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  1. Ahahaha thanks had to do tons of research to get there lol
  2. I did the costume myself the hood was from david miller creations
  3. Thank you i am the only artist currently doing the mask as movie accurate as possible. Colors and everything.. https://factor13thstudios.blogspot.com/
  4. it's the same mask, Kane claims that the nose damage happened when he did the scene where he falls into the puddle.. because there was a rock in the puddle that damaged the mask lol
  5. http://factor13thstudios.blogspot.com/ Here is a link with all the information if anything else is needed to know and I will reply and post it on the blog.
  6. what is the four digit number under your discord name? can't add you without that.
  7. Do you have a discord it would be easier to explain and show you.
  8. It's not finished but here ya go, my roy costume.. so far https://sta.sh/021whz1bv7zb https://sta.sh/0oxutg7g40g
  9. Idk about that, the new grab is fine.. the issue with it.. is that it's slow.. and gunmedia takes like 7 months just to fix 10 things.. that they can't even fix. I say, just make it less punishable.. it's so dumb.. but they can't even fix the issues like interaction lock..
  10. are you guys ever going to fix the issues with the Jason grab being so punishable, being so inaccurate, moving to the other side when you meant to go to the opposite side, and from being so slow?
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