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  1. Not sure what the glitch is but I was wondering why a jason was throwing knives at me in the car today
  2. It's too bad you couldnt just reset the badge count in the game. At least it would be something.
  3. Same. Every match I get to be Jason I wait to see that little trophy notification. But nothing. Then I realize that I'd only be half way there.
  4. He could've used stalk to zoom in there? No idea other then that, but I've stalk shifted into buildings before
  5. I've had it happen to me a few times on ps4. Just a weird venom looking Jason and I have to figure out which one I am based on number of traps and such.
  6. It was more of a "things i wish this game had". Besides, I'm not sure adding a statistics screen would actually be against anything in the lawsuit, it wouldn't be new content or anything, just a counter. Still wont happen, but a wish anyways.
  7. This game needs a stats screen. I'm sure I've seen the idea mentioned before. I just wanna know what percent I survive at, what map I die the most on, that sort of stuff. If there ever is another iteration of this game, it needs one.
  8. I used to drop the keys by the car....searching for them after I've finished fixing the car by myself has become a hassle though
  9. Ya it's a little irritating but I guess we were all new once. Also, nobody uses traps as Jason. If I saw a trap now it would probably catch me off guard
  10. Noticed in a few matches last night that people were hanging on to things like the gas and battery. And not doing anything with it...
  11. I like having all the perks have a pro and con attached to it. Worried about the idea of perks levels being tied to in game levels. Just due to past whiney-ness. Maybe just have the option to spend more CP to increase your chance at rolling a better perk. But then I guess most people wouldn't spend the lower amounts. Rolling perks is a chore. Add the ability to do it while you're waiting in game for everyone to die or escape. At the end of the day, it's still a chore, working on a way to make it more rewarding is a step in the right direction.
  12. Those damn Tommy tapes. I get excited when I see a tape in a drawer only for my person to close it because i already have the Pamela ones.
  13. We got chased to Jason's shack on one of the small maps, and ended up killing him. It was a newer player who didn't even know that was possible, and he was pretty shocked/amazed. Reminds me of those first few months. It was nice to see.
  14. Just getting back into it. Is it normal to get sent back to the main screen after a few rounds?
  15. Do we actually even know what Paranoia is? I thought we were all just guessing at what the game mode would be.
  16. Equip the preparedness perk. It starts you off with a map, and also means every other drawer contains a map.
  17. I find "random" has flavors of the day. One day you'e going between Jarvis and Pinehurst, the next between Crytal Lake and Packanack.
  18. Its possible. I bought the Part 7 kill pack, and I never liked playing as him. Played him for a few rounds then went back to my usual Jason's. This was back when they were released and Part 7 didn't have the recent changes or weapon swapping. There are kills that are higher then the weapon swapping as well.
  19. I'm not understanding the "exclusive to Part 2" part. With weapon swapping shouldn't all kills be available to every Jason?
  20. Sounds like a shitty lobby to be in anyways. Just run them all over and quit. One match quit shouldn't throw you into the Salt Mines (but your lobby description makes me think you might already be there)
  21. Yes. It varies. I go from being him a bunch to being hiom never
  22. I've had runs like this, or even more frequent, sometimes twice in a row. I have also had runs where it wasn't me for a few hours. Hard to say whether it is broken or not without doing a controlled group.
  23. I saved all my CP since the Legendary Perks were announced, I've rolled about 20k and gotten I think 3 Legendary that I don't use. I honestly have all this CP now (not a MILLION but like 200k) and just find I don't want to sit there and roll it all. I know it has been suggested before, but there should be some way to roll them while you are waiting for everyone to die in the spectator screen. I will usually do like 5 or 6 rolls then just jump into a match because it has become a chore to roll perks now.
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