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  1. I mean, there's so much more we could do with this idea as well, I mean, we could have a whole skill tree system for survivors and killer. Freddy Players could maybe unlock additional powers he can use when a survivor is either asleep or at a certain level of fear. Like possession of their sleeping body or maybe even the return of the infamous "power glove" where Freddy players engage in a mini-game with fully terrified survivor's bodies and if he scores high enough he kills them like he does in the movie. Survivors could unlock "dreamwarrior powers" allowing them to stun freddy more easily, evade him, or even turn his own traps against him as he passes stunning him even more.
  2. So even though this forum is pretty dead, i figured I'd post my idea for a new horror game that maybe the devs could idea steal and make. Nightmare On Elm Street Survivors could be random teenagers from the movie series. And of course the killer would be Freddy Krueger. General mechanic summary: Each Match Starts out with Freddy unable to injure survivors but as survivors grow more scared of him they become more susceptible to making mistakes such as tripping, dropping healing items when they attempt to use them, ect. Each Survivor also has a "Drowsiness meter" This meter fills each second the player is in the match. It takes 1min for a player to fall completely asleep, once asleep Freddy's ability to terrify survivors becomes much more powerful and he can now injure them either by striking them or via various dreamworld "traps" he can place. Core mechanics: Fear System: The more terrified a survivor becomes the more prone they are to make mistakes when using items, attempting to interact with objectives, tripping, ect. The flipside to this is, the more terrified a survivor becomes the larger their drowsiness meter becomes. So As the killer, the player will need to balance building enough terror in the survivor that they can force them to make mistakes but not so much that it takes them too long to fall asleep. If the survivor's terror is high enough running or even walking can become hazardous to the player, especially if they trip around certain objects. If the survivor is unlucky enough they can trip and knock themselves unconscious on an object, sending them straight into the dreamworld, injure themselves, or in some rare cases, even kill themselves by accident. The Drowsiness system: Each Survivor has a drowsiness meter that fills for every second they are in the match, if left alone and not terrified by Freddy, they will fall asleep in a single in game minute. However, the survivor can easily wake themselves up if they are not inflicted with any terror from Freddy. The more terrified they are, the harder it is to wake themselves up or other players to wake them up. A survivor at max terror CAN NOT wake themselves up and must be woken up in the real world by another player inflicting a specific kind of injury or using a special item. They can also increase the size of their drowsiness meter with certain items such as drinking coffee in the real world making it take longer for them to eventually fall asleep. No survivor can escape the dreamworld indefinitely however and eventually no item will extend the meter or reduce the amount of drowsiness they have accumulated. Dreamworld vs Real World: Real World: Freddy can inflict terror on survivors in the real world by interacting with certain objects which they activate when a survivor passes them and terrified the survivor. Freddy can also cause a survivor to fall asleep temporarily and perform a "Nightmare Attack" on the survivor, inflicting a large amount of terror on the survivor. Dreamworld: When a player enters the dream world, their real world body falls to the ground where they stood and their "Dream Self" now roams the dreamworld. Freddy is now able to injure survivors and inflict greater levels of terror upon them. The more survivors in the dreamworld, the greater Freddy's power becomes. Each survivors level or fear also increases freddy's power but to a lesser degree. Players who are not at max terror can interact with certain objects to wake themselves up albeit at the cost of mildly injuring themselves and slightly increasing their fear level. They can also stun but not injure Freddy in the dreamworld. Health System: Each Survivor starts with 100 healthpoints. A direct attack from freddy inflicts 30 damage whereas dreamworld traps can inflict from 5 to 15 damage. Players can heal themselves with certain items but these items are rare and must be found as the player moves around the map. Inventory system: Each survivor can carry up to 3 items each. Freddy's bones do not take up inventory space, Logs of Wood and Gasoline do however. Win Conditions: Survivors: Can win in one of two methods. Method 1: Collecting all of freddy's bones and burning them. The team of survivors must find 5 items in the map: Freddy's Skull, his left and right leg bones, and his left and right arm bones. Each piece of freddy a player collects inflicts a special condition on them which allows Freddy to inflict more terror upon them then usual and causes them to fall asleep faster. Therefore it is not ideal for a single player to collect all of freddy's bones since they will surely fall asleep long before they make it to to the furnace to burn Freddy's bones. There will be two furnaces on any given map and the players must take the bones to it, put them inside, and begin the process or turning on the furnace. Turning on the furnace: Players must find 4 logs of wood, gasoline, and a box of matches or Lighter. Once all of these items have been deposited into the furnace, it will roar to life, burning any bones that may be inside the furnace at the time and will continue to burn for 5 minutes allowing more bones to be deposited and instantly burned while the fire remains lit. Asleep players can not interact with the furnace even if they possess one of Freddy's bones. Method 2: Bring Freddy into the real world and kill him. This method is far more dangerous to the survivor but if successful will put Freddy into a severely weakened state and allow survivors to injure and kill him. In order to do this, a player must first fall asleep, not be at max terror, and have another player in the "real world" ready to wake up them on cue. The player must then find Freddy and use a special command only available when within 2 meters of him. The player grabs ahold of Freddy at which point a struggle mini-game begins, the player must mash the spacebar to hold off Freddy's claw while a player in the real world begins the process of waking them. If the player in the real world fails to wake the sleeping player in time, Freddy will instantly kill them. If successful however, the player will wake and Freddy will be temporarily stunned for 3 seconds due to being yanked from the dreamworld. Freddy does have one advantage however in the real world, he can freely injure survivors, however they can also freely injure him as well. Real World combat: Due to being weakened by being brought to the real world, freddy's attacks deal only 20 damage to survivors and his attacks are much slower than in the dreamworld. In the real world Freddy has 300 healthpoints and depending on the weapon the survivor uses against freddy, they can deal from 10 points of damage(weakest weapon) to 100 damage(Point Blank shotgun shot). Depending on the location, players can also perform a special "instant kill" on Freddy but these are even harder to manage, require special conditions, and for Freddy to be in a very specific location to activate... Killer Win Conditions: Condition 1: All Survivors are dead. Condition 2: All survivors are at max terror and inside the dreamworld. Other ideas: Freddy can perform special kills on fully terrified survivors in specific locations of the map.
