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  1. Funny thing is I posted that same thing about him being done, and all they are focusing on is bug fixes and that got deleted. Wasn't even being a dick or smart ass about it. Wonder what the grounds for that were?
  2. I do believe he did more than his parents. He was a kind older man, his sister was one of the FSU victims, so it actually happened in Florida before he was caught. Been a couple of years since I have seen the guy but he was always the life of the party when we got together down in Clinton, Ga.
  3. The Dahmer and Bundy ones you have listed are the two I liked. Haven't seen that Gein one, but the synopsis has the story right, so I have to check that one out. Forgot about the Gacy movie. It was good, especially how the mood and atmosphere painted the dread of the victims. Haven't seen the Hillside Strangler one. On a side note, I used to be apart of the civil war reenactments in Ga before I moved (portrayed both Union and Confederate) and one of the older gentlemen I had the pleasure of working with's sister was one of Bundy's last victims before he made it to Florida. Very sad what it did to that man's family. It destroyed his parents.
  4. Wil definitely have to check it out. I feel ya' I get the same reactions here in rural Tennessee.
  5. Agreed. What gets me the most is how inaccurate most things surrounding Gein are. The man had two victims. Was most notably a grave robber and Hodder just was not the guy to play the part. Have seen a few on Dahmer, only one I liked. Saw one on Bundy that was decent. Haven't seen the one on BTK yet, will have to look into it. Summer of Sam was alright when I first saw it, but it has been years since I have seen it. Not sure if it has the same charm that it did then.
  6. Yes! I need to edit my list to include The Dentist 1 and 2. Love Waxwork the second was alright. Like the first C.H.U.D. as well. Will have to check the other three you mention here.
  7. Excellent points. And it would definitely have to be a model based on Englund. I agree Haley did good for what he was working with, but Englund IS Freddy.
  8. Will have to check this out as well. Been on a horror kick lately, been binge watching American Horror Story, which I admit I avoided for a long time. I thought it wouldn't be any good, but for a cable channel and what it is, I have enjoyed it very much.
  9. If I can get things worked out I will throw something to y'all. Part 6 is one of my favorite, and CJ is my favorite actor. Love Kane but I just like CJ better personally. This looks fantastic and can't wait. Will spread the word and hopefully will be on my feet before the campaign ends. Thanks for the contribution to this franchise.
  10. Me too. Surprised in todays ever changing culture it is still on. Have sadly missed out on the past two seasons due to various reasons. Need to catch up.
  11. I was just about to say that lol. He was laid to rest for a couple of years, not a century, or even a decade.
  12. Eh, they fit it more than this one for sure. I love Friday, am a die hard fan. But Halloween is my all time favorite and I would not want it to be what this game became before it stopped in it's tracks. And would be even more angry if it turned out to be that. Edit: Very salient points @The Doctor
  13. Not sure where but they have been in the past. And I would still want them to stay far away from it. Especially after the direction they took this game before the lawsuit put it in the limbo it is. I would want a studio that does the source material justice in all aspects, not just the art direction. And not make the game about dancing/emotes and costume changes.
  14. The grab is horrible, after landing it you can't even shield with the grabbed counselor anymore. The animation looks nice, but is just one more thing the nerfed Jason and buffed counselors.
  15. Just not here. I don't want sims Halloween edition, or Michael to be made into a bumbling joke who gets bitch slapped around for 20 mins while people dance. Maybe another company, and there are other threads in other sections about this.
  16. Bingo. And console players would go up in arms since party chat is tied to the console itself and not the game. The devs/pubs would hit a giant monsoon of shit being flung at tjem if they tried to police that.
  17. Only from someone that will put source material above trends. And this game was never a competitive/esport game. Them listening to that kind of crowd is why Jason is a joke and pinata now. Or gun/illfonic
  18. Just to add to why I chose SPC over uber is when the servers do eventually do go offline, then the game would serve no purpose at all. At least when that day comes I can still get on and slash and kill counselors as Jason.
  19. I totally respect your opinion, as you articulate it much better than the sims crowd. I just agree to disagree. You don't make a promise to a fan base, give them that experience just to shift it later for the new players that have little to no interest in the source material. And want a balanced game. Balance should not be a deciding factor in this (in my opinion) as a 7v1 asymmetrical horror/survival game dhould have the scale tipped in favor of that one against the other players. Just my opinion of course.
  20. Yeah, am a Christian so not to be taken as anything, is just a nod to Slayer. Pantera and Slayer are my top two bands, then everything else is hard to put a number on. I love metal for the most part, is my favorite. But I do like blues, classic and southern rock, outlaw country, classical, neo-classical, even some old soul. Just love music for the most part, with the exception of rap and modern pop. Edit:
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