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  1. Emotes need to go

    This 100% go play a fucking sims game if you want full customization of characters, dances, etc.
  2. Thought you disappeared into the night again. I took a bit of a sabbatical myself and came back to more piss and vinegar and a huge dumpster fire. I think gun is showing how to not run a game/business.
  3. Like system changes

    Yeah. So now we must throw in a like when conversing with someone. Seems like a bunch of bullshit to me but oh well. Changes to things that aren't warranted seems to be the MO around here and on the game.
  4. Off topic, but by far, the best avatar yet.
  5. All out of likes. But will hit this up when i reup.
  6. Level cap to be 150

    This 100% couldn't agree more.
  7. Out of likes for the day. But spot on 100%
  8. Yes. And i have been arguing this point for months....it is killing the game for me too. Wish you had a clip of the ol' shotgun blast to a dancing chad. Would be internet gold.
  9. You earned a like and can see your reasoning in supporting content. Makes perfect sense. Just don't want to bog my ps4 down with dlc i will never use.
  10. No i love their angles and agree 100% it is the delivery and no fucks given approach that gets me laughing. I hate the dance emotes personally. And haven't bought a single clothing pack. I play it for friday the 13th not sims. Have missed @bewareofbears and he is back in full force!
  11. Level cap to be 150

    Lmao. I am with you. The sims is already a thing. Making this dance revolution meets the sims, steeped in friday the 13th just killing it more and more for me.
  12. You and @lazerus_86 crack me up.