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  1. TheHansonGoons

    We're Still Here

    You mean this one? First off, how much do clothes cost in the Matrix? Did he buy that outfit off the weird dude in Grandma's Boy? Looks like he is attending a funeral for Leon: The Professional. Next, did he basically repeat information that has already been all over the forums? So they allow this douche to continue to cheat and exploit so they can get information on combat mechanics and what not. At the same time he is calling them criminals. Not only that, but he clearly has some sort of jealousy issue with @Rydog. Sorry they didnt allow you on the team @Pappus, but its pretty clear why they wouldn't. On top of all this he has exaggerated a lot of information. If he would stick with the Savini Jason cards being stolen and sold online and some of the other practices he would have decent points. Instead he talks like updates have broken the game more each time(there were a few updates in thr beginning that got rid of things like fuses falling in ground, roof glitching and swimming behind rocks. Not to mention later patches benefiting Pinata Jason and Crazy Ralph's Doomsday Emporium) which is an unfsir argument. Although with the recent engine update and following hotfix it is hard to argue the other way. He brings up delays as if the devs only want to fuck the playerbase. Why would they do that and fuck themselves out off future money from more game sales as well as dlc money? Overall this dude comes off as petty and arrogant; exactly what you expect out of him.
  2. TheHansonGoons

    Moshoholics Anonymous

    Oh buddy... i...i am sorry. I had no idea you didn't know. If possible, get out to one of the shows. They shredded, even without Hanneman(RIP).
  3. TheHansonGoons

    Moshoholics Anonymous

    I saw Chimaira at Blackest of the Black at House of Blues in Cleveland. Danzig headlined and Doyle from the Misfits joined him on stage. They ripped through some classic songs. It was the first time they had been on stage together in 20 years. Maybe best pit I have been in. This past weekend went to the Slayer farewell show. Testament, Behemoth, Anthrax, Lamb of God, then Slayer. Amazing show. Decent pit. I am not really into thr Mushroomhead, Slipknot, Korn type of shit. I prefer thrash(being my favorite), doom(second favorite), death, grindcore, powerviolence. I am picky about but will listen to some black, epic and glam metal bands. Most are too cheesy.
  4. TheHansonGoons

    The End

    My frustrated side reacted like this: it sucks your last suspension came all because you made a thread about the subreddit being dead, then discovered it was the wrong subreddit. Hahaha some crazy confusion that could have been handled by a simple reply from a certain someone with a link to the flourishing reddit and a quirky rebuttle. Instead it was rewarded with a vacation. I think its disgusting to see how you were treated for your honesty. We lose the number 1 contributor and king of liked content. Think of where he could be had he not been vacationing so much. I remember when I first started, you and @RKSDooM were the two that impressed me right away. I started a thread about confusing timeline of the series, and you two had amazing insights that involved all the lore. You two taught me a ton about this franchise. I think you contributed some amazing ideas for game modes, counselors, stat ideas based off movies, etc. This community is going to have a hole in it without our snarky neighbor to the north. Feel free to hit me up any time. Hopefully you can join us some Thursday night. Side note: welcome back @Brigadius
  5. TheHansonGoons

    Dear Devs, Never Say Never

    @Bropollocreed79 I hope most people understand the Beowolf reference. One of the best works of art in history
  6. I definitely agree on wanting a more complete experience to the film series. Myself and most of the community have felt that way. We want more game modes and such. I think SP challenges was a great step to capturing some of those movie moments. However, adding more content that doesnt function properly isnt going to please a lot of this community.
  7. @Ralph_E_Fresh your original post has some great points. When speaking about long term replayability, I think you are right. However when you are talking about overall playerbase remaining from launch, I think you are wrong. I think of how many of the launch players they lost due to all of the bugs and issues. A lot of players gave up on it back then. Over time players grew frustrated and tired of mechanics being broken and new bugs introduced. With new games coming out, they will always migrate towards a new one. Simply the cycle of gaming. However, people would still come back if they felt it actually played properly, ie, having perfect control throughout a whole match, as well as being able to finish a match. When you cant do those, its pointless to keep playing unless you are a huge fan of the franchise or devs. Another problem is this many bugs and not being able to fix major ones will affect people purchasing their products in the future as well, not just this title. Dont get me wrong, I always want nee content. Its what keeps it fresh to me. However I am also one of the hundreds of people that will always play this game as long as the servers are up. My point is, I think they lost a lot of players to the bugs over the course of a year. That and the killer choice is why people choose DBD even though its gameplay and objectives are lackluser when compared to F13. But I think you are accurate with new content keeping players interested. I think this is the perfect opportunity for the companies to work on polishing it. They dont have to deal with people complaining about wanting new content as we all know why. They can buckle down snd focus on new engine and bugs. Really test it out and release quality patches.
  8. He is improved a lot. He still isnt in my top 3, but he is much more of a lethal force. That -shift before was the worst. The longer shift becoming available more is such an improvement. Before he was too easy to outrun. First time i used him post patch I nearly had a wipe except one with a great group of players.
  9. Hahaha i like that. May ask if they know where John Connors is when knocking the door down. I would love to see a party of all Arnold Lachappas, or Eric Schwarzeneggers. Make sure flexing emotes and pointing emotes are equipped.
  10. I also am a big fan of butchering "get to da choppa" with the escape objective that is available, ie "get to da coppas!" When police arrive or "get to da 4 seat"
  11. TheHansonGoons

    Cop exit predictability

    I have also heard theories like they come to the side with the most people on it, or least people on it. Everyone seems to have a theory but its RNG. Last night we had the cops come to the exit closest to main house on Pinehurst(which was the phone house). There was also a game that the phone house was across Palmer's Pass on Packanack and the cops came to the southwest below Hodder's Path, so opposite side.
  12. TheHansonGoons

    Dear Devs, Never Say Never

    @pilospc quit yelling. That wall of text hurts. And a lawsuit is a perfect reason to hold off on things. The devs want to keep releasing content. That is why there is already content on it that was waiting for updates to come out, ie Uber Jason.
  13. There is a guy that plays the new NHL game every year and his gt is ArnoldsFunHouse. His voice sounds nearly dead on to Ahnold. He is probably the most fun teammate I have ever played with in any game. Running up to a house as Lachappa and saying "come with me if you want to live" is classic.
  14. Your solution is great for PC, not really feasible for consoles, where the dedicated servers are needed. Not to mention costs of maintaining servers by player fanbase is probably not ideally sustainable. Xbox used to offer free dedicated servers for companies. I dont know if they still do. I dont think dedicated servers will ever come out. If they actually have a third party working on delivering dedicated servers for this long and never got them, either they went to the lowest bidder that is also in over their heads, or they are getting screwed. Its been a year of talk about them, and at least half that time they said they have an outside company working on them. If they actually have been working on them then deliver them. The console fanbase has put up with a year of bullshit and feels they have colon cancer from a year's worth of smoke being blown up our asses. From a more logical standpoint, at this point its frivolous because who knows what will happen to the life of the game in a month or two, period. I personally still want them so if I feel like playing in QP and I am wiping the lobby, people arent ruining my achievement progress. Only way I would say otherwise is if they directly came out and asked the community "with P2P we can run another x amount of months. With dedicated servers we can run <x amount of months".