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  1. Where we now are ?

    I saw snowflakes outside today... my Xbox doesn't have any new content. Guess it's still other games that will get my attention.
  2. What kind of beer do you drink?

    Good luck man! Any in particular? Any city destinations?
  3. What kind of beer do you drink?

    It's the most, wonderful time, of the year. First time trying this Nutcracker Ale so we will see. Just noticed how that bottle looks like @wes
  4. One question I have is, is this when hosting a private match and friends can't connect, or is it you are hosting QP and no one can join?
  5. Please go read this

    Oh man! The new XBx1?! Sorry to hear that guy. I can definitely empathize with that situation. Good luck on the fix. I agree though, forums have been very negative lately. I reiterate that I think @AldermachXI made some of the best discussion points on why and where everyone's frustrations are stemming from. Lets hope for some decent updates and fresh content soon. Giving us something to actually discuss instead of same old crap will be productive. Btw, I wasn't saying you needed to search, I was remarking on how you commented about people should search and read all topics and they could have found some information. Side note, I feel like this thread has actually calmed things down a bit and I notice more civil discussion about issues. So way to bring us together.
  6. Please go read this

    I agree completely of the quality of connections and stability issues with other games. This is a major game breaker. Also I think the biggest contributor to loss of player base. That is why I say they lost their majority back in June and July. Personally, I disagree on the balance issues though. Not at all attacking your view, I get what you are saying. Everyone has said this before: you can still go in quick match and get 8/8, or 10/8 since this game is so... how do I say... full of character. In quick match there will always be bad Jason's and bad counselors, great Jason's and grea t counselors. Problem in QP is lack of teamwork, more possibility or being run over by friendly car, lack of communication, simply dumb people doing things like taking the car keys away from next to the car, hosts quitting and people helping Jason. QP is typically an awful experience for me. Out of a 5 matches, I may have 1 good one. Problem is when you are playing with solid players as a group. Going from getting 6 or 7/8, down to 2/8 because of a few changes all at once does affect my opinion of fun in the game. It's not just me that has gotten this low score too. Others in the group have gotten 0/8 and 1/8. Actually, most of us have seen our kill ratio drop dramatically. It's frustrating and leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. It's even frustrating to escape so easily sometimes. Or not feel terrified when Jason is coming. It's not enjoyable to see 2 or 3 objectives completed and he doesn't even have stalk yet.
  7. Please go read this

    Not to say it like this, but that can be said for almost all games, but especially Franchise games. Even movies. Simple fact, can't please everyone with one product. I feel like Ben Affleck explaining the internet to Jay and Silent Bob here. Let me know if you don't get the reference. I understand the small team "reason", "excuse" or whatever it is to the interpreter. I also get that they are both fledgling companies with horrible track records of past games flopping or being horrible. I have said for months I think this game will permanently have bugs in it and will accept that. However, it isn't just our money spent in it. We can't expect everyone to accept that. We don't know their life circumstances and how much that money or time invested in a game they feel is broken and if they feel cheated. We should allow them to speak their mind without our own convictions against them. If the devs say anything, someone jumps on them. If someone jumps on them, a defender berates or belittles that person. Or someone starts a thread positively, people jump on them and tell them to realize it's broken. Someone returns fire. Or third scenario, someone starts a negative thread offering criticisms, sometimes polite suggestions sometimes trolling and angry rants, and they then get shat on for their ideas. It's an internet forum and a vicious cycle of the same old shit. If people want to better it, either calmly discuss why you disagree, or leave it alone because you disagree. Crazy to think we could all just walk away, not respond and do something with our lives instead. Fact is, this will never happen. There wdill always be complaining about something and people complaining about their complaining. Ce la vie You are nailing it with why the devs probably don't want to be here. I could see them post something silly about another movie or game and someone would jump down their throat and yell "fix ur game". Kind of sad and ironic. We want their presence more yet feel the need to talk shit to them every time they appear.... logical. As for the Twitter snowflake news, this isn't even just the third time that has happened. They often take to Twitter first with news. Which is great because they get the most hateful responses there. People say the forums are toxic, yet watch the responds on Twitter or read their subReddit
  8. Well...

