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  1. Songs we definitely need.

    I am with you on those other issues. I don't think anyone is asking for music before those issues, and it would be nice to have new music later on.
  2. Songs we definitely need.

    Yeah. Took my wife to her first slayer show last year to kick our honeymoon off. Got front and center and got a couple of kerry king and gary holt guitar picks. Made her love slayer that much more. Just wish she could have seen them when hanneman was still up there, she just doesn't know what she missed.
  3. Songs we definitely need.

    Lol same. Gotta catch overkill, and maiden live the only two i haven't seen. Huge slayer fan have seen them at least 10 times. Gotta catch on their final tour for sure.
  4. Piñata Jason

    Great idea.
  5. I concur. I am nowhere near great, but in qp i get anywhere from 5/8 to 8/8 but i got on with @RustInPeace and @Maddogg_8121 and their group, and went 0/8 still had a blast great group and were very fun the whole time they handed my ass to me. Seems good where it is.
  6. Sorry fellas, had to go out of town for work. Will be back on when I get home. The life of a sub contractor lol.
  7. Daytime maps

    Hahahaha too funny. I fear where this generation is going to lead us and my 3 year old daughter too.
  8. Songs we definitely need.

    Great idea and choice. Love me some Steeler's Wheel. And to add to my last post about Pantera, The Sleep also would be fitting lyrically "This question haunts my mind, will we survive this night?" As well as the music and vocals show casing their glam and 80's influence perfectly.
  9. Bingo. And yes you are right the QP community on PS4 is complete trash
  10. I have read through, I am just of the opinion it should be as close to the source material as possible and not try to go to far in balance to neuter Jason. I just agree to disagree. We don't want this game to emulate others, we want it to emulate the movies as much as possible, or at least i and others do.
  11. Songs we definitely need.

    Scratch that. Pantera's The Will To Survive would most certainly fit. Lyrics are perfect, and it has that dated 80's sound. Great song.