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  1. I've recently been running into a couple different issues. I bought the game yesterday so I'm not sure if this started before/after the update. Audio Issues: I'm frequently having audio issues when trying to use my bluetooth headset. I run into a few different issue Sometimes I have audio during the launch of the game, but it cuts out once a match entering into matchmaking. If I turn the headset off at any point I get a fatal error and the game completely crashes. Game Freezes/Crashes: This leads me to the larger issue of freezes/crashes I already mentioned the crashing from turning off my bluetooth headset Sometime I run into an issue where launching the game freezes Steam altogether. The only way to fix it is to kill Steam, and attempt to relaunch. Sometime a full reboot is required to get the job done.This happens whether or not the bluetooth headset is connected. I'm not sure how many other people are noticing the same issue. If anyone has any suggestion (other than use a wired headset) I'd be open to suggestions. Steam ID: artfuldodgerosu
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