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  1. Co-hosting a couple movie nights on Shudder's Discord if anyone has it and wants to drop by.
  2. https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/289296/first-draft-of-terrifier-2-has-been-written/ @RKSDooM dont know if you read this yet
  3. @Friday_Queen I love your idea of a voting option for maps. Unfortunately I think eberyone will repeatedly pick Packanack Small, but comes with the territory. As for the option to vote to kick, it has been mentioned before. I also agree with everyone here that it would just assist teamers and trolls. People would boot higher skilled players for doing well. It will probably encourage toxicity.
  4. Damn @Kodiak! Did your S+ runs already?? RE2 is amazing. This was the type of remake I was looking for with RE:Directors Cut. The combat and cameras are much improved. The station feels new, yet the same. Its a fantastic remake.
  5. I am really excited for this. I saw Greg Nicotero already has one directing credit. Also have seen Stephen King's son has writing credits. Also excited to see the reboot of Twilight Zone. Most important to me is Joe Bob Briggs returning to Shudder weekly in late March. @F134Ever86 its CBS unfortunately. Jordan Peele and Simon Kinberg are producers. Jordan Peele was reluctant to host, but he has since reconsidered and is hosting @F134Ever86 hopefully a re-ping works, but felt you would be imterested to read the update Greg Nicotero Shares First Image from the Set of Shudder’s “Creepshow” : https://bloody-disgusting.com/tv/3546826/greg-nicotero-shares-first-image-set-shudders-creepshow/
  6. On Xbox it somewhat tracks the achievement progress, but you have to do the math. Playstation doesn't have that luxury from what I have heard. Rumors are some of the staff have sent out stats of players in the past.
  7. Most definitely. Same as I have given escapes to newer or less skilled players as well. If I hear someone say at the beginning "its my first time" I will do whatever it takes to help them out. If I am Jason, I will teach them combat essentials and how to repair things. Maybe some locations and about the objectives. If I am counselor and they are counselor, I do my best to find them. Then I coach them or protect them. Do my best to help them get an escape. If they are Jason and I can tell they just got beat up most of the match, I let them get me. I dislike seeing people so frustrated when newer or less skilled. I want everyone to have a good time.
  8. This patch was a counterbalance to what had been in place too long. The game already favored counselors heavily. This gave Jason a much needed buff. Unfortunately all the buff comes into play late in the game for Jason. My opinion is counselors could use a little something after Rage, and Jason needs more at the beginning. Especially in terms of combat
  9. @HuDawg said it best, this method would only lead to slashers. Not exactly fun. People that plan on surviving to the time of rage mode may want to consider using Escape Artist or whatever perk helps break out of grabs quickly, and help recover stamina quicker. Only way I will support 2 more PKs on map is if Jason can reset traps, or starts with 2 more traps per Jason. For every balance act it needs its counter balance. Not hard swings in one direction or the other. I like where your head is at on counselors needing a way to regenerate stamina more. I have been in too many matches recently where JoeSchmoe420 runs off with the objective items such as keys and fuse. He dies once Jason hits rage because he hid in a corner all match. Now I just searched over half the map and dodged some maniac in a hockey mask for so long, but I cannot get across the map to grab said items, nor repair them, nor have the chance to survive an extra 5 minutes or start the car since I am the last counselor alive and he is on me. Instead, i outrun him and loop for a second. He smashes the couple of cabins I have been in recently, but I am running out of stamina and trying to get to the next one. Instead all of his abilities are recharging rapidly and he cant be stunned since all shotguns are used. So he grabs me struggling to walk in the open or slashes me down. Sorry for the exaggerated run on sentence, but wanted to illustrate situations I am seeing.
