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  1. Definitely fun times. The Ministry of Truth loves us. It has gotten so absurd it has become somewhat funny.
  2. Lmao Gold! My only view on it is, backer exclusives that were actually given out should stay that way. I mean they got shafted harder than the rest of us the past year with giving over extra money and whatnot.
  3. It truly is insane, I gave up on making threads due to a different gun employee that had a hard on for my dissent. This is why I had my wife make the thread about our situation. Figured if I had it would have been deep sixed. And then I would have gotten a message that it was breaking some unlisted rule, like my thread over the ebay fiasco.
  4. And here we were told they don't work weekends and have families/lives. If the thread is still up and not deleted it is the client side save thread by @BrokenFattHardy General Discussion section.
  5. Oh and there is without a doubt some contempt for certain people who speak up. I saw it first hand, and it wasn't a moderator, it was certain employees of a certain company themselves.
  6. Lol, you are paranoid, no one dislikes you at all ? You know I back and support this 100%.
  7. It was a mixed bag for me. But again thanks for that lol, always blows my mind looking back at the times, and the trends. Has a way of making some of us feel old lol.
  8. The reason we feel it is critical, is there is no telling how long dedicated servers will be up. I think that is where the biggest concern and want for it comes from. At least from me. But thanks for at least popping in and letting us know something.
  9. I hope to hell not. They need to focus on original content and not make another legendary killer a pinata and laughing stock. Here's to hoping they stay far away from Halloween, ANOES, or Hellraiser. I wouldn't even want them to do a Leprechaun game and I have always hated that franchise.
  10. While I agree with some of that, it just is not the case with the whole community. Many of us prefer bug fixes and dedicated servers over fluff content, and the constant fighting here on the forums over the past year shows that. Hell a large group of us was against any new content before bug fixes and have been campaigning for dedicated servees since digital launch. Many of us bitched and complained when content shifted to emotes and costumes. Not everyone who plays this game, or others for that matter, only care about dlc. Having a mostly bugless game experience is far more important to a lot of us, than constant dlc content drops.
  11. Lol wow, I forgot about him trying to remain relevant in the 90's early 00's. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Now to wipe that out with some Pantera.
  12. Honestly they should be banning for it. It is against the rules, and all it takes is them doing their jobs, which is all anyone can ask for. Do your jobs devs and keep banning glitchers and working on bugs. Oh and answer us on client side saves.
  13. I somewhat agree, but at the same time there has been a lot of shadiness as well that they never answer for. And that alone makes me feel this was more of a cash grab than I want to admit. The community did the leg work on busting the guy out selling Savini codes, the evidence was handed over to GUN then they went silent as all hell. And brush it off, not to mention unbanning those banned for glitching to inflate falling player numbers, the Dilly Dingus fiasco, the fact that a gun employee was a moderator on reddit (which is against their rules), was doxxed and proven to be a a gun employee and forced in to resigning from that reddit. The fact that they (through conflicting statememts) showed bias and lied over the Dilly Dingus situation. All of these marks lead many people to believe that the company is shady, and I agree. But I do love the franchise, and what was released, outside of emotes and all the bugs. I just want this game to be patched to where I can play offline with the things I bought and unlocked, amd the bugs fixed so I at least get something out of this rollercoaster of a year besides a broken demo that will never be played again.
  14. We greatly appreciate it again man.
  15. Bingo. Even if the evidence gathered is right (which I believe is), all it is going to do is make them go more silent and double down on doing nothing at all with the title. Just look back to the last Savini(ebay) fiasco. We pushed and pushed for answers and they went silent and skated off. Now no one is even talking about it anymore. Will be the same tactic used over Uber.
  16. This 100% But it is in a sense. They have already given us an answer on how they are handling Uber. Now I know you guys info is on point, but it doesn't change their minds on it for whatever reason. But the flooding of the unlock Uber versus amount of us trying to get an answer on saves is mind boggling. More people are concerned with Uber than the save issue, and that is what I have a problem with. Just like the people who were more concerned with emotes over things that made sense as dlc on this game. They got what they wanted and it shafted the die hard fans and backers who were opposed to these decisions.
  17. Bingo. Even if they are right about the shadiness surrounding it, honestly it isn't going to happen no matter how right they may be. Devs and Pubs have made their minds up on it, now we need to press for the answer surrounding the client side save, albeit in a respectful way.
  18. Nope, that movie was promising up until they went deep space 9. Again, these are just my opinions. Edit: And judging by box office numbers in the franchises that tried to move into space, I am not alone as a die hard fan when it comes to my opinion.
  19. Exactly, I tried, not too terribly long ago, to rewatch it and made it just about as far as you. As someone who grew up on these movies, X was a major kick in the teeth to me. I respect the people that want him as well, but not those who are pushing for him above things we actually need like client side save, and the major bug fixes.
  20. I saw the response. My opinion stands, client side saves are more important than any dlc, even if it was a dlc I was excited for. Fact is they spent most of their time making dlc that made the game a joke like emotes and frivilous shit. Never cared about having a Borg in a hockey mask in game. And at this point the only thing that matters is not being left with a demo when the servers go down.
  21. Exactly, and while I don't like JGTH particularly, that movie was better than the joke that was Jason X. I am with you on this one. It is all I notice people bitching about really. When more important questions have been asked by some of us, like the ability to save client side versus their server. More people seem worried about star trek Jason, than not being left with a demo when the server finally goes down.
  22. Exactly, and if it is left in this state, it will make the original playable demo for Metal Gear Solid on PS1 feel like a complete game compared to this.
  23. Because it seems more are still more concerened with Uber than something that means so much more for the community as a whole. Some of us are still waiting for the answer to your question.
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