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  1. Thanks Adam. If anybody wants to add me on PSN just make sure to note that you're from the forums as I don't add everybody. I will def add you if you're from here, though.
  2. My first time of Jason was during launch when it was taking 15 mins to get in to a game. So I eventually get into a lobby with only one other person. The match starts and I am Jason! I didn't know how to use any abilities and I literally ran around the entire map. Luckily, the only other counselor was swimming around randomly (bot style) and I just swam and killed them. Hey, I killed everybody my first game as Jason lol.
  3. I was driving the 4-seater and the cops had already been called... So as I'm going to leave, I notice that a group of 4-5 are all dancing at the police exit instead of leaving (Jason was a newbie). I mowed them all down like they were bowling pens. Why? Because I could.
  4. You always play a good Vanessa, Adam. Other people should take notes.
  5. Why the hatred for slashers?

    I"m not talking about you specifically. I'm talking about the quick play lobbies where at least 2-3 people use Vanessa and just speed loot the entire map looking for pocket knives.
  6. Why the hatred for slashers?

    So you, as Vanessa can poke Jason in the neck a couple of times and teabag him? I'm all for slashing. When you're Jason there is always so much going on, if I can finish someone off in 5 seconds by slashing, I'm doing it.
  7. I like the Jarvis House Map the way it is. I think of Jarvis and Pinehurst as "hard mode" for counselors.
  8. One time some asshole had the audacity to mow me down in the car - I WAS HOST! I closed the lobby immediately.
  9. Wow, if this turns out to be somebody at Gun - the backers got a big middle finger.
  10. Too hard to escape?

    You can't win. Some people complained that there was too many pocket knives (they were right), some people complain that there is now a shortage. You people will literally complain about anything so they can't win.
  11. Make Roy Green Again

  12. Make Roy Green Again

    Do you ever use punctuation? I've seen at least 20 of your posts and I don't believe you've used any sort of punctuation at any point. Sorry, just bothers me.
  13. Haha thats crazy. Did we ever get word if the slow down was a glitch or intended?
  14. Thanks Maddogg, I appreciate the kind words. The only way I'm driving from now on is if I have everyone that wants in the car already there because if I have to ride around and find people - death sentence lol.