  10. I think so but it can be done in several ways. Let Jason reset traps - especially benefits the 3 trap Jasons. Counterbalance, a pocketknife permanently disarms it - balance idea courtesy of @Risinggrave. Let players choose where they want Sense and Stalk. I like it how it is, but having Stalk at the beginning will make for interesting first morphs. Make Stalk a toggle as well, similar to Sense. If Jason is in chase mode for an extended period of time give him a temporary speed boost. Take Block out of combat stance. This will really benefit Jasons that get teamed up on, ie: new Jasons or not as skilled players playing against higher level counselors. At the same time, counselors need better ways to defend themselves when 1-3 players are left at Rage mode. I prefer playing bigger maps. Escapes on Pinehurst are down dramatically due to spatial issues between objective items and objectives. Takes a long time to cart a propeller from Camarillo Camp to below Pinehurst, as well as a good amount of stamina. Players also could use a perk to increase stun chance % on Jason during Rage mode.
  11. Honestly, that is a fun idea. This would help people without mics figure out who to work with and/or try to get in the car. Even some people I play with in groups dont exactly communicate everything going on so it would be nice to have some indication. Not to mention all the time someone fixes everything in a car by themselves, you know who deserves it. I know this change will never be implemented, but its a cool idea imo. I can see arguments that it takes you out of the immersion of the atmosphere though. @tyrant666 I am with you on most of your post. However on the opposite side of the spectrum on toggling Sense. Instead I think Stalk should be a toggle as well. After all, whats the point of having stalk still going if you are hitting a door. I have made that same comment for over a year and others have agreed. Its a quick fix that affects a lot of gameplay. I also think it should be player'a choice where they want Sense and Stalk. Morph and Shift are perfect where they are, but having the choice to switch them would be cool.
  12. @HuDawg... so why not have Tommy appear when Rage comes into effect? Why wait untill all counselors are gone? I still dont like it at all because Tommy's job is to get people to escape. Him coming inband fixing objectives before Jason has Rage is a crucial part in that. If Tommy doesnt disarm the trap, then put in the fuse until Jason has rage, how many counselors are left even to wait 5 minutes until they arrive? At the same time all of J's abilities are rapidly replenishing. @Risinggrave I can agree with the being able to swap Jason abilities to a customized choice, but only for sense and stalk. Otherwise it shifts balance into Jason's hand again quite a bit. Start with Morph and Shift 40 seconds in would be crazy to see how quickly Jman could wipe a lobby.
  13. You have some great insights here, thanks for the reply! I really like your idea of tying stun chance to a perk. Too bad they cannot create a new perk that only affects Jason stun chance % during rage. My idea of temporary speed boost in chase is based off DbD's bloodlust. Cant work exactly like it since people window hop and such, but it will affect furniture loopers and people that walk circles and dodge shifts in open areas. As for the flare gun/crackers, i think flare gun is the better stun to me. I didnt think about how long firecrackers last. I was only considering the possibility of how both items can miss their target. @Risinggrave love the idea of a pocket knife permanently disabling a trap. Really weighs in the value of hogging all the pocket knives and your teamplay. Maybe people should get a point bonus for sacrificing the knife. Some sort of team play bonus to counteract the points lost for "breaking free". Encourage people to do it a little more. Something I havent tested yet, if Jason is in stun and grabs someone, can you throw firecrackers and make him drop them?
  14. You cant say "Tommy, come in with 3 minutes left" when who is around? Probably no one. Also doesn't make sense since Tommy's purpose is to be the hero and help other counselors escape and complete objectives. Nothing is wrong with how Tommy comes in. I like the 13 minute rage meter timer, but it also feels silly. Think of the counselors that get beat up repeatedly. Do they really have to be ganged up on for 13 minutes? Why can't things to balance it out be something flares and firecrackers still stun. Jason isnt immune to stuns but has only 25% chance of melee weapon stun. Take block out of combat stance so Jason can defend himself. Increase Jason walking speed or give him temporary boosts when in pursuit. Increase amount of traps for Jason or allow him to reset them. Honestly, things are getting pretty balanced. Jason just needs more speed in the beginning, and the counselors need some sort of defense in rage mode.
  15. This sounds awesome. @Zaneygrrl has had her F13 league going for a while and I always wanted to play in an atmosphere like that. It would give a good reason to play seriously and form strategies together.
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