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  1. Same to you. And seeing as were judging each other, keep taking things out of context and being so proud of yourself for virtue signalling. LOL You're a real hero.
  2. I have no idea where your logic is but it's out to lunch. The game IS in fact dead on PC... Maybe the console peasants are having a different experience? I wouldn't know. You can't find a lobby at all on PC, most of the time it's half full when the game begins and as soon as the match loads you get 1 or 2 people immediately quitting out because they didn't get to play Jason or they just had a crappy spawn / map choice... Whatever their reason, it doesn't matter, they're wasting valuable lobby space and gimping the counselor side of the game. Most games I join have an average of 4 counselors in them... Jason just wipes the floor with everyone in minutes because there isn't enough progress getting done while someone gets chased down. Also, nice cherry pick but you took what I said completely out of context, I wasn't trying to be racist or xenophobic but as an English speaker when the game first came out, I could understand everyone in the lobby... now I can't understand any one. It's very seldom I meet another English speaking person in the lobby and when I do, it's not their primary language so it's difficult to communicate. I was saying it's disgusting because I'm disgusted with the state the game is in, not that I'm disgusted with foreigners so get off your soap box there snowflake. Also underage kids are ruining the game and I would rather them not be here at all because they shouldn't be playing an M rated game to begin with, not because of the gore but because of their maturity level, or rather lack there of. Either way, thanks for contributing nothing to the conversation only to target me and make me seem racist, hope you sleep better at night... but the things I mentioned are why the game is in such a poor state, maybe if the developers actually worked on the game it wouldn't be such a train wreck.
  3. This game's been dead ever since all the scandals of the developers selling Savini Jason codes for $1000 dollars on ebay, along side the undeserved player bans and just downright shady business practices. The announcement of them abandoning the game because of that court case didn't help either. The silly thing is, that court case had nothing to do with adding content in an already established game that they have no issues selling or even porting to other systems (Nintendo Switch, looking at you) they just got lazy, weren't making any more substantial cash from the game and decided to stop wasting their time on a dead project. This game was at it's best in the first year and a half it was out, it was fun, exciting, challenging and unforgiving. Once all the safety nets were put in place like no longer being able to team kill and snowflakes getting butt hurt over harsh words instead of doing the smart thing and muting the player.... it just took a turn for the absolute worse. The sad thing is, this is an American horror icon and I hear more foreigners not speaking English in every lobby than ever before... most of which are kids under the age of 12... it's disgusting really. How is anyone supposed to enjoy the game when they can't understand half the lobby and that same half are obnoxious kids with microphones constantly talking and teaming with other players? Unfortunately this game isn't what it was supposed to be and is merely something to waste time with, not to be taken seriously, at all... You basically have to find a group of people to play it with or play it casually alone and not really care what happens in the match... if you're playing this to try hard then you're in for a bad time. It's best played casually with a idgaf attitude, mostly just to troll Jason players, die, and quit out of the game to join another one.
  4. I've mained Savini since the game came out and there's two Jason's that share his best perks, which is Shift+ and Destruction... his weapon damage perk doesn't work properly so it's negated from his kit. Part 8 has Destruction. Part 6 has Shift+ / Weapon Range Whichever one you prefer, go with that one as the alternative to Savini. Part 8 and 6 are the best Jason's in the game for cool down speeds as well so take that for what it's worth. I get that everyone has different play styles and if setting traps is your thing then Part 2 is probably better for a lot of people but if we're getting down to the math and speed of things, Part 6 and part 8 are top tier with Savini being the best over all Jason in the game. To back up this proof, Savini Jason's downsides are negligible and he has 3 amazingly positive perks that pretty much break the game... If his weapon damage+ perk actually did extra damage, he'd be insane... but from what I've read it's bugged and he does normal damage which is probably a good thing considering he has the longest range in the game next to Part 6. EDIT: I forgot that we can change Jason's weapons now, so yeah, Part 8 is basically on par with Part 6 for range if you switch his Axe out for the spear... I prefer smashing down doors faster honestly, and the extra speed in water doesn't hurt either.
  5. Jarvis and Pinehurst are both garbage because the distance it takes to run from one cabin to another eats up every ounce of stamina for slower characters. Even playing Vanessa on that map is a chore sometimes. The spawns are shit as well, on Pinehurst I had all 3 objectives spawn right in the center of the map, so it rendered the outside of the map worthless. The Boat, the Car and the Phone were all just across the middle lake from each other so Jason just camped the shoreline and spun in a 180 degree cone to see what people were doing. Fuck that map. Jarvis house is just a mess as well.... every path is a bottle neck of death... there's only one way to run up certain trails so if you get caught on them it's just a free kill for a shift grabbing Jason... not to mention those 2 bullshit cabins out in the middle of no where on their own private islands and the one on the right always spawn the gas can regardless of where the car is. The car could be in the bottom left corner of the map and that fucking gas can is always in that upper right cabin 2 miles away. Those maps are complete train wrecks for counselors honestly, that's why no one plays them, they're Jason sided to the max.
