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  1. You don't NEED to have a way to retaliate against friendly fire/TK now, because it doesn't exist! Every TK defender seems to use this argument, and I never understand the logic - it's like saying we shouldn't have laws against Crime A, because people will still commit Crime B. TK was a huge, huge trolling issue in the game, on a nearly everyday basis. Eliminating it will *drastically* cut back on the troll's easiest and most common method of trolling. This is a good thing. And they were able to do all of the behavior you describe above with or without TK in the game, so it's another strawman argument. Every other troll method you describe there's ways to get around - trolls can't grab all the keys, gas, batteries, propellers, fuses, etc., hope in the car, and run me over. If somebody hoards the keys, I'll fix the boat. If they hide the fuse, I'll get out in the car, etc. But if the game starts and another player immediately jumps in the same cabin I'm in and hacks me with the machete, I'm totally screwed and there's nothing I can do about it. TK allowed for easy and rampant trolling, and brought very few positives. It's gone, and that's a good thing.
  2. It's funny how after the patch came out, we're seeing people with less than 5 posts suddenly showing up to defend TK. The vast majority of these trolls weren't using TK to attack Jason teamers, or to prevent people from hoarding objectives, they were using it to troll other players. That *literally* describes 99.9% of the TKs I've seen since the game came out. If people were just playing to tick off other players with TK, then it's finally time to either learn how to play the game as intended, or find another game, because TK is (thankfully) a thing of the past.
  3. It helps, but I don't think it's a "huge" buff, since any decent Jason getting ganged up on is going to be hacking away, and inflicting his own weapon damage against whoever's in front of him. If there's multiple counselors around Jason, and the only way they're getting seriously damaged is from their own friendly fire, than they're facing a novice Jason. Hacking & shifting should be enough for any experienced Jason to at least do major damage, if not completely disperse everybody, during a gang attack.
  4. Nah, it's better just having TK gone entirely. Makes the game much, much more enjoyable. The only people who will miss TK will be the trolls who were using it.
  5. So eliminating the trolls most frequent and easiest method of trolling...is causing more trolling? Color me a little skeptical on that-I just played post-patch, and it's SOOOOOOOO refreshing to finally be rid of TK. And unless a troll finds a way to run off with both keys, both gas, both batteries, propeller AND the phone fuse, I think I'll be just fine finding ways to escape. Good riddance TK - it won't be missed.
  6. Fast paced variant maps

    I'll also reserve judgment until I play one of the smaller maps. On face value, I would assume that it would benefit Jason, since there are fewer places to hide, and he can move around the map quicker. I can't think of many ways it would make it easier to escape. Sure, once you started the car or boat, it would theoretically be a shorter ride to get off the map, but it would be harder to even get to that point. Should be interesting.
  7. They could be doing that right now, so it's not like eliminating TK is *creating* this problem. TK is obviously a big problem - nobody can deny that. So if you consider item griefing to be a big problem (I myself have never run into it), then good news - Gun eliminated one of the two problems! That is obviously a good thing.
  8. Yeah, that would prevent people from escaping...if he also was holding both gas cans, the battery, propeller, etc., and also managed to not get killed by Jason himself so the items would just drop by his body. Luckily one player can not accomplish all of those things at once. If some idiot wants to grab the fuse and hide in the cemetery for 10 minutes, it's annoying, but I'll just find another way to escape. If he chases me around constantly whacking me with a machete, or blasts me with the shotgun, my game is over. So I'll take an item griefer over a TK every day of the week, and twice on Sundays. There is literally no situation where I have, or ever will, say "wow, this game would be a lot more fun if other counselors would randomly start killing each other..." TK adds ZERO positives, and a crap-ton of negatives. If people want to Mortal Kombat each other, just set up a private game and TK until your heart's content, and the rest of us can just play the game normally.
  9. You don't keep one trolling method in the game just because trolls might use another. If other trolling "trends" emerge, the devs can deal with those too, but TK currently exists, is rampant, and serves no significant positive towards gameplay, so removing it is a great move.
  10. I'm on a level in the 80's, so I've played the game a time or two, and I've literally NEVER had an instance where I saw trolls holding items. I'm sure it's happened, but if I haven't seen it one single time in hundreds of games, it's not a rampant problem. On the other hand, I've ran into people TKing for no reason multiple times every day I've played, so it's obviously the much, much, much, MUCH bigger problem. Every previous topic on TK boiled down to the "advocates" (who likely enjoyed team killing for trolling purposes) bringing up these rare, "but what about when THIS thing happens?!?!" arguments, and ignoring that other 99.999999% of the time when it is just trolls using TK to troll/greif. Good riddance - when something is used 99% for trolling purposes, it should be done away with.
  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Other than host migration, TK has been the biggest problem I've personally encountered in the game, and I'm glad to see it go. The only people who will have a major problem with this are the trolls that were using TK just to aggravate other players. Again, thank you to Gun for listening to the players.
  12. Just had another "instant karma" moment that I loved: I'm in Jason's shack, and just grabbed the sweater. As I try to run out to leave, there's another counselor just coming in, they have the shotgun. The other counselor tries to TK me, but misses - even though I'm literally standing directly in front of the door a couple of feet away from her. So since she screwed up trying to kill me, she thinks she'll just block the door so Jason can kill me. Sure enough, after a couple of seconds, Jason shows up. The TK counselor flashes her light at Jason, and steps away from the door. Jason then proceeds to hack the TK counselor, while the idiot still thinks "if I flash my light at him more, he'll get that I'm trying to help him". As I run out of the shack, I see the TK rage quit before Jason's kill animation finishes. Very satisfying that the last thing the guy saw before he rage quit was me -the character he unsuccessfully tried to get killed twice- running away, as Jason had his hand around his throat. So in the "You know you're bad at playing Friday the 13th Game checklist", this guy hit a LOT of the marks in just one brief game: 1) Team Killer? check, at least attempted,lol 2) Can't hit the side of a barn with the shotgun? check 3) Jason Ally? check, again attempted,lol 4) Rage Quitter? check
  13. The guy's clearly trolling, he does it a lot - best not to feed him.
  14. PS4 has gone to hell

    It comes in waves, it seems - I might go a few days without seeing any TK or Jason-helpers at all, then I'll have a day where EVERY game has them. It's definitely still a problem though.
  15. Whenever I'm Jason and a player rats out somebody else, I usually act on his information...right after I kill the snitch. Any Jason that does NOT kill a snitch the first chance he gets is foolish, since the snitch could easily be making his info up - he tells you that there's people escaping in the boat, you let him go and morph over to the boat, see nobody there, then have to wait for your morph to recharge, and the snitch is long gone by the time you get back. Much easier to just kill the snitch counselor immediately, then investigate whether his info was good or not. I'm also quick to take out any TK counselors who I see trying to "help" me by killing other counselors. Any Jason who has even mediocre skills doesn't need any "help", so if I see a TK on my watch, they become the #1 target in my crosshairs. I'd rather let multiple fair players escape then let one TK survive.