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  1. I think friendly fire should come back. Yes, it sucked at times when you had that one asshat that felt the need to betray, and yes it sucked at times when you had a Jason teamer. But I have a scenario for you that happened to me on the PS4, and this is why it was fun. 8 Counselors including Tommy. Everyone was dead except for three of us. The car was trapped. The boat was not. I was the one who was screwed because the car parts were who knows where, and two counselors were getting on the boat. Now, would I rather die or would I rather live? I had a shotgun, so I blew Tommy's brains out so that I could take over the boat and escape. On top of that, Tommy's passenger tried to attack me. By that point I was in the boat, he was in the dock, Jason got his kill. If I hadn't killed Tommy, I would have died to Jason. Self preservation. In Friday the 13th Part 7 that slimy doctor put Tina's mother into Jason's path first in an attempt to save his own ass. People should be able to do that in this game, and I'd say friendly fire allows for that kind of thing. Nowadays I'd argue the "fear" from the game comes from being isolated from your other counselors while being hunted by Jason, because when all the counselors can group up and spam swing and not hurt each other it takes the bite out of the suspense and intensity.
  2. Rykoth

    Best horror character ever?

    Jason. Gotta go with Jason, and not just because this is a forum for F13 the Game. As a fan of horror, the first real horror movie series I got into was F13. And I got into that because as a youngin' I played a little game called Splatterhouse, featuring a badass protagonist beating up monsters while wearing a hockey mask. It was a natural evolution. Freddy, Michael, and Ash are up there for me. I don't include any of the Universal Classics in my list purely for the fact that as a child I never considered them to be frightening. I thought Dracula was funny, Frakenstein's Monster to be sad, and so on and so forth - but never scary. Granted horror movies have never really scared me, but Jason was my reason for being into horror movies.
  3. Well, as far as the film with "Jason's Dead" or what not, I'd choose it because I'd want people to ask if it's a literal meaning or metaphorical. So, the idea gestated in my head for fun. I'm picturing this as the opening to the very last (and 13th!) installment of Friday the 13th. It's winter time. The lake has frozen over. Years removed from the events of FvJ, it appears Crystal Lake has new cabins, built not just for the summer, but for the winter as well. Nobody is there however. Headlights can be seen. A bunch of gang members are driving into the woods to dump a body - after all, if a body surfaces on Crystal Lake, everyone will blame the entity called "Jason," a notorious serial killer that died yet every so many years people claim has come back to life. One of these gang members is newer, and has serious reservations. It's noticed. Several of the more experienced gang members realize that this kid doesn't have the stomach for it, but he knows too much and has seen too much. But because this is a Friday movie and most folks aren't *that* intelligent in these movies, they decide to play a little game with this new blood. So they march him through the woods and offer him a chance to be a full member in the gang. Sure enough they find the run down shack that Jason dwelled in from Part 2. They go in and investigate, with the gang members saying that the newcomer has to look death in the eye - sure enough they find Pamela's head, now nothing more than a skull and the ruins of the shirt that Ginny once donned to trick him. At that point, a gun gets put to the back of the head of the newbie. "Sorry kid, you just can't be trusted to be one of us." The gun goes off. The kid dies, but a figure bursts through the walls. Jason was idle, dormant even perhaps, but his dormant state was disturbed by the gang members. They shoot at him and he does nothing but shrug it off. One of Jason's hands has fingers missing from his fight with Freddy, and he seems frosted over by the cold, but he relentlessly pursues the gang members. One by one they fall, until the leader crosses the frozen over Crystal Lake. Jason stares. He tilts his head. The ice breaks and the lake swallows the leader whole. Cut to the credits. Friday the 13th Part XIII: The Death of Jason Vorhees. We then cut in to a survivor's meeting - all the final girls that survived the events of the previous movies (not counting the remake or Jason X.) And the movie begins from there. This time, a camp is opened up for winter, and a dangerous blizzard strands the campers there. The story would involve the surviving final girls, the return of Tommy Jarvis (maybe take an inspiration from Never Hike Alone(?)) and of course a new cast of killable counselors. Children are actually at the cabins however, leading to a number of *tense as hell* scenes (which of course, anyone who knows the character knows he probably wouldn't hurt a kid, but the question could still be asked.) Somehow the story would end with Jason's death in some way shape or fashion, but not necessarily a physical death. Surely he would be defeated, but he'd leave behind a massive body count.
  4. I think player skill is a factor to a degree. It doesn't matter how OP Jason is or isn't - if the player doesn't necessarily know what he's doing as Jason, he's going to have a difficult time. I've only ever killed Jason once, and that was before the balance patch and even *before* Jason was nerfed. Most of the time everyone just escapes via car/calls the cops and is done within 10 minutes. Since the balance patch I think I've escaped from Jason maybe once via the cops. As Jason the only people who seem to escape my grasp are the ones who sneak out on the boat because I absolutely suck at timing my morph into the water lol
  5. So I don't mean to bring a thread back from the dead but this is something I've thought about plenty. I would make Friday the 13th: Part XIII - Jason Dies I would make it clear from the get go - in all the advertisement and such that Jason is going to be done. Part 13 is the last movie, period. Here's what I would do for the canon. 1. Part 1 up through FvJ would be canon. They happened. 2. Jason X is not canon, but it exists in canon. People are screwed up. Jason has become a myth, a legend. So people come up with myths and legends and Jason X is one such version - a hack science fiction writer got a movie made about serial killer Jason Vorhees going to space. (Not unlike how there are shlocky movies in the real world depicting space Hitler or other bizarre scenarios in b or even c-horror.) The remake is just someone's retelling of the first three movies as a "docu-drama," and therefore is also "within canon but not canon." The premise would be simple. Winter has come to Crystal Lake. Forgotten are the days of the bloodshed, the camp ground now hosts winter camp for scouts and other groups and organizations. Jason hasn't been disturbed for years - perhaps times have changed. Yet when a gang trespasses into his territory while dumping a body, they come face to face with the undead killer. Jason begins to stalk the camp grounds, but as the bodies of the gang members surface, it draws the attention of law enforcement and an older and haunted Tommy Jarvis, leading to what will be a frozen showdown with the unkillable.
  6. As Jason I'm silent 99 percent of the time. The few times I'm not are when the lobby is full of annoying ass hats and I'll taunt them. "You want to go through the window eh? LET ME HELP YOU!" But most of the time I try to emulate the movies. That also means wasting time standing there in stalk and knocking on doors. As a counselor I have a policy. If you have a mic, you're in party chat, and you're not communicating with non party members, I will have no problem abandoning your ass or getting you killed. Be a team player or GTFO.
  7. Last night, I was in a lobby, they had mics, mine is broken so I was hoping I'd be Jason. Most of them were baghead, J9, or J3. So I swapped to J7. I get chosen and during the intro everyone's like "Hah you picked Part 7 we'll get away easy/you suck/etc." Basically like some of the people here who bash on J7 Pop over to the phone box ,trap it. Break windows, knock the door down for insurance later. Pop over to the car, trap it. No need to worry about a 2 seater, nobody's making it to the boat. Ten minutes later, nobody survived. "we're all gonna escape, you chose the bad Jason." Bite me. Not as fun as a competitive match going down to the last second but definitely fun to screw up a bunch of cocky fools.
  8. Who cares? I can be Jason in Friday the 13th. I don't give a damn about some generic 4 v 4 deathmatch with zombies. Unless I can actually be a zombie that game looks like a turd. I'll stick to hunting counselors in Camp Crystal Lake, kthx
  9. Most teamkillers I encounter are Bugzy, but not all Bugzys are teamkillers. I even once killed the wrong Bugzy with a shotgun because of that
  10. Rykoth