    Lmao I think that all the time when scrolling through the forums. Sad this is the best topic to grace it's presence. Here is another question, how would one set up a tournament for this game? Is there a way that makes it fair at all? Round robin best of 8? Everything is so luck based. Sometimes all 3 items for the car are in 2 cabins immediate to it. Other times, you have to go halfway across the map to find the propeller.
  9. As for your original post, I get what you are trying to do. Unfortunately your cute, blind faith that you would ever get a proper response(at least the one you are looking for) from a dev is naive. No offense, I get why you asked. Maybe you are newer here, but if they release any news, they will post a new thread themselves. It will then get bombarded with disagreements on hypotheticals and opinions. Overall, best of luck with it.
  10. Please go read this

    Hahaha this is great... typical forum behavior. As for the original post, I get what @Rexfellis is trying to get at. Sometimes people's gripes get very annoying and some people get carried away and take an abusive route. Clearly not an affective approach to accomplishing anything. Actually more of the opposite as it leads to more distractions from investing time in delivering news or doing more important aspects of a job to handle. I had written a similar thread about exercising patience back in June? July? Can't remember. It was when waiting on the Xbox patch and back then I was gung ho to defend developers as I felt they were aware of issues and working on them. It's a small team, it takes time, etc. Then we had to wait how long on preventing items from falling in the ground? Glitchers. The Savini incident of 2017. Window animation breaks. Goofy costumes blended with bikinis. Issues with weapons sticking in doors when trying to break it. Backer copy issues delivered incorrectly. People felt promises were broken. Nerf counselors, nerf Jason, blah, etc. We could all compile a plethora of issues and incidents. This is what @bewareofbears was referring to if you didn't get it @WashingtonJones. @AldermachXI, you seriously nailed the issue with the last patch. Combine a month of no patch, with next patch won't fix balance issues, not a great deal for the enraged gamers. It seems with each patch, a few things are fixed, but balance issues and new bugs appear. This is why I understand those who are tired of this game. The ones that call it broken. It's called empathy and understanding where each other comes from; even if they share their opinion brashly. Also, the fact of complaining about complainers is redundant and has been done several times on the forums. A quick comment saying "we have plans", "big news coming soon", and all of the other lines that actually aren't any news are silly and unnecessary. This is a video game forum. As with the game itself, it contains trolls(this word is getting old to me), and people are going to complain or say some ridiculous stuff for either attention, humor, or to irritate people because their own lives are so pathetic. Even though I get your idea behind it Rex(use the search button and do research, be smart before ranting) this is the type of thread that plays into the hysteria. I realized that a while back with mine. I think one of the communication issues people would like to see is the devs just popping into off topic and replying about a new game, some favorite horror movies, Halloween plans, favorite bamds or types of music, favorite Freddy one liners, whatever it may be. Just more participation like they used to do. You know, be involved in the community. Takes 10 minutes of their day. Two less tweets while taking a shit.
  11. I think this is perfect here. The reward is greater than keeping the insurance plan, but not too ridiculous. 200 points is insane. That is as much as surviving 20 minutes. 50 even seems high to me personally. After all, there is no guarantee you will even accomplish the goal in front of the knife. With Tommy J having one guaranteed, there is some easy XP if you have a Tommy willi ng to hand it over to a counselor
  12. No problem! I totally get what you are saying with the lack of numbers in peak players. Honestly, I think they lost a good chunk of the players back in June and July. What we are seeing now is the dedicated fan base that will be playing this game for most of its life cycle. What will bring people back (although probably only for a weekend or two) are things like new maps, new Jason, new kills. The reason people got this is love of the killer. Not love of counselors. Want people to keep playing? Make more private match options for customizable games. Give them new content more frequently. Someone here niece said hooks and generators. Hooks and generators Hooks and generators. Sadly, best comment of the game ever. I play it occasionally, but swriously, the killers all have one real attack. It's corny and a disgrace to the big name killers. Though DbD has many incentives and does a few things better than Friday, such as level progression, as @Tattooey pointed out in an old thread. Some old school gamers prefer single player. They don't like playing with kids, or hearing bitching, racist, ignorant comments. They prefer the chill pace of single player. I myself am all about multiplayer, but I respect what other people like. I will play some SP as well to see if it counts towards Jason achievements. Besides, it's something new and shiny to try out for a bit.
  13. I see your point, but I highly doubt it will kill the game. If anything, it will bring those that waited for it for so long back. The devs will always attempt to fix it. Don't get me wrong, I think it will always have bugs personally and accepted this a while ago. Point is, they won't stop trying to fix things just because SP is out. I don't think it will kill the game either because multiplayer is more engaging than bots.
  14. Glitch or bad game design

    It could have had to do with pings and when the actions were triggered and actually took place as well.
  15. Animated signatures

    Thanks again for the amazing job on the signature. Exactly what I was wanting. Appreciate you taking your time for this!