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  1. So I was playing with guy as Jason and he could infinitely run and break fence on the way. Please do something with this Heres you guys can be the judge. Hope u guys not meet this kinda player in any match
  2. I experienced that permanent stun too. You're lucky to be stuck in that motion without a troll in your hand. I used to grab someone and he was trashtalking and laughing when I got stuck with him.
  3. Ok so I was playing part2 Jason and then there was this player named Goldstein sth running around saying stuff to provoke me. Once I managed to grab him, this bug happened. I couldn't trigger the grabkill nor throwing him out the windows. I could't shift or morph because jason was still grabbing someone but the person hasn't left the game. How did I know? He started to say s.h.t to me , laughing, saying I got rekt etc. It was very frustrating because while in grabbing, I coild't run or do anything to other councelors. Other people took advantage of me stuck in bug by trying to fix the car and boat. That person I grabbed became a hero. Suddenly, I got an idea. I walked all the way to the river and the grab animation broke. However, I still couldn't press e to drown the person (it's like he used some sorta cheat idk). He reached the shore and we were in chasing for another 2 minutes until I finally.grabbed him again but this time I could kill him. It was so satisfying to see him quit right after. Not just this bug,I have many more whenever I got to play Jason. There was 1 time I got hit by baseball bat and Jason flew off the map. Another time was permanent stun when I got in firecracker radius. Another time was when the cursor disappeared on the morph map so I had to use shift for the whole game. I think I have seen all sort of bugs since I'm now lv 61 Moral of story: if u get stuck as Jason, get someone to hit you, walk into trap or river to reset
  4. After playing as Jason for a bit, cursor disappeared in morph map. I cant pin where i wanna morph to
  5. Game keeps pausing over and over. I had to press esc everytime. it's super frustrating. I dont even have to touch keyboard
  6. Some dude threw firecracker at me and my Jason just stood there until I had to leave the game. I was pretty sure it's not because of the connection problem because browser was working at that time Here, I uploaded the video >>> http://plays.tv/video/59469b37da7b081fc3/friday-13th-firecracker-perma-stun-bug
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