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  1. I completely understand everything you're saying. However, I have some counter-counter claims. I think that the Gambler perk (as you yourself said, and a lot of others probably) wouldn't use it because of the bat perk. Don't forget, a lot of side notes come with this perk, the oppurtunities are endless. Ex: if you get this perk epic, it would drastically increase your chances of you spawning with the shotgun, whereas the common one would make it more likely for a 2x4 or wrench. Also, a lot of the people I have come across don't like to come back as Tommy, so this perk would hopefully be used by the 2 or 3 people in a lobby who wants to come back. And natural instinct could be changed as well, you could also include increasing the chances of spawning near a vehicle part or keys. Lastly, I really hope they add a pocket knife/flare gun spawn perk because those 2 would be lifesavers from the spawn-right-on-you-when-the-game-starts Jasons haha.
  2. Hey guys! Throw your perk ideas in the comments. Gambler - Start the game with a random weapon. The Hero in Me - Increase your chances for coming back as Tommy Jarvis. Natural Instinct - Increase your chances for spawning near the Radio or Phone Box. Distraction - Start the game with a flare gun or pocket knife. Just ideas so don't kill me on this thread
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