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  1. Welcome @Shainto! As my friend @Cer1alkill3rmentioned, we have a fun couple of clubs on Xbox for you to join if you would like. My gamertag is the same as here is you want to hit me up and play ever. Hope to see you lakeside!
  2. I am going to watch the first two episodes over the weekend. Has anyone gotten a chance to check it out yet? I am excited to see the themes they deal with in this one. Do they pay homage and have easter egg nods to the original? If anyone cares to discuss, lets do it!
  3. One, a kill squad can act as deterrents to Jason so others can get stuff fixed. Two, are you actually accepting people playing the game as they want if you are going out of your way to ruin objectives for them? You are basically grabbing the fuse and holding it the whole match. Consider your own actions. You are now the troll and those possible distractions will probably just quit. You have now wasted time and resources. Congrats. You realize you are now the troll and screwed over more people than just the kill squad, right? Kill squads are more helpful than kids that just swing at each other in unlocked cabins. These are the worst players to me. Or the ones that drive a 4 seater by themselves. Its incredibly easy to dodge Jason and drive around a map as a distraction or to grab other people. Curious as to how they troll also. Do you mean by beating up Jason and trying to get his attention? Sounds like you have time to find items and repair objectives to me.
  4. Please shady, sentence structure. I have only been killed once and the guy that did it was awesome. I almost got out of it but messed up on some controls. There are ways to avoid it, but again, a good kill squad is going to get it done. I hope we get that match with @sleevedbiker. I am curious to see how he plays and his strategies.
  5. I do agree. I am over 1200 hours of gameplay now and around 570-580 matches as Jason. It would be wonderful if they would patch it to where offline bots could count towards it. Doubt its feasible though.
  6. Totally true. Big old tired grandpa that goes to bed early! Usually I play from 6-10pm Eastern time zone. You should join us @The Milwauking Dead Crystale Lake Employment Agency has been playing together since the thread for Good Sportsmanship was started. Still get full private matches every so often. Loved playing every Thursday with these guys Recently started playing with Crystal Lake Maniacs and have to say, the core guys I have been playing with are the most efficient kill squad I have ran with. High ratio of kills and a fun group of guys.
  7. It depends on the glitcher if I do. If they are teabagging from a glitch spot or talking smack, then most definitely. Personally I talk more smack to the kill squads that fail and start to quit out.
  8. Not at all wrong to feel guilty. Cerial amd I discussed how killing newer Jason players does feel cruel He brought up the good point of not wanting to frustrate newer players so they quit and dont play this game. Its an excellent point as most older players have moved on. Keeping the new fan base is important if this game is going to be around for a while.
  9. https://fridaythe13th.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline_of_the_Friday_the_13th_series
  10. That was an epic watch bud! Would love to see more fantastic kills like that. For everyone else that wants to watch it,
  11. Huge resume this man had. I find it sad he is just categorized towards F13 when he created effects for Stuart Gordon in Re-Animator and From Beyond. Long time contributor with Charles Band. Garbage Pail Kids, TerrorVision, Ghoulies and a movie that is now catching on - Cellar Dwellar. Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4:Dream Warrior. Halloween 4-6. This man touched our hearts and minds in more ways than most realize. Thanks John Carl Buechler for everything you have given us. RIP
  12. @Ahab I think this video proves your point exactly. This was natural, no perk boosts. As you can tell its the beginning of the match as well. I know its a part 9, but then again I was an injured Fox. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/thehansongoons/video/71509511
  13. One problem to the OP is Jason can still be stunned and take damage even in block. I died for the first time in over 550 matches played an hour ago. It sucked a bit, but it was my own fault. Vanessa with the sweater needed one hit. Tommy got my mask off as I was swinging. I had been teamed against twice in that match and managed to slash most of them down. I should have morphed away and taken Vanessa out with a knife, but I didnt want to risk her getting away. I paid for it. I was salty, but laughed with them and congratulated them. I knew it was inevitable to happen at some point, especially nearly 2 years in. I think the blocking mechanic should be should be taken out of combat stance personally. Its a clunky, canned animation that leaves Jason very open to groups. I also think he can use an HP increase. Taking off the mask is pretty easy. Especially if you can get 3 people to surround him. Its easy enough with 2, but 3 people boxing him in make him a pinata still. He could use an attack or quick turn. Some way to fight the person behind him.
  14. 1,124 hours... over 550 matches as Jason... they just got me. Such a terrible feeling. Sweater girl needed one slash or a throwing knife and I was good. I had survived 2 kill squads earlier, one I even wiped before Rage. I was feeling good about it. I laughed with them and congratulated them. It was well-earned and a tough battle. I purposely killed some kids earlier, but the one listened to the leader enough to grab the axe and hit the A button came back as Tommy. I think I hear them playing TAPS in the background right now. Now that one is down, time to move forward and accept them much easier in the future.
  15. This one is extremely difficult for me. I went with Part 3 for a few reasons. Though its a total gimmick flick, the process they went through to film 3-d seemed extremely rigorous and tedious. The fact Richard Brooker was a stunt guy that ended up with the part is awesome. Not just because it was a stunt guy playing him, but Brooker gave Jason a human feel with his bumbling around, yet when he pulls himself up on the noose and reveals his face; or walks like a somnabulistic zombie with the axe buried in his head is just fun stuff to me. He gave Jason character and his hulking mass was great for it. That neck and those traps are still terrifying to me. Its also the flick where Jason gets his mask from Shelly, that is huge to the franchise. Thank goodness that crew guy had a hockey mask in his car that day. I also think the survivor aspect from earlier trauma and returning to that camp with Chris showed what a bad ass final girl she was. The psychological effects and her overcoming, then physically overcoming Jason make her one of my favorite final girls.
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