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  1. One-Hit Demasking?

    Interesting. I wasn't aware bear traps actually contributed to damage. Thankfully they weren't organized and I relaxed a bit after I got Tommy out of the way.
  2. I was playing last night as Part 4, and after leaving the phone house there was a counselor in the next cabin. I broke through the door and stepped into a trap, when they hit me with a weapon and my mask flew off. It was Fox and the weapon could have been a machete or an axe I'm not really sure, I threw her through the window about 5 seconds later so I didn't have time to see exactly what the weapon was. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  3. I would enjoy more counselors. Even if some were basically clones of others. Wouldn't you want to play as a Ginny or Alice even if they were the same?
  4. "Get ready"

    We will have to agree to disagree. If I am in there changing my perks/Jason its because of the group I'm playing with, joining another group would defeat the purpose. Plus other times I want to see what unlocked, you can't expect a newer player to back out of a lobby because they unlocked a new Jason and want to try him out.
  5. "Get ready"

    If you can't wait 1 or 2 minutes before a game starts how are you expecting to wait 10+ minutes if you die early? I don't trust people who are impatient in the lobby, especially if they are the host.
  6. Who will get to choose once dedicated servers come?
  7. Killed them all, only slashing as I didn't know how to grab or that grabbing was even a thing (it was at launch). Was called a "window camper" because they kept jumping out of the windows when I would get near a cabin.
  8. This made me laugh. Even if sometimes I am one of those people. Its usually a boat vs car gas destination that causes this
  9. Jason Part 5

    Part 4, then Part 7 (I know, I know...but youd be surprised in QP ), then Part 8. I want to like Part 5, but the kills for me are just "meh". I enjoy the others far more.
  10. Its just nice finally hearing people again. I love the reactions while playing as Jason as well. I forgot how much I missed the "oh no he is here" and the "we gotta go we gotta go we gotta go" when they are trying to escape in the car
  11. I played QP the other night in PS4 and the WHOLE LOBBY had mics. Even the people who left and were replaced, everyone had a mic (or at least 5 or 6 did), and were using them to try and escape together. I was actually upset I had to work the next day and leave the game, it was the most fun Ive had working with other people in awhile.
  12. @Treymaker my best advice for the boat tipping, it to choose the Pinehurst Map, a fast water Jason, and guard the car and phone box but leave the boat alone. Once you see the boat moving, it should be easy to catch it. Unlike the Jarvis House, I see the boat at least starting more often then not in Pinehurst. @Alkavian thanks a lot for creating this thread. I re-read it when I am bored at work and it is always interesting. I don't really have the skill or time to devote to something like this, but are there different strategies for different maps for different Jasons? I know that sounds a little crazy. But if I am on a map with a boat like Pinehurst, and the Jason is a slower water one, I am going for the boat as my main escape point. You did a Risk/Reward topic covering the escape routes, I am just wondering if the Jason being chosen has an impact on what escape route is prioritized.
  13. The problem with your argument for Team Killing is that it wasn't removed entirely. It is still an option in Private Matches. If there are thousands of people who left because they thought it was removed entirely, well that's on them. You stated to leave and play with a group of like minded players. That is exactly what Private Matches are for, where you CAN Team Kill. If the thousands of players who wanted to do that all got together on Private Matches there would be no issue, unless of course they wanted to do it to troll other players, which really seemed to be the reason most of them did it.
  14. Jason Nerf ideas

    Less Traps - No. I feel like each Jason has the perfect amount of traps, making you play each one differently as far as objective control goes. Damage on knives - No, it still takes a few to kill you. If you are getting hit with 3 knives, I hate saying this, but you need to practice moving out of the way or running faster away from him. Swim Speed - No, I usually use P4 and I his water speed is already low, some are faster some are slower, same idea as with the traps, each Jason already has strengths and weaknesses. If its a fast water Jason, be prepared for a boat escape that needs to be done under the radar or you are gonna die. Grab Reach - No. It is fair. There just aren't a plethora of PK's around anymore. I still miss a bunch of times trying to grab and still take my fair share PK's.
  15. Why I don't want Camp Forest Green

    @PlayerAgainstTheMachine I understand the argument you are making, and I would like some different settings as well. But I would be okay with a Forest Green map as well. Your poll is to either or, I am sure if they said we would be getting a map with all the requests you've made AND a Forest green map that was a camp site with a few of the locations from the movie you would be okay with that, or maybe not. I don't know, but I would be okay with a Forest Green map. I still want different locations as well. Maybe a better poll would be what type of different setting you would like to see other than a campground as a new map.