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  1. TheHansonGoons

    Community Events

    First, I love your picture. I would love new kills, but I didnt suggest that as they cannot make new content. That is why the in-game rewards would walk such a fine line. Most common rewards would be(unless someone else can come up with doable in-game rewards) Better chances of rare perks Double XP Increased tape drops However, to a lot of us that have been playing it since launch dont need or care about any of those three. It definitely helps the newer players though. It would be cool though if they set up a goal (X amount of Jason Kills) and everyone that played in the timespan got some reward. An equipable Jason mask costume or something like that. Something to identify the player had participated. Obviously that one is out of the question though. I guess... a lot of people like Funko Pop! And NECA figures. T-shirts make a lot of sense because the winner is excited for a shirt, but its also a walking advertisement. Mutual reward there. Another thing they could do is make a poster out of unique fan art. The fan gets their art appreciated at the utmost level(so their bond with thr company grows) and the player wins something unique(which they then tell friends about).
  2. TheHansonGoons

    Community Events

    My thoughts exactly on the giveaway. There is a ton of merch I would love to win. Most of all would be the Ghoulish Gary Pullin poster signed by everyone possible(doubt its making its way to Kane Hodder, Tom Savini, or Harry Manfredini). Or even a Slasher Edition would be cool. But if goals are low, give away dlc packs as you said. Its something to strive for and get people excited.
  3. TheHansonGoons

    Alternative Horror Forum ...

    Or join Shudder's Discord and discuss films or other horror ventures: https://discord.gg/7K9dqc
  4. TheHansonGoons

    Community Events

    One idea I had was a community giveaway. Gun. always seems to get cool swag. I think it would be nice if we completed some events, maybe do a giveaway. Problem is only one person wins there. Its hard to think of in game rewards for everyone.
  5. @Risinggrave I get its boring and redundant, but you also have to keep in mind that often times there isn't room to do any other kills. Or that they have to watch other objectives. Can't fault a player for not wasting time to satisfy their victim with a long death if there are other solid players in a lobby. The other day I killed 5 people with a head punch. Couldn't get room to do a better kill. It happens from time to time.
  6. They were coming soon over a year ago. I was so excited for that. Trying to achieve certain number of Jason kills, or boat escapes, specific kills or whatever it may have been as a community. We obviously still dont have those. Kudos on the great idea though, honestly. Say they did somehow come to fruition, what would be some rewards you would want to see now since we wont ever get new content? I personally could care less about bonus CP or tape drops. Have all tapes, badges and 500kCP that will never get rolled.
  7. I am so glad you retracted that statement. As for the topic, I understand the desire to watch better kills but its the player's discretion which kill they choose. I don't feel like longer kills need to be rewarded with bonus XP. You are already rewarded with a much more satisfying kill. Besides, once you are a higher level you will quickly discover how worthless the CP is. They need to revamp the progression system to make it more meaningful. Otherwise people will have 500k CP sitting there. Who wants to spend hours or days of rolling perks to get 1 or 2 useful ones? The system never should have been built around RNG. Slot machine perks were a fault from the beginning and will not keep players interested.
  8. TheHansonGoons


    You mean someone slashes in a slasher game? Well I never...! Certain people I play with I slash. Slashing is fun sometimes. Love when people grief. That is how I know they had a pocket knife I can't believe some people still need to discuss the people waiting at the police exit. Is there really nothing new?? Thanks for reminding of us stuff we knew over a year ago.
  9. TheHansonGoons

    Surprisingly Funky

    It was known as the "Disco theme". Waxwork records did a release of it but its been sold out for almost 2 years. Sucks because I have 2, 4 and 5 from them. Would love to get my hands on part 3.
  10. TheHansonGoons

    A Very Joe Bob Briggs Xmas

    This Friday - December 21st on Shudder Joe Bob Briggs will host a 4 movie marathon on Shudder. He has given the clue that all 4 films are from the same series. Speculation shows it will be Phantasm 1, 3, 4, 5 as it is the only series on Shudder with 4 entries. If anyone wants to view with other horror fans, join the Shudder Discord: https://discord.gg/7K9dqc
  11. TheHansonGoons

    Anyone here familiar with Fright Rags?

    I agree. My Last Drive-In Joe Bob Briggs t ripped the second time I wore it. Got a TCM shirt from them and the ink looked cracked all over. I like a lot of their designs, but their artwork is starting to look very redundant. Reminds me of the old No Limit records albums and how each release was the same basic artwork.
  12. TheHansonGoons

    Alternative Horror Forum ...

    For what?
  13. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/thehansongoons/video/65227838 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/thehansongoons/video/65052789 Two separate occasions. Have had this happen to me 3 times now. Definite car issues. I am seeing "car destroyed" often.
  14. I have also played since launch, and am sitting at 1010 hours. Still dont have 500 matches as Jason.
  15. No it isnt. You may have to search the forums for way back, but there is a list of all the kills required. People often miss second story window kills, closet in Higgins Haven, and graveyard in Higgins Haven. There are some map specific environmental kills. The achievement was pre-small maps though so its all the original big 3 maps. That means Roy and Part 4s dont count towards it. Each other Jason needs a combat stance or slash kill I do believe though. The screwdriver, knife stab and boiling face environmentals all came after and dont count towards it either