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  1. Would definitely be interested in seeing what title a moderator bestows upon me.
  2. One can only hope....and get Jeff Sessions out of the way as well. It should be legalized on the federal level and states then allowed to see if their constituents want in locally. There would be a few states that keep it illegal, but most would be legal across the board.
  3. I agree 100%. Some of these bands live are so much better than the original recordings. Queen would definitely be on my top list of "wish I could have seen live". Up there with the Pantera, Damageplan, Randy Rhodes era Ozzy or Quiet Riot, original lineup for The Allman Brothers Band, the original lineup for AC/DC (Bon Scott era) and the original lineup for Alice in Chains, because Layne Staley was a lyrical genius for his time as well.
  4. My two favorite bands and their respective songs, live, because the pure intensity of the music and energy from the crowd.
  5. Fuck international law from the UN. (Not all of course, but ones that interfere with the rights of sovereign nations and their people.) When drugs were first illegalized in this country it was because of international law. They passed it unconstitutionally and look at where we are today. If you are a sovereign nation, you have the right to run your country as the people/voters choose. Big congratulations to our Canadian friends and neighbors. Maybe one day we will get this here in the states.
  6. I have not seen solo. But just like Rogue One I count them as stand alones because they belong to the saga but not any of the actual trilogies. And I couldn't agree more about the starfighter modes on both of the newer battlefronts. They are my favorite mode on those games. Remind me of Rogue Squadron and the pc games.
  7. You are right about a lot of them being interchangable. I do love the snes games as well as Rebel Assault I and II , the rogue squadron games, and Jedi Power Battles. And I have no idea with the new trilogy not going the path of some of the already established, good material. The only newer Star Wars movie I have really liked and enjoyed is Rogue One. As far as the new trilogy my wife and I have been a lottle disappointed so far. Don't hate them, but definitely don't love them like I do the others. Edit: Also agree that games today just miss the replay value that so many classic games had. I still fire up Metal Gear Solid or the old nes and snes from time to time. Don't feel the same about newer gen games.
  8. They definitely do have a problem with censoring folks and ignoring certain questions. He is not the only one it has happened to. And the word conspiracy does not make something fiction or not fact. Conspiracy simply means one or more people plotting. Conspiracy theory doesn't mean something is fact or not either, as it is a theory. The term conspiracy has taken on a whole new meaning in our life time to where when someone throws that term out it is meant to shut someone down and make them not heard. Don't perpetuate this, fact is there are plenty of us who have been censored when criticizing the developers and publishers. Not just @BrokenFattHardy
  9. This, but I would replace the SNES Star Wars games with SW Shadows of the Empire (N64) and SW Knights of the Old Repulbic (XBOX) those are my two favorite Star Wars games of all time.
  10. I feel the same, have for a while. But oh well, I still come around because of the ones I do like, and to see if anything is ever getting better on the game side. Then found the news out yesterday and was not even surprised. The question you have been asking is, by far, the most important question I have seen asked since the news dropped. No surprise we don't have an answer for this too.
  11. jameson87

    The End

    Thanks for the bump and mention, we are very appreciative of it, and it sucks to see you go, but I understand 100%. Maybe when I get the time we can jump on some ps4 together and run something. Sucks we fought so hard for this game for everything to turn out like this.
  12. Yeah, I like all kinds, but am a huge metal fan. Tool is finally putting out a new album, 12 years after the last. Love the Wayne's World gif too, I watched that movie so much when I was a kid. Great times.
  13. That is pure gold. A similar line in this song as Maynard portrays a reverend and gives a short sermon at the begining. He talks about harvest time, "cries of the carrots", "for them it is the holocaust". And there is also a line that he says "let the rabbits wear glasses" The rest of the song is pure music with him repeating this is necessary, life feeds on life. It was his first jab at the pseudo intellectuals in hollywood and the vegan trend. Then he dropped the bomb on the next album with the song Aenima
  14. Cornbread usually has a milk/buttermilk in it. Maybe premixed stuff doesn't, only make it from scratch at the house lol. "Perhaps the carnivorous people that hate vegetables should start prot esting the unethical torture and mur der of millions of lettuce and broccoli plants each year.... I hear the screams of the vegetables!!" That is gold. And Tool has a song about just that called Disgustipating. Hidden track on the Undertow album, the actual music is comprised of the band destroying a piano, some guitar effects and Maynard shooting whats left of the piano with a shotgun. Pure musical genius. Maybe the carnivores could just blare that at them @Ahab
  15. The lengths trolls will go to, just for it to blow up in their faces so often. Glad to see you had the last laugh @Kodiak
  16. Don't get me wrong, I love food in general, not picky about much, and usually grow a garden (organic from heirloom seeds. No GMO's). Not this year for obvious financial reasons, but I am all for knowing what is in your food that you buy to prepare. But going to a restaurant and demanding that kind of information and to cause that kind of hassle on a busy chef/cook is beyond insane. If you want that much control over your food buy organic or grow your vegetables and cook your meal yourself. Problem solved @AldermachXI Exactly @LadySansaLannister
  17. Exactly, on point with all of those facts. But it still puzzles me why some become so vile and rabid over someone else's diet choices. And personally, I prefer to hunt and take what I need for myself and family, versus buying all of the processed and packaged stuff in the stores when I am able to. But regardless, I don't go and brow beat others for choosing to be vegan or anything else, just wish that same courtesy could be extended both ways. Maybe it is just the ones around where I live that act this way. I would like to think this, but I also ran into this back in Atlanta where I am originally from.
  18. I understand the pollution thing, but never got the brow beating of others over killing to eat. All omnivores and carnivores do this across the animal kingdom, and we are apart of that kingdom. You don't see people up in arms over a lion pouncing on an antelope, but when I go hunting or fishing, not for trophies but for meat, some of the folks around the closest town get all crazy eyed like I killed their family member. I just don't understand it. I don't see people doing this to vegans but I sure see a lot of it coming from them, of course not all, as I have a few friends that are, but they realize it is a choice and don't freak out when we get together and I eat a steak and they have a salad and pasta.
  19. I once saw The Trans Siberian Orchestra, and The Atlanta Symphany Orchestra (being that I am originally from right outside of Atlanta). That was also an amazing experience. Also Megadeth and Anthrax were killer the last time I saw them. As well as Korn, Tool, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Children of Bodom. Roger Waters was another great one live.
  20. Anything is a blessing and helps. Again thank you so much.
  21. Unfortunately I never got to see Pantera live, and that is my favorite band. Have seen live footage, but I could only imagine. Iron Maiden in Atlanta a few years back was fantastic as well. Motorhead was fantastic when I saw them as well, and that was about two years before Lemmy passed, but he put on a killer show in his age and health. I think the closest I will ever get to that Pantera show though is Slayer or Lamb of God. Their shows are intense and the rabid fans are a sight to behold.
  22. Slayer and Lamb of God. Those guys get an arena going all out apeshit. Much like Pantera, the energy of the band and the music fuels the crowd as well as guys who never mess up anytime I have ever seen them.
  23. I never watched it. But reading about it, looks like I have six seasons of stuff to binge watch in the future.
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