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  1. Thanks all for the warm welcome. I ran a stream last night that was a load of fun so it looks like i'll be doing more of them possible on a nightly basis. I'm a part of various discords and communities that had a few people come out and join in. If anyone is interested like I said hit up and my stream and follow to get notified and i'll just keep pulling in anyone who wants to play. I think it will be a fun way to watch people from this community duke it out and make friends. I can post a link to it here if given the appropriate permission but I also want to make it clear i'm here to be a part of the F13 community first.
  2. Hey everyone, big time Friday fan and avid gamer here. I've been loving this game since it was released (despite only playing Jason once so far). I'm a 30yr old who grew up with the movies so to have this game in 2017 is just awesome. I'm just getting into streaming so f13 will be for sure becoming a staple on the stream too. You'll find me here if you're interested in watching. I'm also looking for people to add to my friends list and play with on a regular basis as most people I currently know either don't own it or don't have the right level of appreciation for it. If anyone is interested either hit me up on my twitch or send me a message via PSN. I'm online quite often in the EST zone.
  3. i'm going to be running private matches fairly often in the coming weeks which i'll also be streaming for everyone's entertainment. If you are interested in participating in matches where the host doesn't rage quit when they aren't Jason, this is the place. In all the games i've played i've actually only got him once thus far and i've found life still goes on. Hit me up on twitch (follow button optional but always appreciated) and message me in the chat. I'll just keep pulling in whoever wants to join every few matches. I'll try and post a schedule on there as well to help people plan for when i'm online. The goal here is just to have fun and meet some folks to have on my stream for F13 fairly often. Oh and screamers are preferred but all are welcome link is below. look forward to seeing you guys Twitch - TheDonomi
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