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  1. So I've read that the developers are adding a single player element to the game this summer. Well the summer is very much in full swing, any word yet on when this will happen?
  2. 7- Having great fun... but disconnects, host leaving, player killing, and the cheats bring the score down for me a bit... but I still enjoy it.
  3. Had an absolute blast with friends that I have met in game on PS4... great times... great exp!!!
  4. I'm still learning the game, I don't last very long for the most part, and I'm not very good at Jason. I have been the victim of - and the spectator of - very good counselors who just flat out make Jason look silly at times.. stunning him repeatedly, playing "ring around the rosey" with him around sofas, tables, cars, etc... It is great fun.. and sometimes I almost feel sorry for Jason (especially when its me)...
  5. I will try to kill all those teenagers by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!! They killed my mother, they have sex (I can't seem to find any girl interested in me), and they party all the time!!! I chop, trap, squeeze, break, pull.. whatever it takes....
  6. I support Gun Media and developers for not allowing anyone who did not participate in kick start/backing or pre-order to have access. I missed out.. I'm jealous and envious as all get out.. but I accept the circumstances... Grats to all who got him.. he is amazing!!!
  7. Thanks for posting this... now I can stop wasting rolls trying to get the "start with knife" perk!!!
  8. Thanks to everyone who had a part in making this game a reality. I've had an absolute blast this past weekend enjoying it! Let me tell you, having a group of in game friends that use mics, work as a team (as counselors), and have the right (I'm just here to have fun) attitude, make this one of the best games out there IMHO! The heart pounding thrill of playing as Jason (especially when you are still learning to play him as I am), combined with the fun of plotting, planning, and surviving with your fellow teammates was so much fun! Then you throw in the double xp bonus... WOW what a great time!!! Thanks Gun Media and everyone else!!!
  9. Only way a counselor can disarm a trap is to have that perk, correct?
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