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  1. Yeah I joined a good group, most just don't play anymore when I do. But I also used to travel a lot with the job I had, then life decided to kick me in the nuts and fuck things up, so now I have more time at the house, but am scrambling to try and get back on my feet before the family ends up homeless. So the only time I spend playing online is very little in the evening after handling all the responsibilities during the day.
  2. It does affect it still because if there is a high volume of players near me, that is usually what makes up the lobby. Very rarely do I have someone from south america or europe in any quick play lobbies. Very rare.
  3. Yeah I am ps4 it might be more of a regional problem like I was saying. There have been plenty of instances of it ruining matches for me and others. But gun made it perfectly fine for some stupid reason. I have had the game since digital launch and am only level 52 because I just got completely tired of dealing with the shit, on top of the job I had having me travel a lot. The playerbase has definitely gotten way more toxic since last year.
  4. Teamers may be rare on the EU server, but they certainly are not rare on the US server. Countless matches have been ruined by them and plenty of videos of them doing it. Especially since gun decided to retract that rule.
  5. Yeah the yappy kids are bad too. Especially when they scream constantly, and then want to try and talk shit. It is honestly annoying.
  6. Lol I know you, just as much as myself, want actual genuine answers for the poll. It is interesting to know these kinds of things. Shows where some of the player base is split on things.
  7. It shouldn't, if anything those asshats should just have their posts deleted and points handed to them like has been done to some of us when getting out of "line".
  8. Laying out the troll bait lol. We will see some interesting posts if they bite lol
  9. You hit the nail on the head. Definitely don't want this generation running the country or taking care of me in a nursing home. I am on PS4 and hardly play online anymore due to this shit and life shoveling shit in my face. Haven't had much time to play anything online, but when I do it isn't this game for sure.
  10. I went with Host quitters as number one, but that coincides with Jason quitters for me. Without the brutal mogoloid we have no match. Next would be trolls and teamers. Can't stand that lot of assholes.
  11. That is totally a matter of opinion, and I liked it because it followed the book a lot better than the mini series. Wasn't the best of all, but was good for what it is. And agree about Pet Sematary. Those were the things I found wrong with it. That and the change in timeline. Overall it is the first remake I have liked since Night of the Living Dead.
  12. We have found our next Weird Al. Had the wife and I laughing.
  13. I disagree with this, it works well for third person games.
  14. Yeah they really can be more of a problem than anything else.
  15. Freddy was abused as a kid. This is shown in Freddy's Dead. His father was portrayed by Alice Cooper and used to beat him, until he no longer felt that pain and killed him with a straight razor.
  16. I don't see why everyone is hating on dvd. I personally have a few films on blu ray and dvd and the difference isn't really enough to justify the higher price tag in my opinion.
  17. I am a collector of sorts so I would probably keep the ANOES on, I used to have it, with the cool box layout, it got stolen years ago, and the only Friday one I found at the time only had the paramount ones which just felt incomplete for a box set.
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