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  1. For those complaining on morph and shift grabbing, saying they are cheap or an exploit. You must have never seen Friday the 13th part VIII. He shift grabs the asian girl on the dance floor, and morph grabs Charles in the building and throws him through the window. If the devs understand this and put features in game to mimic all of the ways Jason uses to catch victims, maybe you "die hard fans" should actually rewatch and study up on these things instead of getting riled up and demanding a powerless Jason, which did not exist in the films universe.
  2. Exactly. I have been angry, and critical at times. But, I do have to say hats off as well. Thanks Gun for the improvements coming and the improvement on handling the communication department. Definitely have benefit of the doubt going forward.
  3. Actually @wes you guys did address console dedicated servers. As the question involved the word console and the azure server, which pertains to xbox as you well know. So please quit with the semantics and just give the players what was promised. Dedicated servers are far superior to p2p and the players and potential players were told that we would have dedicated servers. We are tired of the truth spins, the semantics, and all. We want a product as promised. You would think, as much support and everything as we the players have shown, you guys could quit with the games, give straight answers, and give us what was promised.
  4. Hahaha this ×100. But seriously i feel screwed out of money at this point. Kind of like buying a ShamWow!
  5. Same here. Unfortunately i have little time to play as much as i would like, but am down. My ps4 gamertag is Slaytanicus_1987
  6. As well as the trailer released yesterday, twitter, and facebook. But it "was just a miscommunication"
  7. Actually i do quite well as a contractor and work anywhere from 12 to 23 hrs in a day. And as a paying customer i can make opinion i want about the product i bought and the company behind it.
  8. Easy quit promising lies. I don't tell my daughter to the park until you know, i know it is physically possible. I don't just say i will take you tomorrpw, then keep her waiting last minute just to drive past it and say oh, not today, that was a miscommunication.
  9. Not when they constantly lie and drop the ball no. Like i said i wouldn't be a contractor for very long if i pulled the same shit in my job. And before someone tells me how hard they work again, please stop. They have an office job, they are not in the field busting ass 46 hrs in two days with two hrs of sleep in a hot truck in the texas heat before going to the next job and making the donuts. They sit at computers and upload pics smoking fat expensive cigars bought with the cash we paid them. So yeah a lie pisses us off. Even if it is a small lottle white lie, it is still a lie.
  10. Wonder what the complaint could be to drive that rating down to a D+
  11. Yeah a bastion of truth and transparency. They don't lie, its all just miscommunications and misunderstandings No one is ever greatful to be lied to. Sorry, just not the way of the world.
  12. Excuse me a mew kill added and not delivering was a flat out lie. Then they try to walk it back talking about miscommunication. Let me repeat by sating if i did that shit in the field i wouldn't be a contractor very long. Lying to customers to stave off people being pissed is not only bad business it is beyond disrespectful. But go ahead and tell us all how much harder their comfy kob is than the rest of us who have made their asses rich all while being pissed on.
  13. When you constantly piss on someone and tell them its rain what do you expect? Of course the place is becoming toxic. I am with you, do they really need to wonder why?
  14. Trying their best is a flat out lie. They are doing minimal and hoping it suffices. If they were trying their best they wouldn't have made empty promises then when called out offer a shitty excuse of miscommunication.
  15. Exactly. Also convenient to say sorry or give some lame ass excuse. That only works for so long before you lose any credibility and burn the last bridge.
  16. Seems that is always their defense lately. Miscommunication, yet there was no miscommunication, they typed the message, they made the trailer video, yet now it was mysteriously a miscommunication since they have once again dropped the ball and lied to supporters.
  17. Notice they didn't even make good on the cp. Supposedly now that comes thos weekend. Not holding my breath. That Dead by Daylight with the Halloween map is looking better and better.
  18. Nothing like spending money and supporting something just to have some folks straight up lie to you. And before any jumps on the defensive train on how long these folks work, many of us work longer grueling hours doing manual labor not in an office and if we told our customer base half truths, flat out lies, then tried to scoff it off we wouldn't have jobs.
  19. They actually promised the new kill on their twitter and facebook pages. So just another empty promise
  20. Was thinking the same thing. Another empty promise. Must have just finished recoloring and adding the music and thought it would be too hard to deliver on that one too.
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