  3. https://steamcharts.com/app/438740 These charts beg to differ. Also I'd like to remind everyone that the devs gave up on this game 2yrs ago and the lawsuit has been resolved but the devs nor publisher made no attempt to barter a deal with the rights owner.
  4. PC platform: DEAD Console platforms: NOT DEAD BUT ON LIFE SUPPORT Consensus: Stick to console versions for as long as they live.
  5. Because support doesn't exist. This is a dead game, fun, with a very small playerbase, but still very dead game.
  6. Ya know what the sad part is? Before they tried upgrading the game engine, the game was STABLE! Then they upgraded it and ALL THE ALL BUGS CAME BACK PLUS A SHIT TON OF NEW ONES.
  7. lol they literally aren't paid enough to bother to investigate and ban players with the game being pretty much dead and all.
  8. Keep trying to preach it pal, everyone in this forum and plays the game knows otherwise. Anyone who says otherwise is either white knighting just for the shits and giggles of an argument or hasn't gone against a REAL pro-troll vanessa.
  9. No one is EVER GOOD ENOUGH to kill a pro-troll Vanessa because as i said before: their stats based on the gameplay loop make them OP since they can outjog Jason the whole game. What's that? low on stamina with Jason right behind them? Time to crawl in a window and repeat the process until stamina is full then resume troll walking. Broken window? First Aid spray and continue on like nothing happened. Throw a knife at them? they just use it again and odds are you're out of knives or nearly out by this point since their most likely the last one alive. Walk up to swing at them? *bat to the face* and then they heal anyways. If you enraged, they'll heal inside away from window to prevent knife interrupt. Then there's the classic: "Run in a circle around the chairs and other objects in one of the house living rooms" since the counselor hitbox is smaller than jason's, he'll never catch them, even if they're low on stamina. Shift inside the house? fat chance not getting stuck on a random object as they casually walk/jog away to the other room. No matter how you slice it, want to make it sound possible, you will NEVER catch a pro-troll vanessa unless they want you to or another player gets in their way allowing you to slash them to death before they can get away.
  10. Nearly every single vanessa I have encountered has been a troll who has taunted, tea-bagged, and been a down right bitch to me. So forgive me if when I see a vanessa player, I automatically assume troll.
  11. Once again, the pro-troll vanessa's flock in to white knight their tactics which begs the question: Why bother on a dead forum? Bah preaching to the choir here. On a side note I find it hilarious that anyone who waits out the 20min timer calls that "winning". If that timer wasn't there Jason's would of eventually caught you at some point if you don't escape. Hell, kinda wish there was a way to remove the timer for that reason alone. because even the best pro-troll vanessa's can't evade Jason forever if they keep harassing them, especially at enrage. Vanessa's bank on the timer for their "wins" since they can't repair worth a shit so fat chance getting the phone repaired without Jason noticing.
  12. Vanessa is the ONLY CHARACTER in the game who can as I call it "troll walk" Jason effectively the whole game. She's the ONLY CHARACTER who can jog NON-STOP stopping for brief amounts of time with OP stamina regen. Usually a Vanessa who wants to troll a jason will run Max medic perk, Max stamina perk, and improved healing perk, with a Perk that gives them high stamina regen when crouched. I hate Vanessa's because anyone who plays one has one goal and one goal alone generally: Piss the Jason player off by trolling them the entire game. You don't even have to be good at Vanessa to troll Jason the whole game. All you need are the previously mentioned perks at just about any rarity level and a small knowledge of the map layout. Pro-Troll Vanessa's(note: they aren't skilled by any means, they just know how to exploit the map layout) will make sure to have at least 2 pocket knives before they begin trolling Jason hense why if I'm Jason, I gun for them before they can get them if i find them soon enough. However if they get "fully equipped" I just ignore them the whole game until their the last one left. Usually in my experience pro-troll Vanessa's love to taunt and troll-walk the whole time you chase them. With me, I just stop trying to put in the damned effort. Sure I'll chase them and try to kill them but the only thing their going to get out of me is this line on voice: "lmao, git gud noob." and similar lines because they aren't skilled players. They use vanessa because her stats based on the gameplay loop of the game make her OP. Sure, they'll be looking forward to those frustrated groans, calling them names, ect because they get off on pissing Jason's off but they won't get that from me. Hell, after awhile I'll even sometimes get bored and say: "Okay troll, I'm leaving, have fun doing nothing." and morph away for the rest of the match Not leave the match mind you, just leave them alone for the remainder of the match. THEY HATE THAT!XD PS: Running in a circle is enough to make getting a shift grab a nightmare even for the best Jason players and they are likely to miss which is what a Pro-troll vanessa will do when they notice you shifting at them.
  13. As long as its got the ability to be played, you'll bet your Resurrection spells that people will keep playing. Oh but don't misunderstand, this game is VERY VERY VERY DEAD...XD But even a dead game can run if enough people walk up to this game's grave, dig it up, stab something metal into and wait for lightning to strike it.
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