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  1. Achievement Glitch

    It is smooth, but any achievement that didn't require doing something multiple times was busted until this weekend.
  2. Achievement Glitch

    Come to PC. I still don't have the achievment for playing a game as a counsellor.
  3. Pretty sure you still get the survival bonus if he quits.
  4. Dead Space

    Better than Dead Space 3 with it's "no saves at all". The three save mode feels like a walk in the park after you try that one.
  5. Not only are there numerous threads addressing this, but it's been officially mentioned by the devs on FB and Twitter that the 13,000 CP comes on the double xp weekend.
  6. There are two cars. Also, if you think Jason is going to stay in that area, summon Tommy, grab the sweater, and coordinate an attack while Jason twiddles his thumbs. Have a good driver take the second vehicle to draw Jason away while somebody calls the cops. Chill at a campfire and tell ghost stories.Figure out how to fix the television because AJ is missing Charlie's Angels, and it's making her cranky.
  7. Because sometimes Jason wanders around looking for enviromental kills. If it bugs you so much, just accept your fate and don't mash. The devs actually stated in a recent FB comment that the escape isn't supposed to be foolproof.
  8. I'm currently waiting for a game to finish. One person disconnected. One is hiding on the rock where Jason can't get them. Two glitched off the map near the fenced off barn so Jason can't reach them. Two tried to block a one door cabin with the car. Least exciting game of my life, because now I have to wait ten minutes. I only escaped because the car guys couldn't figure out how to block the door properly, so now we have to wait out the timer.
  9. I remember when DbD started I had to wait forever to get a lobby. It also didn't start with 6 killers. I do enjoy both games, but I haven't loaded DbD in months. We'll have to see what the comparisons look like once Ft13 finds it's footing. I do miss my Meg though.
  10. Yeah, I had a twelve year old following me and constantly calling out my name today and Jason kept finding us. I had been trying to get the phone fixed. He eventually buggered off and went with everyone else to get slaughtered at the car. If he had let me do my thing the police may have been there soon enough to help more than just me. This isn't so much a comment on the duplicating of counselors (personally, I don't care if I'm in a game with 3 Chads or 6 Vanessas) but more of an agreement with you that people should keep there distance from those of us playing by stealth.
  11. There's your issue. I don't think the grab escape is supposed to be reliable no matter who you're playing though. If it was, no Jason would ever grab.
  12. The main issue I can see with this is if it tries to nominate a disconnected person as Tommy... which it seems to do sometimes anyway... :S
  13. It's screwy way before that.