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  1. I actually think trying to reboot everything and change the original lore hurts more than anything. It confuses and upsets that core fanbase, and divides them against the new fanbase they are trying to grow.
  2. X is my least favorite followed by JGTH but part 9 is infinitely better in my opinion, even with all of it's flaws. Edit: And according to the numbers https://www.the-numbers.com/movies/franchise/Friday-the-13th#tab=summary The worst selling one just by box office numbers alone was Jason X.
  3. No but his model does. I think that Jason looked ridiculous. Again just my opinion, but I hated that movie, and the futuristic Uber Jason. The fact that he was going to be added never was a big thing for me. I prefer the other Jasons. I like sci fi, I like horror, but what I do not like is when a good horror franchise is thrown in sci-fi to try and boost sales. It is always cheesy looking and usually hurts the franchise more than it boosts it.
  4. Never cared for Jason meets Star Trek as a movie, much less the way he looks etc. Never liked it when horror movies try to jump into the space/sci-fi realm. I am a married man, who cares nothing about flirting with little girls and teens online. I play this game to play Friday the 13th, not sims or dance dance revolution. Edit: The little girls flocking do not excite me in the least. I would rather play the game with fans of the franchise.
  5. I will stay as long as they fix the bugs. I didn't care much for the bulk of content anyways, outside of kill packs, Jasons, and the single player stuff. All of the sims style clothes and emotes meant nothing to me then, and mean nothing to me now. It all boils down to if the game continues to be a glitchfest with rainbow blood, action lock glitches, etc. And of course I am of the camp that wants and has wanted dedicated servers since before launch. Edit: I also care nothing about Jason X. These are just my opinions.
  6. It has. As well as the amount of hackers/glitchers just exposing themselves.
  7. And I gave every single one of you a thanks. This needs to happen asap.
  8. Thank you so much. We appreciate it so much, and it absolutely is just another rough patch. Not the first, and I am sure won't be the last. Again thank you.
  9. Yeah my wife made a post in the Off Topic section. Named Our Family Needs Help. Sucks about the jeep. My dodge finally gave out. Kind of a blessing because of the repairs, but being broke, and with everything else going on, it was the worst possible time for it to happen.
  10. Slayer announced their ending and world tour back in January. Current circumstances have forced me to get rid of the tickets I had for the Atlanta show. This year has been fucked for metal. At least Dime and Vinnie left us with one hell of a catalog and made an even bigger mark on the history and shaping of metal in their time.
  11. R.I.P. Vinnie and Dime. May you shred that shit together once again. Edit: That is also my favorite song off Cowboys, this is my close second along with The Art of Shredding @Rexfellis
  12. Bingo! Well said. It sure as hell does. I can't for the life of me understand the fame surrounding a lot of these new wave "celebrities" who most of the time have no talent, and are riding the coat tails of people before them, yet are praised like gods. Mind blowing.
  13. Indeed. Glad to see not all of the intelligent and like minded folks have left the forum. Been a hell of a week for news. Did you hear about Vinnie Paul?
  14. Some of us are still on the same page, and just want this question answered. Most around here are still crying and asking for Uber/Grendle and Savini Jason, but a few of us have accepted the fate and just want this taken care of so we can at least not get completely shafted out of a game we payed for.
  15. Thanks for sharing this news, I would have not known about this as fast as I did without you breaking it here.@Rexfellis
  16. What in the literal flying fuck? This fucking blows. R.I.P. Vinnie, at least you can see Dime again. Well I know what I will be jamming to all day. Start off with Trendkill, then go from there.
  17. Oh, it is definitely on their hands. They should have broke the news here first, and clear. And the way you were posting, versus others clued me in on the fact you may not have seen that initial release. Most of us caught it after someone saw the article and shared it here on the forums. Then a day later we got something from the guys up top here. Completely unprofessional in my opinion, but hey what can I say. And I definitely also agree on the fact that the game had so much potential at one time.
  18. Agree 100% and they can definitely revert it, that is not new content, but the question is will they? They never reverted the window mechanic change that they did on their own accord, with no one asking for. The forums exploded in rage and many or most just wanted reverted, yet they wasted more time on tinkering with the new mechanic instead of just doing what we asked, which would have wasted less time, and made us happy. Doubt they will do anything about it.
  19. And I agree 100%. Hell some of us, I believe you, myself, bewareofbears and a few others were pointing out this game resembling a scooby doo meets sims game, rather than being what it was promised and advertised as to us die hard fans of the franchise. I agree as well about feeling lucky to have been able to play this game in it's best state and feeling sorry for the newer players who have been sold this hot mess.
  20. "We’ve now been forced to accept that the lawsuit makes future content for the game, including alternate play modes, new playable Jasons and Counselors, and new maps, unfeasible now or in the future." That was from the first initial press release I think many just didn't want to believe it. No ill-intent here, not bashing or being mean and you may not have seen this one as it was on bloody-disgusting before here. But now that the news has had time to sink, people are still asking questions about the "future content" instead of focusing on things like client side saves and how long the servers will be supported, things only a few have asked and gotten no answers about.
  21. To be fair, the first press release made it obvious that no content would be coming now or in the future. Then the wording on the end of content post on the official site reiterated that. I get people trying to stay positive, but the answer has been there since the first press release last week. I am not being pessimistic, just looking at what was said then versus now, and it is nothing different or anymore clear than the first PR. I think people should have accepted it when it first broke, and instead of constantly asking about content, and uber (who they said after first PR is not coming any longer) should have been hammering them over the ability to save client side versus server. Because when the servers DO go down (because it is inevitable) we will be stuck with a SP demo where our level and unlocks will not mean anything.
  22. Yeah there has been no answer on this since the first press release. Somebody on here created a thread specifically for this question and tagged wes and shifty numerous times. Still no answer am I right @BrokenFattHardy
  23. Shifty stated on twitter that anything already released and on store was not going to be pulled off the stores. Not sure how true that is or if that could change.
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