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  1. Ya the 500 and 1000 Jason matches are all that' left for me. And the Tommy tapes. And I guess a few skulls now too
  2. Same on PS4. Seemed it was me for a few rounds in a row, on to another player, back to me. Had one instance where it wasn't me for a few hours but other people multiple times in a row as well.
  3. That happened to me the day after the patch too, but I thought it just might the players preferences all being reset.
  4. Last night I was playing and was selected as Jason 3 times in a row. I know I wasn't the only player who had Jason set as a preference because I was playing with my friend who also has his preference set to Jason. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this or if it was just a weird coincidence.
  5. MRWood204

    Help someone.

    You can be in a party and still play Quick Play. You don't have to be in private. Like @Shaildsaid though, your region and platform would help at least direct you to other threads which could help.
  6. MRWood204

    Jolly's Speed Stat Overhaul

    I think you are confusing fact with meta. Composure is too overlooked if you ask me. I don't understand at all how it could work against you or hurt you more then it helps. You say crappy stats, I say you walked right by me while I was under the bed, now I can go fix that car/phone/boat and you've just used your morph...
  7. MRWood204

    Jolly's Speed Stat Overhaul

    People who think repair-centric counselors are underpowered compared to fast counselors are only saying that because they want to play them as a fast counselor. If I am Deb, Lechappa, usually I get myself killed because... 1. I got too bold with trying to push an objective without taking in my surroundings 2. Messed up a repair 3. Got relegated to defender while Tiffany takes half the match to almost put in the battery Honestly, there isn't anything wrong with repair counselors. You just can't be fast at repairing AND at running.
  8. Running the time out? Yes big lakes for sure. But on Pinehurst You can just continually go around the island where the boat spawns. Anyways, I'll agree with you that it can be done, just as a -water speed Jason if there are other counselors out there still, your time might be better spent chasing them.
  9. He's in there. Just not available yet
  10. Rocks aren't hard to avoid as long as you don't get too distracted by Jason behind you. I've honestly ran out the game timer doing a back and forth with -water speed Jasons more times then I can remember.
  11. If I am Part 4, Part 2, or even Savini, and a boat gets off...I don't even bother with it. But if I'm playing against one, boat is priority.
  12. MRWood204

    Zoom function

    I get where you are coming from, but as Jason, you ARE the threat. 1st person view would always, to me, be welcome, I'm not sure we need a zoom feature though.
  13. I am pretty certain I earned two separately in one challenge and still moved on. I could be wrong, so....? lol
  14. Is there a particular skull that is giving you problems? My advice would be to aim for just achieving one per try if it is giving you that many problems. They save into your next try, so you could get a No Survivors Skull, and then an XP one on your next try.
  15. For me it's 6. It comes down to his +Knives strength. It's meaningless to me, not because I don't throw knives, but because as any other Jason I can pick them up everywhere around the map. And his morph, unless you get a map where the phone and car are clustered close together, it can be difficult to pay attention to both places.