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  1. I invested too much in my account to change it)
  2. It is fundamentally important for me to remove the lock, I may not even play the game. I'm worried about the red inscription in the profile
  3. I used a macro to keep the match. But video proof has been removed
  4. I already wrote on this forum about unblocking, but it was never removed. And now 1250+ days have passed, I want to ask again. Please remove the game block my Steam account - https://steamcommunity.com/id/ovmise/
  5. I've been playing since the release, and at that time there were no clear rules. UPDATED TERMS OF USE AND CODE OF CONDUCT - Aug. 21 2017 at 22:23 Game block is issued - Jul. 3 2017 at 20:24
  6. yes, 1000 matches as a counselor. It was one time, I set and left for 1 hour to the shop, and when I returned I already had a game block
  7. yes, but the games for the counselor and Jason are random
  8. to get an achievement - Head Counselor (Play 1000 multiplayer matches as a counselor.)
  9. I will understand the temporary ban, but the permanent one is through the chur
  10. Is it fair to me to be given a permanent ban for my violations? I think no. and I'm also against cheaters
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