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  1. Awesome, and I clearly see your point that you made. It is what makes the topic so hard to deal with. And sadly, they show no interest in doing shit about it so they should just implement a vote to kick feature at this point, but we know that won't happen either as it would probably fall under the "new content" umbrella. ?
  2. Either way, I don't expect them to do shit about it so my best bet is to just stick to offline anyways. Most people I ran with on private haven't touched the game in months anyways. Just expected Gun to do their job when it comes to enforcing their rules, and lost all hope on that after they released the assholes back into the fold.
  3. My only rebuttal to it is, generally the trolls and glitchers also send insulting and shitty messages when you call them out, so record that and roll it in with the footage and then there is proof. Not necessarily the easiest or best way to handle it. But since there is no kick, or in-game report feature to handle this on our side, this is really the only way I can see handling it. But again, we know their stance on actually enforcing the rules so I don't hold my breath. Therefore it should also be acceptable to shame them publicly in my opinion. Record and plaster their gamertag here and anywhere to handle them. Sometimes humiliation works wonders. Just my opinion of course and I do see your point as well.
  4. Then they should be permabaned in my opinion. No 3 strikes your out. You have one chance to redeem after first, you come back acting like a dick, you are permabanned (by ip and or console id) that way there is no way around it.
  5. But there is a server. Our saves and unlocks are tied to that server. We just don't have dedicated servers.
  6. Lmao eloquently put. I just started watching cobra kai as you guys recommended, and am actually blown away with how well they have done this show so far. Bouncing between it and American Horror Story. Liking both so far.
  7. Given that no new content is coming, they should have plenty of time to enforce their own rules.
  8. Hey man, we appreciate it. We understand and just even taking the time to check in means so much. You have your own things to worry about at the moment, and are glad you have gotten some good news on your health. Hope the rest works out for the best as well and we are the same. As soon as/if things get better sooner than later, we will be reaching out to you and your family.
  9. Currently it has actually taken a bit of a bad turn, but hey that's life right? At least I have my wife and daughter, and am above the ground. Had a close experience with being severely injured or dead last Friday and it humbled me a little in our current situation. Driving down the interstate (80mph) my top and bottom ball joint on my old truck snapped and about slung me into a tractor trailer. Was on the way home from a side job I picked up. Wiped my check completely out getting home and left my old truck in a point of disrepair given how much tow and repairs are going to be. Thanks for checking in on us, right now I am scrambling to figure it out, but is far from the worst situation I have been in and I made it home to my family.
  10. Wow, I am originally from Douglasville, Ga. About 20 minutes down I-20 from Six Flags. You just hit a nostalgic nerve for me, and I have actually never seen this movie. I will be viewing it as soon as possible.
  11. Yep, and I agree, I could see Freddy being one before Jason. Granted he isn't, but shows way more characteristics of a deadite than Jason for sure.
  12. Hope not. Hackers and modders have no place in my opinion.
  13. I agree 100% with this. Just doubt they will do anything about it since they allowed these kinds of asshats back into the playerbase.
  14. I loved this cheesy movie. Agree with your assessment 100%. Picked it up in a bargain bin years ago. My list would be: Maniac My Bloody Valentine (original) The Town That Dreaded Sundown The Sleepaway Camp Series May Black Christmas Silent Night Deadly Night Edit: Also had to add Christmas Evil
  15. This 100%. Either way Evil Dead and Friday the 13th exist in different universes so no he is not a deadite, and shows no characteristics of one. Just glad that they didn't try to merge it further or add it to the game. I consider none of the fanfic stuff canon. Comics or any of it.
  16. I agree for the most part. And according to one of the guys working on the Resident Evil reboot, it is actually going to just be a retread of what they have already done. A CGI action shitfest. They even did that with the games and it pisses me off. The first 3 games are some of my favorites of all times. I really hate the movies, and haven't played the new game even though I heard it went back to horror as opposed to straight action. Edit: Also found out they are remaking Pet Sematary and I could not be more disappointed. I liked the new It for what it was, as it brought the gore the original couldn't, but Pet Sematary? Really?
  17. Yeah, it is the console people that will have more of an uproar. Because of the fact they have been strung along so far on dedicated servers and they are "still coming". So if they are implemented, and the server for the game goes down rather quickly. The uproar will be massive. Especially since the bigger portion of the base is on console at this point in the game.
  18. Well this is definitely interesting. Maybe they didn't want to confirm here because of the uproar of people bitching that the servers will end sooner rather than later?
  19. I guess I am of the different camp. I never cared for Star Trek Jason. That said, I would have played with him here or there for difference. I preferred the SP challenges, the only thing I didn't like about them was the rewards were emotes. Other than that I play more SP than online because of trolls and bugs , so I am glad we got this instead of the other.
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