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  1. You still have access to all the DLC except Savini so make sure to grab that all for now!
  2. I have Savini but I definitely think they should open him up to everybody at a $9.99 price range. Why not generate more excitement and get a decent chunk of extra change if you're GUN? Edit: OR maybe even make it so once a player reaches level 150 they're directed to the PS Store where they can then purchase Savini Jason. Reward them for playing a lot even though they may have not been a day 1 player.
  3. I've had this happen occasionally where you can't interact with doors, windows, pick up items or basically anything. I think you'll break out if you have a pocket knife and Jason grabs you but otherwise you're screwed. This is not common for me, though.
  4. Really enjoying this new update. My group and I have got back in the game for the first time in a year and a half and are finding our enjoyment for this game again. The settings also allow 4-5 man lobbies to have more freedom to create a fair lobby where that wasn't possible before. My PSN is my name on here if you want to add me and join us!
  5. It's def worth the money you're paying for it. This game is capable of SO MUCH fun but the game is not in a good shape right now. It needs to be patched horribly. Hopefully you don't get turned off by the glitches until they can patch it. Which we've been waiting on for a long time.
  6. My crew all moved over to DBD for good. Just can't rely on GUN to get this game fixed. I'll always cherish how much fun I've had with this game but I just can't rely on this game for fun anymore.
  7. What does it matter? When it drops they will mess up something else (never fails, ever) and then we'll wait 5+ more months to get a fix on an issue that the patch that hasn't even dropped caused.
  8. My friends and I went to DBD as our main game, for now. This game is in the worst shape it's been in a long time. Loading in with characters you didn't pick, Jason destroys car with throwing knive glitch, rubber band glitch, can't kill anyone as Jason glitch. And then when they finally decide to "fix" these issues they will cause new issues like they always do. I may never return full time.
  9. I had someone use the rubber band glitch to get on Pinehurst last night. Me and my friend had A LOT of glitched kills last night too. Also, there was a game where one car got glitched and destroyed upon starting it up and another where they were driving in the middle of the road and glitched out of bounds and were able to access that out of bounds cabin in the distance of Higgins. The game is an absolute mess right now.
  10. Ahh they have to do a massive patch where they fix all these glitched spots. It's ridiculous to waste one of the few times you get Jason on a round where ppl cheat.
  11. It's fair. It's more about a broader subject about these kind of kill groups, though. If you get a group of 4 people together with the sole purpose of killing Jason, 9 times out of 10, no matter how much skill Jason has, they're getting killed. Way too easy to get the mask off and once it's off it's game over. You have no more defenses.
  12. True but legally that was the smart thing to say. Why even take the chance of saying 'yeah, we're waiting for the lawsuit to finish and then we'll start new content?' You potentially open yourself up to legal action. So while I suspect that we won't get any future content, I sure hope we do!
  13. If nothing else, I hope they complete the Jason X stuff and release it after the lawsuit. If that's all we ever get I'd be very happy.
  14. This has to be done online. Playing offline bots does not count towards this trophy.
  15. I've started playing regularly again on PS4 and I almost always get completely new lobbies with ppl I've never seen before. Most ppl aren't very good but not many trolls. I haven't been experiencing this at all.
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