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  1. Looks like it might be slightly better than Verotica. Thanks for sharing
  2. Amen. Going to miss these stomping grounds and the neighborhood riff raff. Lots of great memories from this community.
  3. I play on XB1. In the morning yesterday, it took me on average 4 minutes 30 seconds to find a lobby. It was over an hour before I got an entire game in. First lobbies were only 4 people also. I wonder if its the update, or coincidentally summer is winding down, people are heading back to school/jobs. Haven't experienced any issues outside of those hours.
  4. @Jason Todd Voorhees Is that what happened? Where is it said that? Watching Crystal Lake Memories, it doesnt seem like that is the case. In june 13th 1979, a boy jumps out of the lake and pulls Alice in. 1984, a grown man kills her in her apartment. He washed ashore and grew up in 5 years? He drowned in 1957, why was he a boy when he grabbed her in 79?
  5. Here are some videos. I have found the tips to be slightly inaccurate. It looks like the first one may not have worked due to being to the side: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/thehansongoons/video/76835943 The second is a continuation, but notice I wasn't perfectly squared up. I was actually trying to get the window kill. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/thehansongoons/video/76835963 Here I was trying to get enough space to do a different kill. By the time I hit environmental kill button, I was already to the right of it and not directly lined up. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/thehansongoons/video/76836024 If anyone has any they know of working or not working, please show me. Maybe we can find more similarities.
  6. Sorry, shouldn't say "glitches out". You are correct in stun% chance is still affected. However, I saw Tommy with an axe three matches in a row not drop Jason to his knees. That is why I say it seems off. I still see plenty of kills, but feel the ratio is off. After all, what is Tommy's stun % chance with an axe? Really high considering its 10/10 on everything; the axe being the main wild card(though it still has decent stun chance). You didnt sound stupid at all and I appreciate the insights!
  7. Wow, just saw this old thread and realized how relevant it is still. @Super Ty and @Risinggrave will know exactly what I mean. Several times in the past couple months we set up the kill perfectly. Had Tommy hit Jason on the head from behind with the axe but Jason doesn't fall to his knees. Seems to be happening more often since last patch.
  8. Same here. I can still get fireplace kills as well. I got a campfire kill earlier and one outdoor backbreak. @TimDuke 01 that is an interesting theory and I will add it to my test list. Earlier my campfire kill I walked forward towards it and it was fine. My backbreak outside the cabin on Jarvis was accidental as I was trying to throw them through a window. @HaHaTrumpWon that is a good question honestly. I haven't played bots or challenges in a while so very curious why. I wonder if there was a collision update that is affecting it.
  9. I am trying to compile a list of environmental kills that are bugged. I would like to test and get video footage to send off to the team in hopes it helps. If you can provide additional examples it would be great. If you can provide video evidence proving or disproving my findings it would be helpful. Thanks counselors. So far I have found: 1. None of the knife stabbings in any cabins work 2. On Higgins Haven Large - nothing in the graveyard works. This includes tombstones and fences. 3. I haven't been able to get any of the hooks to work indoors 4. No head smashes indoors 5. The radio head smash Still to test: 1. Boiling pots 2. Door head smashes 3. cabin face punches/backbreaks
  10. The reason for the new maps was to make it more hectic. Jason is never too far off. They wanted to make the game a bit faster paced. I think they succeed at that. I remember first playing them and seeing all the pings around me going wild.
  11. First and foremost: Jason X. Second: new maps - 1 for each remaining Jason. I dont want just recycled cabins either. Grendel and Lazarus would be a fresh feel and provide new challenges, as well as that feeling of dread trying to figure out new layouts. I would like if Evergreen had a bit of town in it, namely the sheriff's office. Even a generic town map instead of recycled assets would be fun. Third: a kill pack for each Jason. Especially Savini and Part 3 as I am tired of the basic ones there. Fourth: new weapon options. There are plenty of variants on axes, how about getting some new weapons. New counselors would be cool if taken from movies. There is already enough mixture of stats that I am not too concerned with a new counselor, but would like to play ones from the actual movies.
  12. Why would there be a 4 seater car if only 1 person is supposed to die? Is it always supposed to be a female character as well? I think we need to get past the slasher movie tropes. Teamwork has always been the deciding factor of how many people survive. I would also like to comment that some people think it is too hard to survive post rage, and others complain its still too easy. It sounds like it is fairly well-balanced IMO
  13. @mattshotcha Not trying to be that guy in any sort of way, but can we get clarification on expected results. We have seen "fixes" or "fixed" to interaction locks in the past, as well as "spots Jason can't reach". Now fixes sounds like unresolved, but improved. What result should we expect? Is it only certain interaction locks? For instance, the interaction button lock does not appear when setting a trap, but it can still be stuck for the car ignition. Or interacting with a door but walking away can still lead to camera locks? Either way, I am going to continue to love this game. However this type of clarification will help with type of reports myself and other players send. @makred78 excellent points. Same goes for interaction locks. That should have been patched out over a year ago but they have been worse than ever. Yet we are only seeing "fixes" not resolved. Car issues will still be present. Random counselor picks.
  14. Again, how do you address that? They try to create work arounds but only way is to eliminate party or various game chats to be excluded. Even then a player can still fix the car and run people over to help Jason. I realize creating LfGs for private matches is a thing of the past for this game unless you have a club or group, but do you see how many players just swing endlessly at each other as is? No thanks bud.
  15. Lol I haven't personally but one of my best friends did in 5th grade. We used to prank the person that fell asleep first with it.
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