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  1. Best announcement so far!

    I didnt see who posted this at first and definitely thought it was @Gummybish immediately. As for the big news..... Shrugs. Meh. Hope it doesnt kill the framerate and lag again. Maybe the dedicated servers can handle it better though. Would be cool to get back. @bewareofbears is that Land before time by Mike Judge?
  2. Friday on Thursdays Xbox group

    Indeed. I just didnt want to drop your GT on here for your own privacy.... even though its in another thread. Haha
  3. Still too many pocket knives

    I can almost always hop on for a couple hours around 10pm et on Thursday nights. Let me know or send an invite! Ill bring some beer or doobs. Nothing like drinking and weed to bring a masked serial killer out of the woods. @TiffanyxAJ, are you down or available? @ColdArmy13, @Dr B DDS, if you two are able to get in on this as well
  4. Still too many pocket knives

    Thursday nights I am often available for a while. Any specific time?
  5. Still too many pocket knives

    Hooks, and generators... Hooks... and generators. Ben Stein could narrate a game of DbD. I prefer to see real kills.
  6. Still too many pocket knives

    Perfect amount right now. Dont change the amount of PKs please. Not enough to get rid of all traps(unless they play a -traps Jason). Also, my opinion on using knives for traps - as with most of this game. Its all circumstantial. What may work in one situation and against a certain Jason, may not be great against others. I often like using the pocket knife to disarm, however, you also risk making a noise on the objective QTE. Therefore, sometimes it is better to just spring it. If using Lachappa or someone with great QTE skills, then use it. If you are a Fox and probably going to mess up anyway, tank it and keep the knife for the chase or guarding the phone box to give them enough time to call.
  7. Original 8 Paramount F13 movies on sale at Amazon

    Honestly, the 1-8 box set on blu-ray goes for $30. That would be $10 less than buying all digitally.
  8. Wish Corruption Thread

    Don't worry. When she leaves you with the dog, you will know she was the one. Maybe you can sniff her sweaters one last time before she leaves.
  9. Let's talk about "Zombies"

    @Slasher_Clone kudos on the Bela Lugosi classic. Some consider it the first "zombie" film. Great film IMO. I almost mentioned it earlier as well but kept it to the undead.
  10. Wish Corruption Thread

    Well, there was hard feelings... and deep regrets... deb, you cold-hearted hussy!!
  11. April Update Clarification

    Sorry if i came off attacking at all. Because I actually agree with you for the most part. It was more saying they chose their words correctly at the time. Basically telling us not to expect an update for at least a couple months. The second paragraph was making fun of Twitter idiots and the ones that thought their should uave been an update by now. As well as Gun for rarely meeting deadlines they set for themselves.
  12. Let's talk about "Zombies"

    Just realized I forgot to name Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 as some of my favorite zombie games. Nothing like teaming up with 3 friends and blasting hordes of undead. Probably most replay value of any zombie game to me. 7 Days to Die is also fun with the right group. Otherwise its too tedious and monotonous. @PurpleFloyd I go back and forth between Night and original Dawn as my favs. I think Romero touched on a lot of issues about societal roles for men and women, as well as racism in his Dawn. Its a solid timepiece. Some of the stuff you dislike are taken out in Dario Argento's European cut if you have seen that version at all. Argento cut out a decent amount of film, changed the score in some area to make it more action-packed and have less Americanisms, like racism. Not saying its the answer for you or anything though.
  13. Wish Corruption Thread

    But then you would have to send out thank you cards to Darrin Howard. I wish Crazy Ralph would be in the game.
  14. April Update Clarification

    I think the whole point of the words chosen was because setting a timeline on revamping a game engine and every asset is a major overhaul. Giving it only a couple months is a pretty tough deadline. Considering they aren't exactly known for meeting deadlines, maybe its better they kept it vague. Also, that tweet, clearly by someone with low reading comprehension, was from days ago, and anyone that read Shifty's statement back in February would know there was no way to expect it on the 13th. Most of us dont even expect it this month.
  15. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    If you are AJ, you can spawn in the phone house and jump in a hiding spot. Jason can walk through the house in front of her and she wont make a peep without playing the breathing game. As long as her fear levels are low, she doesnt make a sound in them.if Jason hits a power box she will make a noise. If Jason is prerage, its hard to find her. Pop in and out in between cabins while carrying objectives if your runners aren't helping. As for all characters, great for bad spawns in the beginning. Hop to the cabin next to main objectives right away and hide before he has sense or sees you. Rarely does he smash up every cabin nearby to find you.