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  1. TheHansonGoons

    Can't hear the boat?

    Tommy, you and your crew are great at examining assets and files in here. Was the sound file in there previously, but they never released it? After all, I just quoted Ben for reasons why it didn't exist before.
  2. TheHansonGoons

    Can't hear the boat?

    I am real curious how this lack of sound is being "fixed" when its never happened previously and clearly people don't want it. Was there a time when it made a sound? Been playing since release on Xbox and have to say it never made a noise. This seems like something new. When exiting a car, we can fight back. If tipped over, can we stun Jason in the water with poclet knives now? We would like to hear your guys' stance on why the change was made.
  3. TheHansonGoons

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Kind of cant believe someone put this up with a 9/10 rating. Have you checked out Serbian Film then? If you are into that repulsive shock, yet artsy film, try it out. Personally, I cant do these types of films. The new Puppet Master: Littlest Reich. 9/10. If you can enjoy a movie that doesn't take itself seriously, has some great jokes, and Troma style gore, buy it now. This is my favorite film from this year so far. If you are looking for serious horror, dont do it. If you are looking for a movie to show you something you haven't seen before, try it out.
  4. TheHansonGoons


    So I just rewatched Takashi Miike's "Imprint" from the Masters of Horror series. Forgot how shocking and brutal this film was. If you haven't seen this one yet, prepare yourself for a mind fuck hour. Are there any films any of you rewatched lately? Did you forget how amazing they were? Was it a bad film and now you enjoy it, or vice versa?
  5. TheHansonGoons

    New Documentary - Jason Goes To Hell

    They covered this enough in the Crystal Lake docs. No need to watch him talk about wanting to make a homosexual barber scene and listen to how he tried to make Jason a deadite. The movie is trash. Quick coverage is all this movie is worth.
  6. TheHansonGoons

    Anyone here familiar with Fright Rags?

    I am currently rocking my Joe Bob Briggs Last Drive-in shirt. The company is cool because of the little bonuses they give. However the quality is very thin for the shirt itself. I got a giant hole in it the second time I wore it from my dog. Their prints are amazing though. Also check out terrorthreads.com and rottencotton.com
  7. TheHansonGoons

    Why the Lack of Communication

    Agreed. I think part of the reason they stay under attack goes along with transparency. One time a well-respected member here @bewareofbears once pitched an idea for 5 questions to be answered a week. Quick, simple way to effectively communicate with members and the community. Word from the forums spreads by mouth in game, so wouldn't it be better if it wete their words? By selecting 5 questions from a list once a week, you keep community engaged and build better report with people. Their choice of questions to be answered. 5 questions per week means they would work for a half hour on answering a question a day. Its better than ignoring everyone and leaving them to think the game is dead or that the devs dont care.
  8. TheHansonGoons

    Why the Lack of Communication

    I hate the "closed mouth" philosophy. Since the beginning of their silence (whether you define it as around launch or the dilly dingus incident or even the Halloween costume pack) I have questioned why they don't engage their community more. It honestly stops more negativity than helps. People will post or respond with stupid shit anyway, its the internet. Its funny how much praise they got for dev diaries, community challenge ideas, content creator shoutouts to the community, or simply anytime Wes or someone comes in to discuss why they chose to do something. I personally dont see why they cant come in and discuss some horror flicks with us. Its their own forums. They have already chased off everyone with the extreme censorship, why not just talk about horror movies
  9. TheHansonGoons

    Why the Lack of Communication

    Nice post @NightofthePodcast, but i doubt it changes anything or that you get much of a response. I am sure part of it is the fact there is always unrest and they prefer to give definites, while also keeping some stuff a surprise. It is bad practice though to ignore some of the fans that have been here since 2015-release. You would think at this point they would want to keep people interested and talk a little about what they are working on.
  10. TheHansonGoons

    Why don't you people ready up?

    Sorry, I was pooping. Keeping up with trending porn and new thumbnails on Pornhub I was reading an article about US History Took the trash out Changed the record Picked up bowls with stale milk from under my bed Working on dick pic angles. Downloaded more gifs for @Ghostboy20 and @Bropollocreed79 Watched @AldermachXI's documentary Called my grandma before she died Played with my dog. Let him outside to pee I was looking at the Steam charts I simply didn't like the guy repeatedly readying and unreadying I was being kind and rewinding all my VHS tapes
  11. TheHansonGoons

    My Retirement from This Game

    I have said this a few times, the objectives in F13 are much better. 8 player is better. The kills are better. DbD is the better game currently. Games dont drop. No dashboard errors. The level progression system and rank system are superior. If someone quits, you get extra experience as the killer instead of lack of progress and ripped off. Dont have to hear the trolls. Its not bad.
  12. TheHansonGoons

    Rate/review the last non-horror film you watched

    Love the Nuke 'Em Highs and Sgt Kabukiman! After those do Poultrygeist and War!. Tromeo and Juliet is worth a watch, but not one of my favs. Lloyd Kaufman autographed one of my Ultra Violent magazines a few years back. Had an article from him about saving independent films and how important they are. Such an awesome dude
  13. TheHansonGoons

    Rate/review the last non-horror film you watched

    If you haven't experiences many Troma films, they typically fall in this field. I typically pick amazing for the imagination, effects, and shots in them.
  14. TheHansonGoons

    Rate/review the last non-horror film you watched

    Some video on Xnxx. Decent lighting. Solid acting for a low budget film. A couple plot holes though: 1) did he have to pay for the pizza when he got back? 2) i dont think the plumber fixed her leaky pipes... hope he gets a bad review on Yelp! Overall, good sound quality. A few too many shots from behind showing the dude's gooch. 5/10