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  1. Too funny how people are just openly talking about hacking and modding. Bunch of shit that not enough was done to stop/prevent these kinds of pricks. Oh well, maybe soon™
  2. Except the dealing with hackers and modders. And I am the same as this guy when it comes to the game randomly selecting people. Especially ones that I loathe playing. On top of the fact we have nothing but word to go by when it comes to how long the game's servers will be up and running, which effects everyone. It would be a pretty big gamble, buy it, like it, get to play for a couple of months then dead? No thanks. As well as many of us have asked about them patching in the ability for stuff to save client side instead of on the server, because when the servers go down, if they haven't done this, you will only be able to play with the first two unlocked jasons and the kills you start off with. Everything else that is unlocked on your profile will have no meaning at all. Too risky to buy in my opinion. Holding out to see if they get a meaningful patch in before the sale ends is this guy's safest bet.
  3. I had fun with it, then came waves of bugs, nerfing Jason, buffing counselors, fluff content over thing promised before launch, the numerous fiascos surrounding Savini Jason, allowing glitchers back to inflate numbers, the list goes on. I am not an optimist or a pessimist. I am a realist that looks to facts and history, and with all that has gone on, and no definitive proof that the game servers will be up 2 months from now, I can't in good faith direct someone to buy the game. I really did love the game at one time, but that has been a fleeting feeling for some time. Again just my opinions on it.
  4. I still wouldn't recommend, there is no date set on the next patch, and who knows how long it will take them to fix these six bugs, while the game is still plagued with many more. A lot that have been here since launch. With the state it is in, and this person more than likely having to deal with cheaters/hackers/modders, I still can't recommend it. Maybe after they fix things, and prove that continued support for servers will last for some time to come. As well as actually doing better about handling the hackers and such.
  5. Personally I wouldn't recommend it at this point. The flash is over and with the bugs and no dedicated servers still for consoles, I can't in good faith recommend it. If you are on pc, you have the bugs, and hackers to deal with but get the security of having dedicated servers. The no new content doesn't affect me like it does a lot of people, as most of the content was sims style fluff stuff in my opinion (costumes and emotes), and never cared for Jason meets Star Trek. Those are just my opinions on it, and it is hard for this die hard fan to blindly support and stand by these decisions. I held out hope longer than I should have, I still enjoy the forum's community for the most part and love talking with folks, even if we disagree. It was great when it first dropped, but it fell fast unfortunately.
  6. Monstervision was awesome! Joe Bob Briggs was the perfect host, man those were the days. Edit: Not sure how or why this posted twice. But I have a feeling it has to do with how crappy the mobile version of the site runs.
  7. Not just because of the modding community, but how much they put into their games, and how expansive the storyboards and worlds/environments are, etc. Lots of reasons their games retain players for years. I don't mod at all, but still pop in dragonage, or skyrim, or the earlier fallout games from time to time because the story, the many paths different in-game decisions can lead you, the fact it takes so much to 100% complete any of these games etc. The replay value is there. That, to me, beats out mindless dlc/content constantly being dropped, and is what truly separates decent games from great games.
  8. As long as they have left out sjw themes and such that have been injected into naughtydog's past couple of releases. I loved the first one, but if they try and overly politicize and inject more of the sjw stuff into this title, I will definitely skip right on over it and replay the first one again. Reminisce on it and what could have been.
  9. Thanks man. Means a lot to us. The same to you and yours, if things look up soon you can definitely count on us to help.
  10. I appreciate the kind words and taking the time to read just as much. We are praying for you and your family as well. I will continue to help spread the news of your untimely hardships as well. And if things look up for us sooner than later, we will definitely be reaching out to help a brother in need. Take care and appreciate the kind words man.
  11. I agree with Freddie, my favorite bands have always been just that. I was raised up on old school country, rock, metal, classical, and old soul. As a kid I ventured out further in metal, rock, country, and classical. And I developed a list of my favorite bands. My parents liked what I listened to, but was not their favorite. And the sentiment was shared, as I love all kinds of music, especially a lot of their favorites, but prefer thrash and neo classical (gary hoey, trans-siberian orchestra, yngwie malmsteen) to most of their top picks. Was always told this would change as I got older by teachers and grandparents, but in all honesty, it hasn't changed one bit.
  12. Yeah I used to get that one a lot, then I really grew my goatee/beard out and now my wife and friends are always calling me Rob Zombie. Which is very weird, considering I dress nothing like the crazy bastard. But they always tell me I look like him.
  13. I would have chosen Naughtydog, but as some of the others pointed out they went all sjw. So not them, but maybe whoever Hideo Kojima is with now, or Konami when they still had Kojima.
  14. Well my friend picked up a contract, we knocked it out, and then my truck shit out on me. We can't win for losing lol, but it is what it is. All I can do is keep rolling with the punches and keep on. What is that line from The Crow? "It can't rain all the time" lol. Edit: Also found out that the only two grandparents I was close to passed away and no one in my dysfunctional remainder of a family thought to let me know anything about it. Caught wind through an article written up about my grandfather in the county I am from. Whoo life right?
  15. Lol this one works. Guess I have toned down quite a bit over the course of a year or so.
  16. If this is all true then all I can say is damn. R.I.P. Fiday the 13th as a franchise entirely. Both guys are in a stalemate at this point, and neither seem like they are going to budge.
  17. I liked most of the last album outside of maybe 2 or 3 songs. But have never been disappointed in seeing them live. And really cool people if you ever get the chance to meet them. Very down to earth and funny as shit. They thought it was the coolest shit my wife and I took our daughter (who was a little over a year old at the time) to a meet and greet with them. Good times. And I will have to check that comic/songs out. Unfortunately with life wanting to rape us here lately, I had to sell off our tickets for the Atlanta show and now have been forced to accept the fact I will miss one of my favorite bands of all time's farewell tours. Oh well, have dealt with way worse and still here to talk about it. At least I got to see Slayer 9 times, 4 of them with Hanneman. Very good quote from Scarface "every day above ground is a good day" seems to be the best way to view things at the given moment lol.
  18. True, too many to truly list. The ones I did list are among the first to pop into my head, but many more like The Doors, Hendrix, etc.
  19. Yeah it has really piled on. Glad there are people still around here who bring humor to the table. Always makes the day a little better when you can have a good laugh.
  20. I am sorry to hear this man. I will spread the word as I and my family are in a similar situation, and has also taken a turn for the worse. My only vehicle crapped out on me on the way back from a side job I picked up in another state wiping the pay from that job completely out. Then get it going for it to shit completely out on me. Costs more to tow and fix it than it will to just find a cheap vehicle to replace it with.
  21. Glad you guys are still full of jokes and shit. Nice to be met with humor given how shitty this past week has been for me. You guys always give me a good laugh @Truth
  22. Thanks. It sucked not being near my family on Father's Day. Talking on the phone is nothing like being there in person.
  23. Lamb of god killed it right?
  24. Bingo, and the ones that do, and want to keep it illegal will just stay in those states, or move to them. Will be glorious!
  25. Lol that is funny. Being that I have had a few run ins with the moderators in the past, nothing crazy, just a couple of warnings and points being handed to me. I am interested in seeing what title I would be given by @Kodiak
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