  6. Yeah I made this discovery while I was farming XP offline that certain times the bots will just start with a pocket knife in hand. It's just ridiculous honestly. I was farming on easy mode, I warped to an objective and Shelly was already outside, like I swear he spawned next to the car because it literally took me less than 4 seconds to morph on top of the car. I hit him with 3 or 4 throwing knives, walked up to him, grabbed him and boom, fucking pocket knife... How is that even possible? He didn't go inside a cabin at all. I came to the revelation that sometimes the bots are just given pocket knives to start the round so it doesn't surprise me if half the bots all have pocket knives on hard mode... what a joke. There isn't even a perk in the game for that, and there honestly should be because most of the perks are complete kife. I'm still running Medic and Thick Skinned on every counselor with Sucker Punch, Restful and My Dad's a Cop being the 3rd option depending on the counselor... fuck we need more variety boys.
  7. Shes my favorite character in the entire franchise and I made the suggestion to add her a long time ago on reddit. Honestly I thought she should be a hero character like Tommy that comes equipped with the sweater and has the ability to kill Jason by herself. The trade off is that she wouldn't have 10 in every stat like Tommy does, she'd have the same stat points as other counselors but she could start with a med spray and a machete so she could kill Jason alone so long as his mask is off. If I had to distribute her stats I would say it'd have to go something like this: Composure: 5 (She kind of loses her shit easily near the end and stays fairly frantic) Luck: 7 (She was pretty lucky in certain situations but you want her weapon to last as long as possible in case she has to smack his mask off) Repair: 1 (She's meant to kill Jason, not leave) Speed: 7 (She was pretty fast) Stamina: 7 (She could go for awhile) Stealth: 7 (She tricks Jason a couple times and hides on him) Strength: 1 (There has to be some kind of trade off to her weapon durability, so you still have to rely on stronger characters to take his Mask off)
  8. Title says it all... The game is a buggy mess when it comes to the single player so sometimes I can get away with just shift grabbing a counselor and other times I have to use stalk on the same one on subsequent play throughs. This entire mode is trial and error and memorization and the biggest punishment is having to watch the same damn cut scenes EVERY FUCKING TIME you play the mission. The fact that you had to add a skip feature for the game developer logos should have been some kind of indication that people don't want to waste their time watching pointless shit they've seen 10 times already. PLEASE, ALLOW US TO SKIP THE CUT SCENES... takes one press of the start button and could potentially save us an hour of wasted time.
  9. Just a small fix would be nice to the spectating players after a game is over. I've noticed how useless the 4 camp cameras are that we're allowed to view while spectating after our game is over. Everyone just switches to counselors POV's after having to needlessly cycle through 3 or 4 cameras with fixed views. The maps are too big to have fixed camera angles, you never see anything on these cameras, just remove them please. We should be able to spectate the Jason player just to get an indication of what they're doing. We get to see all the other counselors, why not Jason's POV? It would help make some of the bad Jason's better by maybe learning from other better Jason's while spectating. We could see when Jason shifts, how he shifts, or just his general strategy of when to block or grab or whatever... not that I'm a bad Jason and need help, it would just be a lot more interesting to see how other Jason's play him instead of watching the counselor's side all the time. Just a thought.
  10. I love how the admin tried to make the entire topic about how easy it is to obtain hiding spot kills... that was just one example. The point of the topic being, you never get to play Jason, or seldom do and all the counselors developed a meta for just repairing the objectives, stocking up pocket knives and getting out. Counselors are almost never in these specific badge situations to meet the conditions to obtain them. Also I never get a boat spawn any more... the last few days I've played over 40 matches online, not a single boat spawned, only two cars. Sweater glitches as well... Can we get offline badge progression for Jason please?
  11. I just played 3 games as Jason offline bot mode because I figured some of the badges were ridiculous to earn online, like killing counselors in a hiding spot, or trapping them or hitting them with a throwing knife. However, there's zero badge progression for Jason. I thought the entire point of this mode was for Jason mains to enjoy playing Jason whenever they feel like it... shouldn't there be some sort of bonus aside from the cheese XP farm this mode is? Online players aren't this dumb at this stage in the game... I mean some are, but no body hides under beds or in closets any more so those badges are impossible to attain online. Just wondering if this was intentional. If it is, you guys should reconsider that thought and allow players to earn badge progress offline as Jason. Counselor badges are very easily attained online because 95% of the time you play as a counselor. Also the requirements for earning counselor badges aren't too high aside from the "Kill Jason" one. The point I'm trying to make is, you can basically fart in Jason's face and run around in circles and earn badges as a counselor where as Jason has to skillfully set up each attack with near pinpoint accuracy to get credit for a lot of his badges... they're just way to situational... like stopping the car or the boat or kill a counselor in a hiding spot.
