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  1. Yes but if we stop posting about it the devs will just think that we have stopped caring. You WANT to see multiple threads about the same topic otherwise the powers that be will just move on to the next thing without fixing the issue at hand.
  2. Thats a great idea! I like the fixed cameras but there's not enough of them, I always feel like I'm missing out on the action when there are only like 2 players left alive. A free roaming camera would be a cool idea.
  3. So I was talking to some of my twitch stream buddies that play this game religiously, I asked them how they liked "Salt Mines" idea. Some loved the idea but most hated it, saying that they don't like to wait around after they have been killed by Jason and feel like its punishing them by making them wait. Mind you I don't agree with that, I LOVE the salt mines idea and think it will only make the game better. However, that got my to thinking about how to make the game better while players are waiting "post-death", me and my brother had a pretty good discussion on some of the things that could be implemented, sort of an action-reaction conversation. For instance I made the suggestion that players could move around objects while they were dead kinda like TITT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) but it was quickly shot down by my bro with the obvious "well griefers would just use it to cheat and exploit to win matches", which I agreed was true. Another suggestion I made was to have the players move around as ghosts in the world post-death, the ghosts could pick up items the other players have dropped and give them to players that were still alive, my brother immediately shot that down when he also suggested that if those same ghost players just wanted to be dicks they could just hold on to the items they picked up for the rest of the game to give the living players a disadvantage. In short I kinda ran out of ideas to throw at him but it gave me the excellent idea to post this in the forums to see if YOU had some ideas that might be good. TLDR: Can you think of anything that might give post-death players something to do while waiting for the game to end?
  4. Please tell me that something is in the works to either stop or discourage this insanity. I'm tired of doing a match with 4 people + Jason cause everyone quit. Also being the only person left with Jason cause I was the only one who wasn't killed by him (happened only once).
  5. This is a fantastic point and I have seen it done many times already. It really is the best way to win on the Higgins Haven map.
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