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  1. When I made that list of the steps to kill Jason, I meant them in order of how they happen. An organized team is going to wait until Jarvis spawns to go for the sweater, mostly because the Vanessa needs time to hunt down the pocket knives. And before you suggest it, yes I try to hunt the Vanessa's first when I run into an organized team but even with the speed boost, a seasoned Vanessa will juke a shift so easily due to the fact they are watching your location with their mini-map and juke accordingly.
  2. Simply put: I assumed his skill level based on the fact that he assumed I was bad at playing Jason just because an organized team was able to kill me as Jason with ease. Any long time Jason player has figured out by now that if you encounter an organized Jason hunting team, your chances of killing everyone are nil unless by pure luck the Jarvis or sweater girl fuck up which almost never happens. Jason mains can tell me till they are blue in the face: "I never get killed as Jason, even against organized teams!" and I will look at them and go: Your either full of shit or the teams you went up against weren't actually organized at all. ... And suddenly I feel fully justified in my assumption of his skill level...
  3. I always find it funny and kind of sad when a nublet tells me to "get gud" when they obviously can't play or haven't played long enough to know wtf they are talking about.
  4. Patch Notes - 02.19.2018

    Anyone who uses a hackengine in this game most likely has 10+ ghost accounts each one with a hacked game they didn't pay for. I mean, do you really think most people who hack the game to get an unfair advantage are going to actually pay for the game?
  5. Well of course they wouldn't be immune to a grab...
  6. Guess I should of mentioned that I use the legit door breakdown animation instead of combat stance hitting the door like an exploiting ass.
  7. Note: this isn't me trying to be rude or complain thread but the following things some players do will almost for sure make me severely tempted to leave the match. I will also be providing suggestions to counter these issues. 1. Framecounting(aka: setting up to get guaranteed dmg on me as Jason or Councilor due to being frame locked in an animation and unable to move or dodge.) A prime example being jumping through a window as a councilor and standing up or chain stunning Jason after a pocket knife stun. This aggravates me for a number of reasons, the first and foremost reason being that I am unable to do ANYTHING during these times and the other player(s) KNOW THIS and take advantage of it. A suggestion for this is to provide i-frames to the counselor and Jason during these moments. 2. Hitting Jason through a solid object such as a door. These are meant to be BARRIERS, not one-way strike windows. A suggestion to get rid of this issue is to make striking through doors not work by making their weapons bounce back when striking at the door instead of phasing through it. 3. Making Jason so easy to kill. I've made a whole thread about this HERE so i won't repeat myself but this is a huge if not biggest pet peeve I have with this game. That said, anyone else take issue with any of the items listed?
  8. I wish I had recorded this but back about a year ago, this team of organized players was trying to get a Jason kill off on me and I was a mere part 3 then since I was like level 25 or something they had me demasked with sweater girl ready to pop at a moments notice. It was either I wait around or they escape so I went all or nothing, I popped stalk, sense, and then shifted straight for the sweater girl but missed, in a panic, i sling shot looped my way around hoping to get her but instead found Jarvis, grabbed him, and managed to pull off my choke kill before anyone could pop a stun. I was so giddy that I openly said with glee: "Ooops, I accidentally, your Jason kill!" as I performed the kill on Jarvis. XDD
  9. Playing as Jason is easy... Let me introduce you to an organized team or two or even Jason hunting team. Also 6 out of 8? If Jason is as easy to play as you claim then you should be getting 7/7 or 8/8 every match with no effort.
  10. There's a reason Jason has his standard door hitting animation, its the way doors are MEANT to be broken down. This guard swatting doors not only is exploiting imo but leaves counselors unable to defend themselves properly in certain situations when a stun means the difference between escape and death. On the other side of the spectrum, counselors stunning Jason through non-destroyed doors is just as much an exploit. One can only hope this gets fixed soon.
  11. As someone whose played as Vanessa countless times and as a Jason chasing said Vanessa's I know that she has a lot of stamina but its not infinite. And yet nearly every player I've seen with Vanessa with a player level of 100 or more can outrun meas Jason infinitely. They don't even have to strike me. I have spent 10 WHOLE MINUETS chasing a Vanessa who was casually out-jogging me and even running when I shifted on them(juking me of course). Would someone please explain to me how this is possible WITHOUT using a hackengine?
  12. Considering I've already shot down all of this guy's suggestions to begin with, I doubt he's got any game changing suggestions.
  13. I score 8/8s on a regular basis in pub matches and yes, even against experienced groups but I'm not going to say I'm flawless and ALWAYS kill everyone in every game. No Jason main is going to kill everyone every single game because there will always be those guys who get lucky or know where to find all objective spawns and get the car started in under 2mins of the match. Catching a car as Jason is a pain in the ass since they updated the mini-map to show Jason's symbol if they can see him for even a fraction of a second now. So yes, I do know how the play as Jason and with lethal efficiency.
  14. I will awnser your red text replies in the order you listed them: 1: What do you expect me to do? Just look at them and go: "Sure call the only surefire means of escape in the game", and then just sit and watch? Going after other counselors while they are attempting to call the police is beyond stupid. Also this happens early on enough into the match that its impossible to tell if this is an organized group or just a bunch of players who got lucky and found the fuse early. 2: Okay sure, I just won't kill anyone.... seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY?! How the hell am i supposed to tell the difference between bait and an idiot trying to play hero? 3: Yeah... you got nothin' for this one do ya? 4: Oh sure, I could just stare at them for 15mins and pray to god one or more of them split off from the group who just got stupid and wasn't cleverly set up as bait. Oh wait, now they decide to make for the police escape. is it bait for the damasking or did they just give up? Answer: NEITHER ! They head for the police escape with the intent to escape OR demask/kill me if I come after them to stop a police escape. Either way, I get killed or get no kills. 5: AND get zero kills...