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  1. How everyone in this thread is acting towards players who suicide: If your not good enough to kill them before they kill themselves, then you have no one to blame but yourselves. Besides, If I want to fuck Jason out of a kill because as a counselor he trolled me for 10+ minuets to troll them back, I should be able to do so.
  2. The thing is, he USED TO HAVE a 2-3 second invulnerability frames in earlier versions of the game. Though Jason couldn't grab or swing during this time either.
  3. 1. Stuttering Framerate readded. 2. Bugs involving Counselors being glitched inside cars readded. 3. Kills involving Jason's not using their default weapon causing counselor avatars jitter in place and reduce kill qaulity added. 4. Framerate worsened overall. 5. Counselors now leap through closed windows when low on stamina again even if the counselor is not running!(We know you just LOVED this feature so we brought it back!) 6. Nerfed Jason's grab. (It's now completely jukable!) 7. Certain sound effects not playing when they should have has been readded. 8. Completely nuked your counselor's perk setup.(Becuase we know you just love to go back and reset up all those perks you spent a good 30mins setting up to begin with.) 9. Added a whole new set of Legend ranked perks that sound better but really aren't.(Because you gotta spend that SP on SOMETHING, right?) 10. Your counselor will now be picked at random even if you choose a specific counselor to play as!(because who likes to play as the same counselor all the time, right?) Disclaimer: I do not work for Gun Media or Illfoinic, this was just me poking fun at all the bugs they fixed in the past, coming back. But seriously...wtf devs?
  4. Whatever, you just want to keep Jason as an Easy Kill and are terrified of him getting buffed so you can't troll him anymore.
  5. Okay so if anyone was STILL thinking that its not TOO EASY to kill Jason: https://clips.twitch.tv/DeafJazzyFalconOhMyDog https://clips.twitch.tv/SmilingRoughNuggetsPanicVis https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianToughEagleDAESuppy https://clips.twitch.tv/CourageousGentleDogBuddhaBar https://clips.twitch.tv/DifficultVivaciousGorillaKappaWealth BUFF JASON IN THIS FIELD ASAP!
  6. I knew it was easy but THIS EASY?! This all the more makes me realize how much Jason needs a buff in this regard.
  7. When I made that list of the steps to kill Jason, I meant them in order of how they happen. An organized team is going to wait until Jarvis spawns to go for the sweater, mostly because the Vanessa needs time to hunt down the pocket knives. And before you suggest it, yes I try to hunt the Vanessa's first when I run into an organized team but even with the speed boost, a seasoned Vanessa will juke a shift so easily due to the fact they are watching your location with their mini-map and juke accordingly.
  8. Simply put: I assumed his skill level based on the fact that he assumed I was bad at playing Jason just because an organized team was able to kill me as Jason with ease. Any long time Jason player has figured out by now that if you encounter an organized Jason hunting team, your chances of killing everyone are nil unless by pure luck the Jarvis or sweater girl fuck up which almost never happens. Jason mains can tell me till they are blue in the face: "I never get killed as Jason, even against organized teams!" and I will look at them and go: Your either full of shit or the teams you went up against weren't actually organized at all. ... And suddenly I feel fully justified in my assumption of his skill level...
  9. I always find it funny and kind of sad when a nublet tells me to "get gud" when they obviously can't play or haven't played long enough to know wtf they are talking about.
  10. deathsia

    Patch Notes - 02.19.2018

    Anyone who uses a hackengine in this game most likely has 10+ ghost accounts each one with a hacked game they didn't pay for. I mean, do you really think most people who hack the game to get an unfair advantage are going to actually pay for the game?
  12. Well of course they wouldn't be immune to a grab...
  13. Guess I should of mentioned that I use the legit door breakdown animation instead of combat stance hitting the door like an exploiting ass.
  14. Note: this isn't me trying to be rude or complain thread but the following things some players do will almost for sure make me severely tempted to leave the match. I will also be providing suggestions to counter these issues. 1. Framecounting(aka: setting up to get guaranteed dmg on me as Jason or Councilor due to being frame locked in an animation and unable to move or dodge.) A prime example being jumping through a window as a councilor and standing up or chain stunning Jason after a pocket knife stun. This aggravates me for a number of reasons, the first and foremost reason being that I am unable to do ANYTHING during these times and the other player(s) KNOW THIS and take advantage of it. A suggestion for this is to provide i-frames to the counselor and Jason during these moments. 2. Hitting Jason through a solid object such as a door. These are meant to be BARRIERS, not one-way strike windows. A suggestion to get rid of this issue is to make striking through doors not work by making their weapons bounce back when striking at the door instead of phasing through it. 3. Making Jason so easy to kill. I've made a whole thread about this HERE so i won't repeat myself but this is a huge if not biggest pet peeve I have with this game. That said, anyone else take issue with any of the items listed?