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  1. Awesome list. And you are very correct on Queen having metal songs, and being a huge influence on modern metal, and early thrash. I mean Stone Cold Crazy and Bohemian Rhapsody influenced an entire genre and generation of metal. Phenomenal band.
  2. Fuck YES! Blasting Cowboys From Hell album as we speak. Favorite band of all time! It would be fucking AMAZING!
  3. Ah, came across as serious when I first read it. But I have seen a few who are actually bothered by it.
  4. Nah, while bethesda has their issues, they have some more polished, and better games than these guys. The only thing keeping this game alive is the source material, and die hard fans of the franchise.
  5. I mean it happens in real life. I am a long haired, tatooed, bearded metal head (stoner) who wears band shirts and a chain wallet, and am with an ex cheerleader/softball player who is "out of my league" by most people's standards. We get looks all the time, and have had plenty of preppy, frat boy types even state as much. Happily married with a 3 year old daughter. So it happens. .
  6. Don't get me wrong, the new grab looks better, I just hate how long you are locked in and the fact you can't turn with it. Having a hyper 3 year old, when I have to lunge forward to grab her , I can move and aim where I place my hand to catch her. I don't just have one direction to move and it just feels wrong for a brutal maniac to be neutered into this. I just hate the forced canned animations. Like a little more freedom in mechanics when it comes to games.
  7. Just one more reason I don't like the new grab. Everything just feels locked with canned animations.
  8. You sir got a laugh, it is quite funny the level some will go to, just to see an animated asst, tit, etc. Just plain weird, given how much free nudity is online.
  9. Will gladly take those as they fit the atmosphere we have in my house atm. Nephew just graduated and we are playing spades and jamming to some Slayer.
  10. miss those days. T'was awesome you didn't have to rely on canned animations for almost every action.
  11. I get people being upset, I was once there as well, but after they broke the window mechanic last year and flat out refused to own up and revert, and every update introducing new bugs while leaving day1 bugs in, I have exhausted myself in even giving two damns about it anymore. They seem to hold contempt for a lot of us, while they pander to the meta counselor and emote crowds. As well as show no interest in fixing a lot of the core problems, so I see it like OP does at this point. I come to the forums holding out hope, and to converse with some of the great people I have met through here such as yourself and a hanful of others. And being a fan of thd franchise etc.
  12. I agree 100 percent, the only thing I hate about this update is the grab, and didn't expect any miracles with this update given their track record. But I know that some do not like any kind of harsh criticism of the team and have been in the crosshairs quite a few times by certain folks around here, so it is what it is and I don't expect any changes this late in the cycle like you stated. No one should. Have never been one to be overly optimistic or pessimistic, I am a realist and that does not sit well with some, but oh well. I still have fun with certain people when I get on, or play offline. That is how I deal with it like you and some of the others around this forum. @BrokenFattHardy
  13. This is not the case all the time. I have lost a job in the past when younger and talking about my job on Facebook. All depends on what you do and if there are any clauses in contract surrounding employment and also if there are any NDA's involved. Happens quite often.
  14. Well I can assure they didn't take sense out like a lot of people want. It is too much for them to do because they would have to rework a lot surrounding it.
  15. No main house looks the same goes back to aesthetics. You can argue till the cows come home but the fact is that has to do with aesthetics, not placement. The fact it doesn't show up at a main house in the middle of the map does make it different, and does add variety, because the others do. And you said it yourself, "it is placement that heavily changes gameplay". As I said, placement, which changes somethimg up. That equals variety, my man. I am for it staying as is, and not making like the others with the same placement mechanics. And that is something the game needs. More variety, and something that makes it harder on the counselors period.
  16. You are missing my point, those differences have to do with aesthetics, not placement. I prefer more than just aesthetic differences. You say all of the other maps have it spawn at main houses which are always in the middle of a map, the fact Jarvis doesn't do this makes it different in that respect. Not because of aesthetics (where it might spawn at a cabin in those other maps) but the actual fact it won't spawn at the main houses on Jarvis keeps it different enough in my opinion.
  17. Bingo. A red haired Weird Al, which might be fitting seeing how his music sounds about the same as any of Weird Al's original songs that weren't a parody of someone else's song.
  18. But see, that in fact does make it different than all other maps. I like it. Harder on the counselors to traverse the huge map to get to it and get the call off. Perfect in my opinion.
  19. Again for the sake of difference. I like it how it is personally and just agrre to disagree on this one. I don't want carbon copy maps. We have enough of those.
  20. Like I stated, for variance in the maps. All the others have the phone spawn at main house, so the two new maps don't. To me it makes perfect sense. Have something different outside of just aesthetics. I personally like it. But do agree with adding more trails and some woods to the mountains.
  21. I agree with more trails through the mountains and wood on them, as you said (like the movie). But don't want the spawn mechanics to be a carbon copy of the earlier maps. I like it is different and like the fact it adds some difficulty to getting all objectives done.
  22. I am with Mr. Mercury. The comics are not canon and I do not want gun having any chance in switching canon up any and do not regard the reboot/remake as canon. It was a reimagining, it is outside of the original canon and am personally glad they do not have the license to add that Jason in game as it would blur the hell out of it.
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