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Just an average dude who loves slasher films and the art of the horror genre. I grew up watching all kinds of horror movies way before I should have (the way it should be) and it gave me a better appreciation for the medium.


Big fan of Tom Savini's and Greg Nicotero's work, been watching most of Mr. Savini's movies since I was a teenager, some movies I had no idea he worked on until the dawning of the interwebs.


I remember renting Friday the 13th™ the NES game when I was younger, (around age 8) and played it all night with my older cousins (age 13). We never could get past the 2nd day but we managed to, legit, get the torch and killed Jason once... I remember every time we lost Mark and Crissy we'd reset the game. LOL.


Once I found out that a group finally decided to update and create a fully functioning online Friday the 13th experience, I was hooked immediately. Threw some money at it and here I am.


I'm just here to give my two cents and discuss all that is Friday the 13th, hopefully help mold the game in to an even greater experience than originally imagined.


Looking forward to following the progression of the game and getting more information as it unfolds.


*clangs machetes together*



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