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  1. what is the four digit number under your discord name? can't add you without that.
  2. Do you have a discord it would be easier to explain and show you.
  3. It's not finished but here ya go, my roy costume.. so far https://sta.sh/021whz1bv7zb https://sta.sh/0oxutg7g40g
  4. Idk about that, the new grab is fine.. the issue with it.. is that it's slow.. and gunmedia takes like 7 months just to fix 10 things.. that they can't even fix. I say, just make it less punishable.. it's so dumb.. but they can't even fix the issues like interaction lock..
  5. are you guys ever going to fix the issues with the Jason grab being so punishable, being so inaccurate, moving to the other side when you meant to go to the opposite side, and from being so slow?
  6. The cream color you are talking about is.. that raw sienna color, which i just realized i didn't add.. which i had to add like a couple minutes ago to my mask. The mask is white, raw sienna gives it a yellow hue, which sorta looks like a cream color. then the burnt umber and sienna make for the dirty.. then you see in your pictures that there is a blue and white lighting.. which makes the mask look more like the fiberglass mask.. but it's really not that color.. This is better seen in the movie when roy is staring at people.. it just looks a little lighter cause of lighting
  7. Yes, but again the proof is in the links. He created the mask, so he knows what the colors of the mask are. The other links i provided prove this to be true, also burnt umber and burnt sienna make the dirt. https://jasonlivessince1980.blogspot.com/2017/01/a-visual-history-of-hockey-masks.html?m=1 if you scroll down to the part 5 mask on the link, it tells you and shows you.
  8. Well, again.. color wise it's not very accurate. damage wise and dirt wise it is, referring to the mask you sent me. The only accurate thing about my mask is the colors, my mask is based more on the clean, none damaged mask. Like the one on my icon. It's slightly dirty. Now the blank, has some line to the original mold but the vent holes are a bit off.. which i have no issue with.. as no one who "has an accurate mask" wants to sell blanks and im not gonna waste 150+ for a mask, that isn't accurate in color.. when i can paint it myself. here are good examples of its colors. https://sta.sh/0w1om2qi0mn https://sta.sh/01s9cru2ge9p https://sta.sh/08n72inz94l this is the mask created by david miller himself Might re-do my mask cause i want it to be a bit more cleaner lol
  9. Thanks, I also have do to disagree with you on a certain aspect. The mask's aren't very accurate at least paint wise. As I have stated, I used the color method used by the actual artist who created the movie mask named. David Miller Creations, which was the little red quote i posted. People forget that lighting makes things look different, most mask may have accurate placements of damage and dirt.. but sadly fail.. in the color department. I believe I've stated all of my links to show that I wasn't lying. https://jasonlivessince1980.blogspot.com/2017/01/a-visual-history-of-hockey-masks.html?m=1 this is where i go for mask accuracy and such.
  10. issue is I don't have someone to take pics of me, as i am the only person out of everyone i know that cares to cosplay or likes Jason. lol so sadly I couldn't get any better pictures of the whole costume. But the link of the hood is what the hood looks like.
  11. Loving the costume, i actually posted another forum for my costume. I would suggest, getting a blank from either jdf, which are like 12-15 dollars and paint them. They are way better
  12. https://www.deviantart.com/factor13th/art/Part-5-Mask-Finished-770035270 https://www.deviantart.com/factor13th/art/Part-5-costume-bust-shot-770035278 This is a costume, that I have been working on for the past couple months.. to be as movie accurate as possible.. which reminds me i have to re-do the top part of the mask, because i placed the strap wrong.. forgot that in the movie it folds. Anyways, for those who like roy, like me if you want to create a the costume here are the paints you will need. 1. Raw Sienna for the based, and burnt umber mixed with burnt sienna for the grime/dirt. (For the mask I decided to go with a cleaner version that could be seen in this link. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fridaythe13th/images/3/36/5_trivia.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20171001174213) The colors were given to us by david miller himself who made the part 5 mask. "It's just layers of acrylic paint washes applied with a sea sponge. No secrets. Each layer needs to dry before the next one is applied." As to the specific colors, he said: "A little burnt umber mixed with burnt sienna for the grime. A final REALLY thin wash of raw sienna to give it a SLIGHT subtle yellowish tone." 2. Costume, is a spruce green Red Kap which you can find on Amazon. The suit actual colors are spruce green, they look blue depending on the lighting you are in. (Here's a link to the suit. https://www.amazon.com/Red-Kap-Action-Coverall-Spruce/dp/B007EYZE6A?keywords=red+kap+coveralls&qid=1540638436&sr=8-1-spons&ref=sr_1_1_sspa&psc=1) and if you don't believe me about the colors.. here is the actor of roy telling you the colors ( ) 3. The boots are a brown color.. I couldn't find those so what i am going to do is possibly paint my black boots. 4. The hood, is from escapetheory (https://escapetheorystudios.bigcartel.com/product/v-hood)
  13. it's a spruce-green color.. the devs just didn't get the colors right.. this took me an 30 minutes to an hour to do. it was pretty fast.. hell even the mask they made to look wrong even in color. When Roy is not close to people his eyes look black.. the mask is actually a raw-sienna color with burnt umber and burn sienna for grime. I wish the devs would see this and actually do something about it.
