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  1. And is possible they said this to him as well to let it down without being dicks. Purely speculation, but just seems more of an excuse than anything. Again, lawyer said it doesn't, and didn't stop them from getting Shelly or Fox in. Making Victoria instead of Melissa obviously because they couldn't get the likeness from the actress. All I am saying is with those facts, plus them revealing they have their own internal list, I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  2. LMAO!!! That was pure gold. On a side note, plenty of people like tuna. šŸ¤£
  3. See that is the thing, Jason in a snow coat? Nah, I don't care for Savini either. And as far as reboots in general, I am not for them. They always change elements of the original story to try and make it fit into today's trends. I think the only halfway decent reboot I have seen and somewhat liked was the Evil Dead one. But Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell were involved and kept it true to the original themes and lore while only boosting the SFX which was the way a reboot should go in my opinion. I just don't care for reimagining what is already there and established. And while I know Jason X is canon, I ignore that one like the plague. Horror franchises and sci-fi just don't mix well for me. That is what killed Hellraiser Bloodline for me as well, even though it was the last 5 minutes of the film, it just really doesn't sit well with me.
  4. I feel this right here. Bought the game at digital launch and am only lvl 44. Sucks, but it is what it is I guess. I am indifferent to it as I find myself on other games more when I actually have the time to play any lol.
  5. Kudos man, hope it works out the best way possible. Warriors is an excellent game and I am so glad they rereleased it on the psn. I bought it as soon as I saw that. Keep us updated when you get some kind of working demo out. The wife and I @Shes.A.Rebel.88 will definitely throw any kind of support we might be able to behind it.
  6. jameson87

    What race are you?

    Not all claim this, and I know my ancestry. My mother's side has the European ancestry. My fathers side was the Cherokee side. My father's skin was the color of a football's skin basically, as well as the fact his grandmother and grandfather assimilated and gave up their claim to land in the Cherokee area of North Carolina and Tennessee. She didn't want to be stuck on the reservation and left. But please, tell me about my ancestry and my "fake claim". No Elizabeth Warren here.
  7. While a lot of that was cool in the puzzle game, I personally (and I know this will piss some off) don't want things that stray too far from canon in this game. I mean it was billed and advertised as the ultimate F13 experience that is supposed to reflect being in the movie. Of course it is a game and get it can't be 110% this way, but feel it should stick as close to the source material as possible. That said, I still respect the time and effort put into this and think that some of these things would be great to implement. Especially the merit badge idea.
  8. Yeah, the constant hounding is what soured it in my opinion. And I completely get where they are coming from on that point 100%. I was really just pointing it out to show a certain someone that as much as they have done, they have not looked at the whole situation based on their obsession alone and the writing is on the wall. Really the reason I brought up how Shelly and Fox have been added since launch. Kind of a way to put some folks in check and make them realize they already got their answer.
  9. jameson87

    Moshoholics Anonymous

    I have professed my love for metal quite a few times on here and made pretty cool friends on here. On some of the suggestions threads avout soundtrack my picks are always like Alice Cooper, Overkill, Exodus, Slayer etc because they fit the era and there is more than synth stuff and pop in the world. Wish the style of music was more diverse and not stuck with one decent song by the Misfits and Mr. Cooper on the credits.
  10. jameson87

    What race are you?

    Scottish, Geramn, and Cherokee Indian.
  11. jameson87

    Moshoholics Anonymous

    Is that sarcasm? Lol I think most on here know that I am a huge metal head lol.
  12. Yeah I see that angle, but I really feel like it was a soft no on Reggie personally. The lawsuit was in play before Shelly or Fox were added. So that shows they can and already have. I think that was Wes trying to be as nice as he could about saying no to Reggie and spun the rest in to keep other peoples expectations in check.
  13. jameson87

    Moshoholics Anonymous

    Right here brother. Huge metal head from motorhead, to lamb of god and back. Love me some early korn, just becauae of how raw and different it was until head up and left. Favorites range from Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, Lamb of God etc. Currently blasting me some King Diamond.