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  1. I ended up figuring it out myself. I basically had to join a public match and quickly make any changes to the counselors clothing then save it for the changes to take effect. It wasn't working outside the lobby for a couple days for me but now that I did that, it's working as intended and I can change the clothing in the menus. It was just some weird bug happening to me... probably because my data was corrupted since Friday and the server migration had to go through. The Savini skin and counselor clothing are working so long as you got the updated codes. If you put in the original codes before this last patch, they're not going to work because of data corruption... they sent all the backers brand new codes you have to install, so make sure to check out your backer kits.
  2. You're being insanely childish and entitled... stubborn and bullheaded... they gave you a reason, not an excuse. It's true that console patch certifications are a nightmare, it takes much longer than PC patches... it's just the way the world works... maybe go buy a PC and you wouldn't be complaining right now, hows that for a solution? Console gamers are literal cancer... you're all lazy stoners that want to just push a button and have everything work... Even PC has been having issues AFTER the patch... you have to sometimes tinker around with things to get them to work as intended, I'm not saying it's right that we have to mess around with stuff, you're right in the fact that GUN should be making it more convenient for us but sometimes you have to take matters in to your own hands... not everything is going to get handed to you in this life kid... grow up. If you seriously can't handle waiting until next weekend then just refund the game and go away.
  3. It's not working for me on steam. I can select the cloths but they don't stick around in game...
  4. On the first day I basically rolled some of the best perks in the game... one of them being that "start with a Large Map" one... it's rare (orange) and yeah I have it equipped on everyone... it shows you the location of all the objectives on the map... it's quite broken if you can get a radio early on and start giving out intel to other counselors. It's been working for me. I just can't buy any new perks without their being an issue, like errors and what not.
  5. (Steam version) Anyone else having this issue? I've been re-issued new codes, I put them both in... the Savini Skin is selectable and usable (been ripping people apart with him) However the counselor clothing pack isn't working as intended. I can see the DLC cloths, I can dress up my characters in the new stuff in the menus but once I get in game it's just defaulting me back to the cloths I wore prior. In the menus the clothing is saving, it's just not appearing in game right now. I'm assuming this problem is on the server end of things so I'm not going to be upset, just wondering if this is happening to anyone else right now? The only reason I ask is because I saw some Chinese players with the DLC clothing in game, so it must be fine for them... either that or they hacked it, because Chinese. :/
  6. I was actually coming to these forums to complain about wtf is going on with this game, it's worse than DbD's launch atm... but yeah after reading all of that, I understand. At least you guys are aware of what's going on with the backer DLC and are working on resolving all the server issues... I actually booked a day off work so I could play this and so far it's been a rather mediocre experience due to not being able to just play whenever I feel like it and more like when the servers feel like letting me play. I suppose in time the game will work as intended but it probably hurt your rep + sales a bit with people refunding it and what not... I'm glad I supported the game but please resolve this shit soon otherwise it's going to kill this community before it even has a chance to grow. Best of luck.
  7. If you unplug your mic before the game starts and try to plug it in after you load the game, the sound still comes through the speakers... meaning you have to do a full reboot of the game with your headset plugged in before you even play... really inconvenient. Levels aren't being displayed properly... or they're zeroing out causing a reboot of the entire game. At one point I was at level 13 then I dipped back down to 11 for some reason... and I zeroed out a little while ago but a full reboot of the game corrected it. Badges are being displayed all wonky... I don't understand why all the badges have a cap of "13" on them when after you hit the "13" mark the max number of times you can get it changes to "39"... (see picture below) Whenever purchasing a perk / execution there's a huge delay in the game registering it and sometimes errors. I usually have to back out of the perk screen and go back in after making purchases with Jason or counselors just to be able to select the executions / perks I bought and have my CP actually decrease properly.
  8. That's what makes the achievement so rare and elusive. It's incredibly specific... the fact that the internet ruined the mystisim behind the entire thing 2 days before the game even launched is reward in itself honestly... The only way to really do this without any issues is by boosting in private lobbies. Considering that setting this whole thing up with friends takes zero effort to do, the achievement really isn't worth a damn if you earn it legit or otherwise... so no, I don't agree with the co-player involved getting rewarded... There's already an achievement or badge for distracting him with the sweater, you have to do it 3 times though to get the achievement I think.
  9. I rolled a few perks last night when I was able to play and I got some decent ones but I don't think they're actually working. I had one where Jason's weapon attacks do 42% less damage... didn't seem like it. Another one, 9% faster window crawling speed... didn't notice a difference although 9% isn't exactly a noticeable number... might just be me. The one I'm most concerned about is "My Dad is a Cop"... I have the Epic level version of this and it states that the cops show up 28% faster if you're the one who calls them. In several games I repaired the fuse box AND made the call and the timer still started at 5:00. The timer should be starting at 3:36 or something like that right? Also achievements aren't unlocking even though the criteria has been met for certain things.