  14. Trust me i am no expert, just really passionate about the roy design I guess lol I will post the costume once i am done.. trying to make sure i have the right ammount of grime on my mask.. that says clean but with some dirt.
  15. Thanks, and yeah I know, that was the video that opened my eyes to the green suit.. and such then i thought the mask was yellow but it wasnt and such. I really like the character of roy so i decided to cosplay him.. but for the past couple months been looking into his accurate colors for the whole costume. I bought red-kaps spruce green which is what the actual spruce green colors and shades were.. and then recently learned the mask was not white.. it was a raw sienna color.. with some umber and burnt sienna for the grime.. which then i today i managed to start and even finish in a couple of minutes a movie accurate costume for roy. to be honest, this could be added to the main game.. it wouldn't even count as new content.. it would count more as a character fix..
  16. I just love the character of roy, which is why i even tried to get it movie accurate. Here is another pose of the model
  17. Yeah, but this is the legit colors, which means white light or blue light or yellow light make the mask look lighter the suit look bluish and green. So the colors should be fine.. these files i have are the original files. Just with texture colors edited lol
  18. Thank you very much man, took me like a couple minutes to do.. it's not really hard. To be honest, I would love to help them for free to fix this game.. but they don't care.. You know how to get accurate masks for the game? they take a picture and then copy the model on top of it.. which you can do. Hell, roy doesn't even have the scars on his hood, like in the movie.. I thought the blue was accurate but it's actually a spruce green suit which looks blue under certain lights. I would be willing to send them.. the files i did, which make roy the color you see here lol. All they would have to do is copy and paste them to the their roy.. and bam.
  19. To be honest, the two roy's in game look wrong even in the shading of the color. My version is closer to the actual color of the movie, i know this because I myself have the cosplay. I love movie accuracy. So I was able to find a 3d model and edited the models textures to look as you see here. Personally, I did love the blue, but when i found out the real color and wore it.. I honestly fell in love with it.. it just blends well. The Raw-Sienna colored mask.. which looks whitish under white/blue lighting. The green costume just grew on me. I know they can't add new content, but if they could re-texture roy's costume as it was already in the game.. there for it would count as a fix.
  20. This is what roy would look like, if he was actually being based off movie accuracy.
  21. Are you guys ever gonna fix the grab? it is so punishable and slightly undo the who med spray thing.. this game no longer feels like you play because you have skill. I get there was to many sprays but nerfing it to an exaggerated point.. was a bad call. Jason is to easy to kill.. with only two people.. please fix this.. taking 6 months to fix 2 issues really doesn't help.. when there are clear issues and balancing issues that could be fix so easily.
  22. if that were true, the we would have gotten, jason x since that was already finished and needed some touch ups.. but then again.. alot of this whole legal shit doesn't make sense. seems more like a ploy to get money do, very little.. and then use the legal shit as an excuse to not continue. From what I heard the only issue now is if sean will appeal or settle, because Mask jason is still being reviewed or the such.
  23. So not willing to make content, even though miller won.. but will milk the shit out of the game.. with a slasher edition? logic?
  24. I haven't seen anyone talk about this, but how about bringing the single player challenges kills into the main game, A lot of them actually work for the main game, like the power box kills.. the gas kills, the water kills where the dead body actually floats in the water.. and etc
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