  12. I heard about the Virtual Cabin update, I uninstalled it about 6 months ago, right after the game launched. I found the secret ending where you die at the hands of Jason. I just didn't see the reason to keep it installed. I just recently re-installed it but it continues to launch in offline mode and it looks identical to the original virtual cabin. I checked some Youtube videos out and the new cabin is completely different in design with a second floor and a computer you can interact with. I'm not sure what's going on... the cabin won't update itself to the new version even after a fresh install. I've tried restarting steam and verifying the integrity of the files but nothing. How do you access the Virtual Cabin 2.0?
  13. I'm not quite sure I understand what the post is even about... You're mad and quitting the game because you didn't die as counselors playing in a group of 5 and got depressed listening to a whining Jason player? If the guy hates playing as Jason he should of just disconnected from the lobby in all honesty instead of crying about it... who does that? Makes no sense... Jason's go to move is the shift + grab... If a Jason player doesn't learn to use this to his / her fullest extent, that's on them... You can't just run down counselors unless you're playing as Part 2 or Part 3. I didn't see anything wrong with this latest patch honestly... The first game I had after the newest patch was as Jason and even since the beta I've never let more than 2 counselors escape... I usually 7 / 8 or 8 / 8 a group as Jason... and it's not like I can practice with him either, I found him incredibly easy to use at all times, including after the recent patch. In fact I found playing as Jason, after the recent patch, to be more rewarding due to the new disconnect XP bonus. I'd usually kill everyone and end up with roughly 1200 to 1300 XP on average. Now that the patch is in place, my first game back as Jason I earned 1700 for killing everyone, also had 6 out of 8 players D/C because I shift grabbed every one on my first shot (because I usually combo stalk, sense and shift at the same time before going in for the kill) I just don't see the issue here... I mean I do, but not for the same reasons you have... I quit playing months ago because I have no one to play the game with. I also find it boring and repetitive, not thrilling or engaging and kind of frustrating at times when playing as a counselor just due to the heavy RNG of the game. Sometimes I'll play as A.J. and get caught in the first 5 minutes of the game, other times I'll run Bugsy or Vanessa and make it out... doesn't make much sense to me in how that all works but it's annoying to say the least. The game needs more modes and more objectives during the match... as a level 79 (who could of easily been 101 by this point) I just don't see the appeal any more... and these guys are so slow on their updates / adding features that should of been in the game day 1 (like single player) ... I dunno, it's just leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Plus the community is toxic as hell and over run by underage kids and gangs of fuckboi's all chirping you when you pick on their butt buddy... it's ridiculous nonsense. The worst are the groups of loser trolls who just horde items and carry them around the entire game stalling the match for everyone and getting everyone (including themselves) killed... it's just a shit experience. I was honestly happier when people could teleport through walls and get on roof tops... the game was actually better with game breaking bugs than it is now. Also taking out team killing was a mistake, now when dumb players don't know what to do with items, you can no longer punish them for being stubborn and not listening. The game just isn't fun any more... it's not a playground, it's not about doing what you have to do to survive (which means screwing over other players) it's just some boring drawer opening simulator... "I hope I find the car keys first".
  14. Allow us to remap up on the d-pad back to scoreboard, I'm sick of these fucking forced controls. No one asked for emotes, I don't want them, nor do I want to be forced in to using them... There is no way to efficiently check the scoreboard when using a controller now and in that split second of going to the map and hitting LB to check the scoreboard, you can easily get shift grabbed. Please for the love of God, remap the stupid emote button to push in Left Stick and make it a toggle so that the stick doesn't have to be pressed in to select an emote. Give me back Up on my d-pad, I can't adjust to this at all, every time I want to check the scoreboard I open the fucking stupid emote wheel... after 500+ hours, you can't do this to people, you must allow them a choice for controls. How hard is it to allow us to remap fucking controls? Are you guys this inept? The game's been out for over 6 months and it's still in beta.
  15. After 565 hours I finally found my first tape on the Jarvis House map... new map, new patch, I get a tape... big wowza... After having listened to them all a week after the game was released due to data miners. Thank you for digging so deep btw, otherwise these dev's efforts would of went to a complete waste. It's ironic in a sense considering the direction they're going with the game seems to be showing me they love wasting their time releasing garbage and ruining the game further. Level 79 here because I barely play the game any more, maybe 5 matches a day until the unbalance just makes my ass chafe to uncomfortable levels... can't believe this game is still in early access / beta.
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