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  1. It does, and personally they should just revert the grab back. Just like the window. They broke these things by trying to fix something that was fine. The only people crying for the new grab was the people who want to hunt Jason down as opposed to surviving or escaping. Shifted the balance way too much.
  2. Wrong, I and many others would play more. We were told the game was going to be one thing, then the casuals and sims crowd bitched and had the games balance completely change. Having a hopeless feeling as a counselor would be far more entertaining and put tension back that is needed. When I pop into a lobby that is going for the mob mentality, I distance myself from them and just try to repair the boat or two seater to get out alone and go smoke while in spectate. As a counselor I hate how the balance has shifted away from Jason to the counselors. Again I bought this game at launch because of the experience promised and that was ripped away due to people wanting to nerf Jason into oblivion and make the counselors have an equal footing against him. Should have stuck to their promise to the die hard fans of the franchise and told the whiners to play it for what it was or go play DBD if they wanted they experience they were begging for.
  3. Great album, they did a song off of this album when we saw them and had Kerry King come out and jam on it. He puts on an amazing show. His theatrics blow even Alice Cooper's away and he is one of my favorites to see live.
  4. Yep. Actually more helpful than coddling one's feelings about life being crushed over a video game.
  5. I always liked him, but wasn't a huge fan until I saw him live a few years ago with Slayer on the last ever Mayhem festival. Fucking brilliant musician, great showman, the theatrics and energy was fantastic. So I then went and backtracked through his entire catalogue and fell in love. The guitarist is amazing.
  6. Pretty cool, why would he ignore someone as insightful as you @BrokenFattHardy?
  7. Rewatched NHA with the wife last night, and man we are still blown away at how well this was. Right now with our current situation it was great to watch something that just whisked me away from current issues and just immersed me in the franchise and the original lore and feel. Again, great job @damnenchiladas. Thank you for this labor of love.
  8. I think it is funny that people get bothered by console players saying AFK, for all intents and purposes it means the same damn thing. If someone I was playing with got upset over that they would be laughed out of the damn lobby. Seems there are way more legit things to be upset over when it comes to this game and some of it's players.
  9. For some of us, when it comes to the tracks, Alice Cooper on the credits and The Misfits are the highlight of that subject.
  10. I know right? What the fuck does people being stoners have to do with this? Unless someone is one of those hardcore straightedge fellows.
  11. But it isn't a competitive esports game. Even the devs have stated as much before the games release. It is meant to be for die hard F13th fans, not casusl players and tournaments. It is supposed to reflect the movies, not be balanced down the middle. This is why the gameplay has gone down hill. They broke that promise and shifted the game to appeal to the casual players and sims crowd. They need to fix that shit.
  12. Thing is the game started out in Jason's favor, but the counselor mains cried and changed that up. Just like the survivors crying about the killers and having them nerfed. This game was backed by and promised to cater to hard core fans of the franchise. Not the casual gamers who want this game to become another DBD.
  13. I appreciate it, and humor is always a ok. It makes things just easier to deal with. And am glad you didn't get hit. Being t-boned at an intersection sucks horribly. While work can suck sometimes, glad you made it in.
  14. While I liked Creighton, the kills, and how Jason looked I am not particularly interested in much of anything from Marcus. He butchered the lore with his retcon reimagining. Will still watch it probably if it comes to light just because of the Creighton Duke roll.
  15. Oh you are absolutely right on that, andI am pretty sure they have it digitally at least. Not 100% on that though, have only ever played the US server and haven't run across any players that arw from that side of the world.
  16. I believe so, it may be just digital though and not physical. Do they still lock disc games to regions on playstation?
  17. Dedicated servers The team enforcing rules An actual campaign like some have mentioned. Did not ever anticipate or want Star Trek Jason. To me was the worst entry in the franchise and don't like when they take a slasher franchise and take it to space. (Just my opinion of course)
  18. Maybe if you keep the glitches out of the mix people will take you a little more serious.
  19. Yep, had one of those fuckers too. My only fear is how watered down it will become on a network television channel. If it was on Netflix or Youtube Red I would be more excited. On the fence about this. Also hope they step away from everything Seed and on. Take it back to it's roots.
  20. Lmao. Best comment of the day.
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