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  1. Where is the sink kill? I've never seen that one?
  2. 18. Skinny tree/both arms ripped off 19. tomb stone 20. fence at cemetery
  3. XBox1 Bobby Cooks always have the mic on.
  4. I don't mind melee hits Not always working an Jason. To me that's part of the game. I mean driving a car into him does nothing. What's a baseball bad gonna do?
  5. Hey. My name is Robert. Everyone calls me Cookie. My XBL username is Bobby Cooks. I'm 39 years old I baught the game on launch day And have maybe completed 20 rounds. I'm terrible as Jason and have had way more fun in Quick Play over private play so far. It just seems that the players I've encountered in private matches are too serious for my liking. Just found this forum and found some great info already.
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