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  1. TheHansonGoons

    October Event Celebration!

    Community challenges are rolling out?
  2. TheHansonGoons


    So you're saying there's a chance!!
  3. TheHansonGoons

    Who has a youtube channel?

  4. TheHansonGoons

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Watched Murder Party last night. Kind of a crappy film but it hooked me in out of curiosity. Ended up having a few fun parts. I enjoyed the guy in the Baseball Furies costume.
  5. TheHansonGoons

    Thought Y'all Fixed This

    Have definitely seen this on xbox. We had a lobby where everyone was changed almost. One guy went from Adam to a random, one girl was Tiffany and switched to random and the same happened to me, which I was Fox and became random Kenny.
  6. A couple thoughts on this, it is interesting how it searches for a dedicated server. It taking that long sounds possibly like they have limited amount of servers, and a high amount of players on at that time so it had to wait for a game to end. I do agree that it should read searching for a lobby though, not a server. Again I am assuming that has to do with finding a server slot to host the game. I have heard of this "host quitting, kicked" error. I am real curious what regions it is happening in and how often. I do know there is still kind of a host that selects maps and such, but do not believe the match ends when they quit. At least I haven't experienced it. What usually happens is after the match, you go back to main menu, search again, and end up in a lobby with the same people. After all, I dont think they spent a ton of money on an engine upgrade just to change the wording of search parameters.
  7. Actually, there kind of is. Notice the red arrow on one person's gamertag in the lobby. They can select the maps and such. If they leave, that is why it backs out after the game to switch hosts unless they quit during match. That is why when searching for a game, you get in a lobby with most of the same people.
  8. They spoke about EU servers being messed up on PS4 a while ago. Probably same situation. Report it to Gun.
  9. TheHansonGoons

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Not really unless you are a fan of World War 2. Its basically part documentary, part grotesque reenactment. It goes between an interview with one of the "doctors" at the actual place, Japanese Task Unit 731. He discusses his orders, where he came from, what they did, etc. From that standpoint, its interesting. They try to reenact it in accounts from a Nurse and a soldier that are conflicted and dislike what they see and have to do. However then they recapture some of what they did. Its honestly based off the same material as Men Behind the Sun, just not as bad as that film and has an actual interview going on. They show some actual stock photos and real evidence as well as practical effects of what happened to people exposed to radiation, goes into depth about soldiers raping women(I forget what they called the subjects) and impregnating them so the doctors can work on C sections. The scene that got me was a soldier playing a 45 record. Next to it is a lady in a chair. Its a close up of a mouth and he pulls out each tooth, one by one, to see how much pain a human can tolerate before passing out. I bought the 2 disc collectors DVD years ago, and dont think I have ever finished it. I am not saying its a bad film by any means, just one of those that sits with you. And to note this, the rape in this movie wasnt like in Men Behind the Sun, where its brutally put in front of you. Its more mentioned and away from camera if memory serves me correctly. Bought it back in '07 or '08 and haven't watched it since, so my memory may be foggy there
  10. TheHansonGoons

    Repair Box Bug/Glitch

    It could be the tree next to it. On Higgins small there are annoying trees next to the phone boxes at the house and the barn that can cause problems. I have noticed issues with trying to reset the QTE since the last patch. Like it taking a few seconds to restart and not registering correctly. It could have been server or latency issues though. I have only played for about 6 hours (all today) since patch. Other than that I think we would need video evidence of what you are referring to
  11. TheHansonGoons

    Status screen

    My friend earlier reasoned it as giving Jason that little buff, but I feel your latter reason of preventing bugs is probably the best scenario of why they would change it. Though the interaction bug was even more prevalent in the few hours I played today than before. Especially nearly everytime I started and drove a car. the action button icon wouldnt leave. Either way, I still hate it and wish it could be reverted.
  12. TheHansonGoons

    Bear traps problem (!)

    Those counselors that are big enough aholes to do something like that are the buff Jason needs against skilled counselors. Joking aside, I know what you mean there, but its a negligible amount of people. Unfortunately not worth revamping it, as annoying as it is.
  13. I definitely have to agree on bringing back the old load screens. Watching fires in the fireplace is nice on Christmas, not between every game.
  14. TheHansonGoons

    Bear traps problem (!)

    Sorry, post sent twice.
  15. TheHansonGoons

    Bear traps problem (!)

    💯 First time I have used that emoticon, and its dead on. Don't think I have ever gotten upset at Gun. for me doing something stupid in game. Learn to watch where you are walking and not have dumbass counselors set it where it spawns or in dumbass places.