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  1. It would be funny if the collector's edition came with Uber Jason and Savini Jason
  2. Clearly you have never been hit with a frying pan. Sadly they need to implement a loud "Clang" when Jason is hit by it.
  3. Imagine the whole month long fiasco getting the game to even moderately function on Xbox because of those same type of issues
  4. I didn't even know there was more than one so...I guess I don't think much of it
  5. Oh man that's hilarious and would feel a lot like trying to herd cats most likely
  6. I only ever dated 3 women seriously and one of them twice (that's the one I ended up marrying) I always found it more of a chore/waste of time just to "test the waters" like some folks seem to do. But whatever's clever I guess.
  7. In a way yes; I found it to be far too easy compared to the previous 3 though. Being completely void of a timer system somehow made the game far too easy.
  8. This. High level does not equal good player. Oh sure it could mean they are knowledgeable as they have been around long enough to grind to 150. It could also mean they play all the time, die and then just derp around as well. It's not like you have feats to accomplish to level up.
  9. If anything it might improve the chances of the game succeeding further. Think of it this way; if all of the trolls and salt miners get to play together shouldn't that either help them enjoy it more? likewise the regular players who will hopefully be in better sithations not dealing with as many trolls?
  10. Point taken; but still what's to say that tape isn't one I already had? It kind of makes the apparent rarity of them seem needless to me. But I play almost entirely in QP where cooperation let alone getting allies a rarity so I may be slightly jaded on that front.
  11. Yes Everything I've seen about it makes me think more of Left 4 Dead than either of those other two as well but given the source material comparisons are inevitable
  12. I like your idea personally, waking world where they're effectively immune to Freddy buy with rapidly depleting stamina from trying to stay awake and vulnerable once they fall asleep. Maybe not always knowing which is which either. This would also somewhat leave Freddy with free reign of the dream world to prepare for his visitors. With the only real way to defeat him as pulling him out of the dream world into the real world for the big finish. I also like the idea of random objects being something he could possess. If any of you ever played the game Haunting Starring: Polterguy on the Sega Genesis back in the day; that would be a good representation of what you could expect at least in the way of object possession. You as Polterguy had a reserve of ectoplasm to use to possess certain objects inside the house which would cause them to spring to life to create fear in the occupants which would eventually make them run out of the house. Its certainly a workable concept in many ways but a NoES game cant and shouldn't play out like F13 as the two take extremely different approaches to killing victims
  13. After a long hiatus (mostly due to the grab issues and various Jason nerfs which were partially at least undone) I returned. I still stay in QP most of my time though. Player base seems to have...changed
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