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  1. I think it is but some people have defended Jason being able to combat stance through traps so I am not so sure anymore. I wouldn't get used to it as I don't think it is intended. I'll test this out and see what happens.
  2. After some testing I found out that Jason can block things without having to look at the player. Here's the video. Do you guys think this is intentional or no way?
  3. Hello my name is Vuze and I have been alcohol free for 6 years now. Whenever I get the urge to drink I just think about how my wife Pamela left me for it so that kills the urge right there. It makes me feel good knowing that there were others out there who struggled with the devils nectar. I come to these meetings once a week and I like to show off my AA coin to anyone who talks to me. Anyway, I hope we can all get through the struggle together and make this a productive meeting each and every week.
  4. So as many of you are aware, Jason has a pretty big grab range. It's been sucha talked about issue on their sub-reddit that my friend and I decided to test it out a few weeks back. After doing the test, the results were concerning. After getting a hold of them on Facebook they told me I should post it here on the forums. So what does this forum think? Is this an okay range or should it be reduced?
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