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  1. stang69_427

    Who wants to kill Jason?

    I will join you for that. I haven't heard you on a mic in the few rounds I've been in your lobby but if you have one it would definitely help the process.
  2. I will be on PS4 after 9pm est. Psn stang69_427
  3. I played on ps4 for about 10 minutes as Jason. Everything was going great until I got to the last counselor. Then the old kicked because host left got me. So I shut it down. Dedicated servers can't come soon enough
  4. stang69_427

    PS4 downloading!

    Look up spring break,its in the store
  5. I would appreciate being added on PS4. I love the game but I haven't played very much in the last few weeks because I'm burned out from all the negatives involved with quick play. PSN stang69_427
  6. For small items in your inventory push down on the d pad. For large items or weapons hold down on the d pad.
  7. stang69_427

    Favorite kill?

    Jason part 2's pickaxe to the face. It makes me cringe so much, I love it.
  8. stang69_427

    This Glitch needs fixing NOW

    Add me too if you wouldn't mind. Seems like every match I get into the host selects Packanack. It's starting to get really annoying. Psn is stang69_427
  9. stang69_427

    Are servers down again???

    Try again I just got on
  10. stang69_427

    Hey everyone

    I'm a huge fan of the Friday the 13th series and am enjoying the game so far. I would enjoy it more if I had people to play it with regularly. In on ps4. Psn is stang69_427 if anyone would like to add me
  11. stang69_427

    PS4 Private Match LFG

    Hey everyone, just bought the game and would like to find people to group up with. I have a Mic. Psn stang69_427