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  1. First counselor: Adam and I died in a fireplace. First Jason: Part 3, didnt know grab was even a thing and just slashed everyone, and got called a "window camper" lol First Escape: in a car, probably stressed out First Jason kill: part 3 and it was just slashing. Still awesome. First time kling Jason: it was a Part 9 and I didnt even realize what was happening until it happened First time dying as Jason: i was part 4 and they got my mask off very quickly. After that it was just game over for me, they knew what they were doing.
  2. So my kid is beside me playing this other game called among us, I'm sure some of you are aware of it. Is that basically what the lost mode or game was? The one they couldn't get to work? Maybe there is some more info somewhere on these forums, but since news ain't really gonna be coming, I was just wondering what exactly WAS the lost mode.
  3. So I haven't played in a looooong time and am getting a "connection error" or "connection timeout". Is that to do with whatever is going on, or this my own problem that is seperate
  4. I said the same thing, but I gave up after like 10 matches. Hope you have more patience then I did lol.
  5. As well as Jason....basically your voice carries
  6. I guess my question was has anyone ever used it successfully, which is I suppose a boring test lol. Whatever, next time I roll one I'll find an out of the way campground and see if I get lucky.
  7. I get the "noobs" put them in different places, but if you step in it, it worked, no matter how ridiculous the place is.
  8. I get it, the perk sucks and only has one purpose, to hide forever. But how well does it actually work, I always sell it back and have never tried it. Just curious really.
  9. I do okay as Jason. But I've been killed lol. Took awhile, but it's happened a few times.
  10. Ya I'm too busy running away. Knocking him down probably already pisses him off enough.
  11. It amazes me there are still new players joining. Hopefully they realize it's a cash cow and come up with a part 2 after all the lawyer schmawyer stuff is done.
  12. If I'm not on random, it's Deborah forever. Deborah + pocket knife and a one trapped phone box gives me that squishy feeling inside. Whether I make it out or not.
  13. I'm curious as to what you mean by properly trap. I just usually throw a trap down and be on my merry way.
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