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  1. Jason buff

    "We believe Jason is now balanced ad have no further plans to adjust him" Paraphrasing of course but apparently they feel that he is "balanced" now even though the original intent was for him to be overpowered. He should never have been on anywhere near a level playing field with the counselors. If the game is a homage to the movies we all know the counselors had no chance in hell of escaping from him. And the rare chance you get to even be Jason in the game should make that a sweet little bonus and not incur a sense of dread. Of course this is all with the hope that you will even be able to finish a match without host quitting because they either die or didn't get their way. For what its worth; I feel the range could do with a slight buff but what really needs to be reconsidered is the area of the grab as in; the cone of the grab needs to be widened. The Stretch Armstrong length grab was a bit ridiculous bit now with his T-rex arms its laughable and with the extra pocket knives it makes those successful grabs even more of a crap shoot. Jason used to be fun to play but as he is now has severely reduced my time in the game.
  2. Finally reached 500 posts.

    Wow! Well done you are the best!
  3. Good idea; new kills for Jason to use...if he can catch any counselors with his Part VII weaknesses as well as the as far as I'm aware still hampered overall Jason capability. I guess they should be fun against the bots right?
  4. Net neutrality gone, online gaming hurt?

    And in other news; regulations go back to where they were 2 years ago. The sky isn't falling and in the long run I think a wait and see approach is best. I'm fairly certain the market will determine just how much if any things are changed. Plus personally Id be glad to pay more money for better packages. I get that no one wants to pay more than they have to for a given service but I really do not see the gloom/doom that people seem to be thinking will occur. Besides; if you truly are using more of a service don't you deserve to pay more than the person who isn't?
  5. Using your skill and better perks to play better? No Showboating? Of course. I absolutely cannot stand showboating or tea bagging or any of that ridiculous nonsense so you won't ever see me doing it because I find it to be bad sportsmanship and in poor taste.
  6. It's for balance reasons most likely I'm sure.
  7. No Jason "Bug?"

    I've found the best way to get picked to be Jason is to not want to be Jason.
  8. Any Jason who has trouble with objective control is immediately seriously impaired with the current status of Jason's ability to quickly dispatch counselors in the overall state he is in with regards to grabs. Cant enjoy those fancy new grab kills if you can't catch the counselors now can you?
  9. I enjoyed it in the beginning; even when it couldn't stay stable enough to play more than maybe 2 matches. I enjoyed it even more after they fixed that; then they went and did the most recent patch and I haven't played it much at all since then so...maybe something will change and I'll pick it back up.
  10. Not Friday related but...NOES instead

    Yeah that one song is absolutely awful. It kinda reminds me of the Simpsons album from back in the day bears
  11. http://bloody-disgusting.com/music/3470803/1987-album-freddys-greatest-hits-getting-vinyl-re-release/ Seems interesting they're re releasing it now
  12. Latest Purchases

    Xbox one X and a shiny new 55" Sony 4k HDR set...I'll just say its like an entirely new world has been opened up and I had a pretty decent 1080p set already
  13. Favorite Freddy One Liner

    "Told ya' comic books was BAD for ya" after he kills Mark. And as corny as it is; the Power Glove was hilarious
  14. Are Easter Eggs Canon?

    No things that people put in to be funny or just basically sign their name to a particular thing does not canon make
  15. Friday the 13th switch ?

    Technically they had a long and extensive history of censoring games on the NES well before the whole Mortal Kombat fiasco. That was just the one that stuck out the most because well...its Mortal Kombat. It would be like if they decided to release F13 Switch Edition and instead of a pig splitter Part IV Jason had a whiffle bat and tickled people to death.