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  1. Is anyone else experiencing the extremely annoying voice chat bug on PS4 where you can hear people just fine in the lobby, but in the match everyone becomes high pitched and completely inaudible? I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to stop it. I overheard some people talk about it the other day so I know it’s not just me. It’s been going on for months at this point. I’ve reported it to Jason Kills Bugs but I don’t know if it’s widespread enough for them to actually look into it.
  2. If you guys don’t know this yet, do not emote at all during the game if you’re going for the sweater. If you emote, the sweater will not activate at all. Keep in mind it still has a chance of not activating even if you haven’t emoted. Just a heads up however.
  3. I feel like Jason’s grab range and cone size we’re nerfed a little TOO much. I was able to grab people easy (maybe a little too easy) before, but now I just can’t even grab people straight right in front of me. You literally have to be inside the victim to grab them.
  4. But is it possible for the developers in the future to negotiate and maybe pay for the right to put FvJ Jason in the game? Even if the owners say 'no' can they at least try? Or is it a complete 'no' to where they can't even ask?
  5. I have a new idea for a kill in-game. What if when Jason grabs someone inside a house he has the option for a new kill animation. He would throw them onto the bed and he would bend both sides of the bed up, breaking the victim's spine like in FvJ. I know we have something similar to this with the chair animation but I think it would be super cool.
  6. That's actually a really cool idea. I'd love to see this in-game.
  7. I have an idea for a new Jason skin. It could be applied to an already existing Jason or even a new character. It's an Infrared Jason. It would be really cool to see this in the game. However there could be cons if this was a skin. He might me bright for some people's eyes and might stick out to much for the dark scenes. Maybe you guys could work it out though.
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