just result in a Perma Ban from the game. Solve the issue.Cause while they say Dedicated servers are coming, Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. I am tired of playing, and the Host leaving. Just happened to me, Jason was the host and I was the final camper. he couldnt find me with 2 mins left. So he rage quit. No XP, No nothing from it. I really am just going tos tart leaving matches after I die as a host, especially if the Devs aren't gunna do anything about it.
  15. As consulers, The odds are stacked against you. You Die, Its going to happen more time than not. The issue is you cant even finish a match, Or at least I haven't been able to.Like I said above, 7 out of 10 matches and a 10 to 15 min wait to ge tin to one. I Quit playing because of it. I also feel that this is something that should have been taken care of at Launch, Not still waiting to be fixed 6 months after Launch. Dedicated servers or not, This is kinda gross over sight. I mean, you have a good game. But how did something THIS big Fall through the cracks? The point of the game is to play, But this is so big that it makes it darn bear unplayable. Its not a Glitch that can be worked around, Like People clipping through walls, Or going on Roofs. Those are Minor Annoyances compared to a game just ending because one player leaves that is hosting the whole thing. And yeah, Veting things for console will take longer. Sony and Microsoft want to make sure things run smoothly. But again, This should have been done BEFORE launch. Not still waiting 6 months later.
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