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  1. It looks dead on PC but the game on PS4 isn't dead quite yet. I still don't have any troubles finding full lobbies on a consistent basis. Do I think that PS4 could look like this 6 months from now with no new content? Absolutely. Actually, probably.
  2. MJDrocks

    Still Undefeated

    I've officially played 501 matches as Jason and I was killed legit for the first time a month or so ago. Just had to tip my hat!
  3. Honestly, yes. Despite it's many, many faults. The game is extremely fun at it's core. I don't exactly see anybody else knocking the door down to make a video game starring another horror icon either (DBD has them but it's not the same). I would deal with all of the other crap to get a stand alone Halloween or TNOES game.
  4. I would only support them if they made another video game featuring an horror icon such as Michael Myers or Freddy. Otherwise, no. Too many empty promises and the lack of communication was less than desirable.
  5. MJDrocks

    Is the Game over now?

    It's not a "good thing" it's actually the death of the game. I know some people think it will bring their full attention to fixing the game play but what will when it matter when the fan base dies off considerably.
  6. MJDrocks

    Decaying playerbase

    The update figures to have brought a few people back. I made prob ~100 friends from this game and during those lean months of Feb-April I'd have maybe 2-5 ppl on F13 at a time (this compared to 30-40 people during the peak. After this most recent update I'm seeing about 10-20 people playing F13 at any giving time. We'll see if it holds. Edit: I'm on PS4.
  7. Probably have put ~100 hours into the game and I still haven't got the 500 matches as Jason in. You must've put over 200 hours into the game. Wish I had that patience.
  8. In quick play, anything less than 8/8 is a loss. In a private with mostly 150's, I still obviously want to get 8/8 but if I let 1 or 2 escape I still consider it a solid game.
  9. Hopefully the game is able to recognize when there is a connection drops or there is a blue-screen. When hosting, more times than not, I eventually get a blue screen if I'm playing for a while. It happens so frequently it's not even funny. Would hate to get salt for something I can't control.
  10. Jarvis is probably my least favorite of the big maps but I still like it. I don't agree that the phones should be at one of the two main houses every time because that would get too predictable. I would, however, like to see it spawn on one of main houses sometimes. It would mix things up better.
  11. MJDrocks

    About the graphics...

    On my '55 4K TV, I can really notice the improved graphics. The way the water ripples, the lighting, attention to detail on the backdrops. Maybe you guys are playing on crappy TV's.
  12. Part 4. His crippling weaknesses severely outweigh his solid advantages. Now, I don't play small maps so if you're a player that mains the small maps, I could see Part 4 being much more serviceable but for a player that mains the big maps he's just not good.
  13. Cool, great. I'm not the one complaining on the internet, attacking the devs, and throwing a fit about it. Not saying you personally are, I don't know you. I'm just saying that a lot of the people that are critical about the update are really embarrassing themselves.
  14. All you people do is complain. How would you occupy your time if you didn't complain on the internet all day? I think the patch is solid. Graphics look much improved, single-player challenges are very fun. Are there still glitches? Sure. If you expected the game to be rid of all glitches after this update then you set yourself up for failure.
  15. Got one after spending 5000 XP. You may just be very unlucky, OP.