    Xone grab glitch?

    There's a few bugs that exist platform wide. I know earlier I grabbed a counselor, the door was closed, but it prompted me for the door kill - it bugged out until someone hit me and I dropped the counselor, then I could resume normal play.
  11. If it were based on myself? Composure: 9/10 Luck: 5/10 Intelligence: 7/10 Speed: 4/10 Stamina: 6/10 Stealth: 5/10 Strength: 6/10
  12. Today I had my most memorable round as Jason. I decided like I do these days to be Jason Part 9. I'm going to hell but minus the getting exploded by the police at the start Anyway, round starts, I double trap the phone box, trap the battery side of the blue car. Okay. Someone decides to fill the gas up in the yellow car, and I pick them off. Everyone else appears to be working together. After destroying power boxes and such I started coming after them - breaking windows, attempting to psych them out by knocking on doors and then breaking them down. One by one they melee'd the crap out of me. I wasn't grabbing any of them. But I was throwing knives, injuring a few here and there, and so on. Eventually however, Rage Mode starts. Around this time I catch one of them, throw them through the window. I shift into a cabin before the door is closed in time - I bash another's skull in. I'm timing everything because this time it's war. Those counselors invaded my turf, now they die. Two of them left, one of the cabins lights up like a beacon of fear... but nobody in sight. One by one the beds are destroyed until my axe finds its mark. But there's one counselor left, and it's two minutes left. AJ was across the way. SO I morph closer. There she is, good ol' AJ. I grab her, she knifes me. She's going to get away. I throw a knife at her, hinder her. I swing my axe at her, injure her. She turns and hits me with a flare gun. That damn AJ is going to get away. She needs to suffer. Mother must be pleased. I got up, and she's in the cabin in front of me. How much time do I have left? Probably not enough. I shift. I go right through the door. I'm not sure what more she's got up her sleeves but I refuse to let her survive the night. I grab AJ. I punched her heart out. Game over. 8/8. Mother's happy, my axe is sufficiently bloody, and I continue to stalk dem camp grounds. *ahems* Yeah, favorite match ever.
  13. Uh, you can choose what you prefer but you're not always going to get your way.
  14. F13 needs more features, a few things added to both the Jasons and Counselors sure, But the devs should be encouraging a better game community, rather than a fragmented one. Ranked only fragments that. Have leaderboards sure, but don't need to split up between private/random/ranked. It's bad enough as it is already with the amount of quitters and hosts quitting when they get butthurt. ... I'm okay with ranked mode if you quit as Jason and it punishes you because you "were given the fail Jason."