  10. It's also impossible to use while using a controller... and there's no "push to talk" button mapped on the controller either. When using a controller to play you have to have push to talk off because if you try to press 'T' it will make that glitchy transitioning sound between switching from controller to keyboard and your character will stutter step and be locked in place while talking...
  11. 7 is the most OP Jason hands down, no contest. I'll be playing him all the time.
  12. Stealth is based on sound. So the higher your "Stealth" stat the less white pings show up when you're walking around or running. It's harder for Jason to detect you when you're crouched as well, high stealth = less white pings for Jason to pin point your nearby location. When you make noise, you emit a ping, so this means if you screw up skill checks, stagger in the woods or just decide to start jogging / running... you'll emit a white ping more frequently on Jason's radar if your stealth stat is low. High composure stops your character from being afraid. Fear comes in many forms, the following will raise your fear: Running through the woods with no flash light on. Being inside a cabin without a flashlight on when the power is out. Not locking doors and barricading them behind you. Not turning on a radio when you're inside a cabin. (Only if your fear is really high, otherwise turn it on as your about to leave the cabin) Seeing a dead body. Failing skill checks. Being in Jason's vicinity. (Raises faster if he's focusing on you and chasing you down) The higher the composure the harder it is for your character to feel fear and reduces the amount of fear generated by the aforementioned things that cause fear. In order to keep your fear down you want to do the exact opposite of what I just said, so: Keep your flashlight on at all times. Stay inside cabins that have power. Lock doors and barricade them before you start looting cabins, this includes the back doors as well. Turn a radio on inside the cabin. (Be warned it emits a white pulse so your stealth will be compromised) Avoid dead counselor corpses. Pass skill checks. Stay away from Jason. If your fear level raises too high, Jason can see you glowing red with his sense ability and can track your exact location from all the way across the map. High composure is way more important than Stealth for staying off of Jason's radar. So to sum it up: Stealth effects the frequency of white pulses Jason can see on his map. High stealth = higher chance you won't emit white pulses. Composure effects the ability for Jason to see you glowing red when your fear gets high. High Composure = harder to scare your character, keeps them off Jason's radar. Example: Vanessa has the worst stealth in the game and has bad composure but the highest speed and stamina so she is basically just a decoy. Jason senses her quite easily which makes it hard to shake him in a chase BUT Vanessa has high speed, stamina and with the stamina regen boosts she's nearly impossible to catch in the right hands, so it balances itself all out. Jason can easily focus her down but can't catch her quickly... so sure, it could take a Jason player like 4 minutes to catch her, and eventually he's going to... but he has to ignore everything else going on... Vanessa is best saved for last for killing. If you can find characters like A.J. Mason first, get rid of them asap as they're slow, easy prey and will be harder to find in the long run if they stay stealthy and quiet... you'll always find Vanessa's... they can't hide from Jason at all.
  13. This was suggested but it's too much work for them to bother with at this point. They'd have to create A.I. for the cops and some people suggested that dead players can come back as them as well but it makes it too easy if half the team has second chances... I mean we already have Tommy Jarvis as a second life, we don't need two more free bees.... the entire point is that once Jason kills you, you're dead and it's your own fault... deal with it. The cops are obnoxious as it is if Jason is chasing someone to the exit, the cops have a significant range and they put Jason down immediately if he comes within a few character lengths of the exit. You can actually get stun locked in to place if you don't warp out of the vicinity of the exit... it was actually quite annoying. I couldn't imagine if they could walk around on the map and have that kind of effect on him... it would be a joke.
  14. All I know is that they won't make it that easy to kill Jason as it would just ruin the game for everyone and completely fold their entire design... The conditions and method to kill him are going to be so obtuse and difficult it won't even be a viable option in a random match as it will require too much team work to accomplish. The only way people are going to ever get to kill him is by boosting it in a private match for an achievement... as lame as that's going to be. I bet people will have it figured out in a matter of days after release. The tutorial videos will be flying up all over Youtube and the mystique behind the entire thing will be crushed by internet geeks. It's almost not even worth making him killable honestly... maybe back 20 years ago I'd say go for it but in today's age, nothing is sacred any more.
  15. This is a good step in the right direction for the phone. I always found myself thinking "phone" the second the match started. Knowing that the fuse is in the same camp ground kind of hurts it a little bit but if someone dies with the fuse that basically means a game over for that method of escape which makes for more tension. I like the idea, but I still feel there's more that can be done to avoid Jason having to camp the area. I still feel like people are going to rush to the phone and check for the fuse and try to install it and repair the phone immediately. I understand that this buys Jason a bit more time but it still isn't going to fix the "camp the phone" meta going on. I almost have a better idea for this that might help balance the game out a bit more in Jason's favor and it will stop him from immediately camping the phone. I like the fuse idea, but what if we elaborated on this? Instead of it just being in a drawer like the car keys, I believe there's a more fun method we could come up with. There's a bunch of power boxes all over the camp in certain areas that supply power to specific buildings. Well what if those power supplies ran on fuses as well and they could be removed from the panels? Okay so here me out... What if there's a skill check to remove the fuse? After the fuse is removed the power will be permanently off in that location... So that means counselors will have to place another fuse back in the box in order to get power back. So if Jason destroys the panel box, the counselors have to repair the box and then do a skill check to remove the fuse if they want to. This will actually introduce an interesting meta because Jason will have a greater reason to destroy other power boxes before camping the phone. On the other hand counselors have to take a greater risk of having the electricity permanently off in entire sections of the map which will increase their fear levels for the duration of the match... I think it's a great trade off considering the cops are such an efficient method of victory... it'll almost make it not worth doing or super risky and maybe more people will try to escape by car or boat instead. Just a thought. Crazy how something so simple as an asset introduced in to the game can lead to a snowball effect of ideas.
