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  1. You can send the clip to f13game@fearthegun.com For more information you can read this topic created by GunMedia_Ben, who was the previous evidence reviewer.
  2. I've read the rules but I don't see anything against reporting another player. From my understanding the rules are more about not starting a flame war, using hate speech and so forth which I'm not doing. I'm reporting a player objectively with evidence. Which is not any of those things. I've sended the evidence to @GunMedia_Ben, Wished this information was a bit more clear on the forum stickies.
  3. I'd like to report the player 76561198013041804. This player used an exploit to get inside a room in the big house of Higgins Haven. This player also constantly ear raped us with MAX volume static voice chat of child screams and a "sweat shirt baby" song. This player also was repeatedly hitted by Jason and didn't seem to take any damage (no blood and/or limping whatsoever). Screenshot 1 --> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=955607790 Screenshot 2 --> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=955607764
  4. I just got insta-killed by a bear-trap placed on the inside part of a window so i couldn't see it. I had full HP, so it's very strange to die from it instantly. Normally they don't do so much damage.
  5. Low profile's awesome with home body. more often than not i had jason leaving my house because he thought i was gone. Speaking of useless perks.... i rolled epic quiet swimming which gives 22% sense avoidance in the water, but the sound blips are still noticeable from miles away.
  6. I use Epic Light foot on Tiffany. Gives 13% less noise while sprinting. Extemely good with 10 stealth so i can run around fast and collect all the parts.
  7. 8) water pump 9) Throwing through window 10) Low wooden garden chair (for example, packanack lodge, back of the house on the balcony) 11) crushing head into wall 12) slamming head on table/desk/music player 13) cracking back on wall
  8. It wan't my idea, it was @Ban_All_Music. Back on topic tho. The reason counselors step on bear traps is because they're nearly invisible when you're running or in a hurry. So why not give counselor-placed bear-traps a noticeable glow for counselors-only?. Counselors can still see them and they keep their use against Jason. Bear traps already have a very light shimmering because it's a pickup, but it's not enough to keep people from walking in them.
  9. As an European playing on EU servers, I run often into a language barrier problem. More often than not, I encounter Russians, French people and the occasional Asian who don't speak a word English. Me, only speaking English, Dutch (and understanding a little German) am unable to communicate even the smallest things like "I have keys, go to Car", "here is gas" and so forth. In a game that's so focused on teamwork and communication. I feel this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. A suggestion I have is to use something similar to L4D2's "look" command. This is a contextual command that changes depending on what you're pointing at. Like for example when keys are on the ground you will say "keys" if you point at it and use the command. Or when Jason's close and you point in his direction it will say "Jason". One way to show the specific item is by the character's voice (this takes some voice acting for all the counselors and voice sound must be limited to proximity similar to microphone chat). Alternatively, what i'm more of a fan of, is a little text bubble above your head with a picture of the object you're looking at in it. For example: Player uses command "look" at keys > a key shows in the bubble above the player's head. Player uses command "look" in Jason's direction > Jason's mask shows in the bubble above the player's head Player uses command "look" at car > a car symbol shows in the bubble above the player's head. Therefore implying "go to car" Player uses command "look" at window > a window symbol shows in the bubble above the player's head, therefore implying "go through the window". Of course, Jason will also be able to see these bubbles visually. Perhaps it needs some tweaking to not give your location away from 100 meters or so. Or Jason being able to see it through cabin walls to not completely obscure him from seeing it. but i'm sure the devs can make it work if they choose to implement it. What do you think of this? Will it work and "fix" the communication problem by providing a "universal language" that can be used? I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
  10. I verified my game files and didn't get any more errors for 6 more hours of playing. Could this be the fix? Can it maybe be a problem with the EAC? because this update i had many problems with that too all of a sudden. And the file that gets redownloaded after a verify appears to be an EAC file according to some googling, but i can be wrong on that since i don't know how to see what file gets downloaded after verifying. Edit: Forget i said anything, the game froze again so that debunks this theory.
  11. I'm having the same issues. The game freezes (what appears to be) randomly every now and then. For what it's worth I'm playing on PC, and am using a i7-6670k with a nVidia GTX 980. Hope the devs can find a workaround.
  12. Hello forums, I've received a bug today and would like to report it. The bug is that after Jason used his shift ability (short range teleport) the game freezes when jason reappears from the ability. This happened three times today, allways when he got out of his shift ability. Best regards, Sunny Solaire Platform: PC GPU/CPU: nVidia GTX 980, i7-6670K
  13. Hello forums, I've had a strange bug today. I had the shotgun, got behind Part 6 Jason (spear jason) and shot him in the back, but jason didn't get stunned ( I got the points for shooting him) Another time today, i had a flare gun and shot jason in the shoulders. I got the points for shooting him, however Part 8 jason didn't get stunned. Any idea if these errors are related? Jason was only running at the time of the shots, no grabs and/or shifts/morphs were used. Best regards, Sunny Solaire Note: This is on PC
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