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  1. Yep, no ill intent or anything either. I figured the difference in location is where the confusion and all came from.
  2. Me either, just a frequently used word in science/medicine and overall english language.
  3. No nothing at all out of the ordinary, I don't just up and remember off the top of my head where everyone is from, and it was a response to you saying you are a noob, I am guessing at the english language?
  4. I forget you are from Germany sometimes, and you are righy about part 6. Been a while and I don't see how I remembered it with both eyes showing. Damn getting old.
  5. Um no. Where do you think the term shredding your abs come from? And I know he is unmasked only once. But watch the scene. He is watching Tommy rip the fence post from him with both eyes wide open. Regardless of the fact he lost it in part IV. These films were never known for amazing continuity.
  6. Yes Lamb of God resurrected Burn the Priest (same band different name) for a new tribute album to old hardcore and thrash songs that influenced them. Great, love me some Lamb of God.
  7. I just find it funny that people have this idea that no conspiracy theory could ever be true. Like they are all make believe fairy tales. While a lot are, not every one is. And many have actually been vetted and proven to be truths. Oh how delightfully funny that one is.
  8. The plot thickens.... You know you aren't supposed to use sound reasoning to make educated guesses @Ghostboy20
  9. Yeah that thread being locked was a joke. But that was an employee rather than a moderator. Rather telling from my perspective.
  10. At the begining of part VI he had both eyes in the opening scene, watching as Tommy pulls the fence post from his abdomen.
  11. And of course, this. They should have been fixing bugs all along, as well as enforcing the rules they have. But we all know how that goes.
  12. Yeah even though it isn't tied to the game and it's mechanics it certainly put a bad taste in the mouth of many potential customers as well as customers, such as myself, that values truth and transparency. They definitely missed the mark on that one.
  13. Well.....pros: Jason Models, artistic direction on maps, the kills, the fact that it is Friday the 13th based, mic in game. Cons: ignoring feedback and pandering to the fortnite and sims crowd, going back on rules instead of enforcing them (jason teamers), lack of transparency, changing windows on a whim then refusing to revert them, ebay, the thin skin for criticism, The Praetorian reddit fiasco, caught in a lie over the Dilly Dingus situation, all the bugs added on top of day 1 bugs still being present, delaying of backer rewards, and I am sure there are more that aren't quite coming to mind at the moment. Edit: oh yeah, allowing banned glitchers back to boost player numbers.
  14. One could say glitchers want to ruin all the fun for those who just want to play the game as intended.
  15. Lmao this all day. Glad to see you haven't left us yet. Just one more voice of reason.
  16. As long as it doesn't end up being full fledged bots jumping on the Jason hunting train. See enough of that online.
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