  16. Thanks for posting my link here. I should of just came right here. But yeah another thing I forgot to add was the combat is kind of weak... it was late and I was trying to think of everything off the top of my head after the beta was over. I plugged about 100+ hours in to it. Was a great experience for the most part, things just need to be fixed and tweaked before it becomes a great game. But yeah I feel that Jasons grab should only be available to use once the counselor is at 50% health. I forgot to add that, adding it to my reddit post. I'm adding some more stuff because you triggered me. - I forgot to mention the combat mechanics. If you're in a combat stance it should give the counselor 50% increased accuracy to hit Jason's face with a melee weapon as well as give a 20% increased bonus to damage dealt to Jason... so basically a way higher chance to knock his mask off. Whats the point of having a combat stance if nothing is gained from it other than a dodge function that really doesn't work? - If a counselor is above 50% health, Jason shouldn't be able to grab them. He should have to attack them first... this would make combat a lot more viable as well and you'd have more stand offs against him when the survivor is out of stamina. I found that attacking counselors with Jason was only viable when they were slow climbing through a window. Instead of grabbing them I would just slash at them and it would cancel their animation for a cheese kill. - If a counselor is killed with a melee attack, it should just go into a default exclusive weapon kill animation based on the current Jason you're using. So it will just randomly select an execution to perform. I find that the body just rag dolling looks silly as hell. The game should just register when the counselor is going to die based on their current health state. So when hitting the attack button it will prompt for an execution when you hit the button. So if you're axe Jason it'll just do the crotch chop, if you're sack head it will do the corkscrew kill...etc... - Jason should be able to grab counselors climbing in and out of windows... I mean if you can attack them with the melee weapon and cancel the animation any way, you might as well add in a grabbing animation so it doesn't look so flakey. At least this way it cuts out on the window cheese of the survivors. (forces them to leap through it without caring if there's broken glass) The way it should work is, he grabs their leg and pulls them out on to the ground where they can then get up and run. It shouldn't be like DBD where the killer automatically has you in a grab, it should just hinder you for a few seconds, the grab should still do a bit of damage (like climbing through a broken window) but Jason won't get an auto kill from it (unless you're below 50% health, like I stated above, then he should be able to grab you after you get up off the ground)
  17. My goal will be to ultimately find out the measures it takes to kill Jason. Once the game releases I'm hoping their will be a group on Steam devoted to gathering weapons / traps to destroy him as our match strategy... I'd like to do that honestly. I mean why not challenge yourself? I'm sure it'll be the hardest achievement in the game to obtain so really, might as well shoot for the stars right out of the gate. LOL. I think once that's discovered and I'm successful at it, I'll definitely be trying to survive at all costs. As for personality, I'm a fairly selfish player unless I'm actively communicating with a group and we're strategizing... Knowing I can take a risk and it not being a complete suicide mission puts me in a more open position for self sacrificing maneuvers. If I'm playing with randoms and no one cares, then it's everyone for themselves. I'm looking to play more of the nerdy / athletic role... if I'm not trying to fix something then I'd definitely want to be able to kite Jason around as a sporty chick or something who can run faster than all the other counselors.
  18. Chee Chee Chee HA HA HA

  19. Even though it's a pipe dream to have copyrighted music in such a low budget indie game, one can dream. If I could throw out some suggestions for a "Boombox" style unlock, I think that would be kind of cool if they ever get the budget for it. Like after you win so many games or maybe earn points / currency you can unlock a sound test of sorts in the options. Or maybe just put them in the game as Easter eggs somewhere on the map, like finding radios or walkman's and they will play like a 30 second clip of the song. (Not that this will ever happen but it's fun to pretend) Some suggestions for must have songs: Harry Manfredini - Friday the 13th Part III (III - Main theme) Lion - Love is a Lie (IV - Crispin Glover dance scene) Pseudo Echo - His Eyes (V - Violet robot dance scene) Felony - I'm no Animal (VI - Cort and Nikki's sex scene) Alice Cooper - Teenage Frankenstein (VI - Cort and Nikki's death scene) Alice Cooper - Hard Rock Summer (VI - Tommy and Megan's police chase) Alice Cooper - Man Behind the Mask (VI - Credit's theme) Metropolis - Darkest Side of the Night (VIII - Intro theme)
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