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  1. Which is why I do none of those thing! I hate talking Jasons! And I never teabag or dance on him.
  2. It's a rough life. Sometimes I like too, just to make me appreciate you guys and gals in the club all the more!
  3. I think every platform has their shits. However, and I'm still laughing, I was just called a "fucking faggot for not standing still and accepting my fate" on ps4. I kited that fuck and saved a tiff, and his salt was glorious! 3 minutes, this dude was trash.
  4. No. They need to fine-tune the grab, and rework the hitboxes of his melee. Other than that the game is fine.
  5. And another. No excuse for this one. Last 3 alive, tommy, tiffany, and mitch. 2 steps from freedom. Nope. Cabin after cabin of stupidity. It's not the nerfs, not the buffs, THIS is the shit that ruins it for me.
  6. I got you on the beer buddy. Just got home from closin my restaurant, got my nightly 12pk. Come on over! Hehe.
  7. All I want fixed is the cone. I'm fine with the trap thing, I never stacked. I'm fine with the item thing, makes matches go faster. Just invert the cone and it's all good. I still have fun, that's what matters.
  8. Says the guy who would get his ass shredded in competitive COD.
  9. Nope. I'm 39 man, I don't know how to record shit. I can tell you that as Jason, I have been effectively dry humping someone and whiffed numerous times.
  10. Sorry bud, but I'm in the middle here. Was a bit stupid long, now it's stupid short. Needs a middle ground. And the cone inverted.
  11. Damn....shit got real. I need some popcorn please, this should be amusing.
  12. We'll see! But buddy, I have to play this mode with you and the agency guys. As slippery as you are as a counselor???? Jesus. Will be ridiculous!
  13. I'm having nightmares of @BoxingRouge being the killer. Shit!
  14. Been playing since launch, I've met them. I am not a fan of a talking Jason period. And that's fine to me, juking and shit. It's the fact that people have an open ave. to escape and don't. For no good purpose that I could see!
  15. To me, yes it IS different. These are stupid kids who did not ask for this. Tommy willingly stepped into the hero role. Oh well, different strokes I guess.
  16. Yeah this is a terrible idea. However, I'm down for stalk always active!
  17. I just started noticing this shit. It's in bad taste. These are the same kind of assholes who say smart ass shit when they win a ball game. I abhor this. It's...it is showing your lack of class. ARGH! I cannot express how much I hate this!
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