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  1. Jason getting a 10/8?

    Ask @GhostWolfViking about this one. He is good at getting the double kill.
  2. Hatchet and Friday the 13th Crossover?

    I would watch any full-length face off movie. I watch the occasional fan-made one. Did you know there was supposed to be a second fvJ? Pinhead was going to be in it. As for your topic, I would watch that carnage.
  3. Horror Movie Podcasts

    Honestly, I am with you here. Other than Slash n Cast, I don't listen to any podcasts. Too many people trying to be "the funny one" and yelling over each other like a bunch of amateur college kids. Although even with Slash n Cast, I typically only listen to what they say about games, not movies. Try Shock Waves. I don't know if 1428 Elm, Bloody disgusting, Rue morgue, or Talk Horror do any; but I enjoy those sites for news and info.
  4. More importantly, derailed threads with great discussion points get shut down because of arguijlng between users, but users go unpunished and the conversation about the topic dies there? I think a solid reason should be included other than "this isn't productive". Airing out issues is productive. Maybe take the time to PM the offenders and not punish the OP by closing their discussion.
  5. Jason Merchandise News Thread

    I am at work so can't provide the link, but they put out a couple awesome Jason POP figures. It's at Game stop.
  6. What race are you?

  7. I just made this

    Interestingly enough, I just got ran over by a car while I had the sweater by a troll. I thought he was an asshole but you guys take the cake on being pieces of shit. Go fuck yourselves.
  8. My cheek has been ripped

    I was going to ask the same thing.. follow up question was for pics if it were the latter. Seriously though, time to learn how to sew or have someone stitch you up.
  9. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Remember back when the forums elected @bewareofbears forum moderator?! My, how things would have been different. Sigh...
  10. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Holy crap! I didn't realize! Who will be my lucky number 666?! Oh yeah, we will never know thanks to this "awesome" new like system that clearly combats cliques. Bravo.
  11. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Let me guess: door was left wide fucking open while they still used a window? Seen a lot of these special ones lately.
  12. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Except the objective items.. only the drawer items.
  13. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Please don't encourage them...
  14. Unmasked Jason

    @MichaelMyers Here are a few of my thoughts and concerns: I had 3 legit Jason kills with random people and little communication in about 8 hours of playing time this weekend. Would have had more if the sweater didn't still glitch and the bat(which should have 100% stun) would always knock him to his knees(had a few matches where he got hit while stunned and just stood there). Slash n Cast has how many legit Jason kills this year already? People are already not struggling with killing him. Why make it easier, especially for new players? I am glad you are such an amazing Jason and it's too easy for you. In QP, I usually wipe as well, maybe 1 or 2 escape if I was guarding another objective and they found the parts quicker than I can gain all of my abilities. Doesn't mean everyone is that good. A lot of new players from Christmas that got the game after hearing about all the awards it's getting. Good counselors are already Jason hunting, why make it easier. Side note, I have around a dozen Jason kills in his shack alone. So even though you get an alert to go there, it doesn't mean it's always easy to kill the counselor or they aren't grouped up and ready inside. If a Bugzy takes off your mask in 2-3 hits, then let's you kill him to come back as Tommy, you are ready to be killed in 5 minutes. Second concern, you never elaborated on my main question about the health bar. In a game with 4-5 shotguns, Vanessas, Bugzys, Foxes, and Adams traveling in packs and secured with pocket knives(yes I get everyone is a slasher now), his health bar would be absolutely no problem to deplete. So then what happens, dead then? Still need the sweater, Tommy and weapon set? Do the counselors get an indicator it's down? The mask serves a bigger purpose than cosmetics. I can't disagree the Jason's look awesome without their masks. I just can't picture a cool way to make it work in multiplayer unless you would like it as on option for private matches. Maybe even in your idea make Jason have a mask somewhere on the map he has to find if he wants the extra defense. Offline bots as people mentioned, it would be great as an option. They should implement more options to make that game mode more challenging as players all have different skill levels and the 3 degrees of difficulty right now aren't that hard.
  15. Latest Horror Movie You Watched?

    I went on Shudder yesterday morning and put on Slashics. Watched 3 flicks: Creep Malevolence Among the Living None of them were too bad, none too great either. I enjoyed Among the Living the most probably. Maybe it was because the directors and writers were the ones that made Inside(the French version from 2008) which is one of my favorite French films. It was a bit bizarre though. Creep was a fun flick. Malevolence felt like it wanted to cross Friday the 13th and TCM maybe a little too much and fell short.