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  1. As someone mentioned, its just her pose in the character select. the angle of her face causes the lighting to shine and cast shadows on her face differently. Her lips are no more pouty in the second picture as they are in the first. Her eyes are the same as well. Lighting really does make a huge difference lol but it's just that. The lighting. First thing I noticed when shuffling through character select after patch though
  2. This post pretty much sums up why Savini Jason is OBJECTIVELY the best Jason based on current game mechanics. Rydog does research and knows his shit for sure. All of the things he states as far as his empirical data and statistics go is pretty spott on and have been collaboratively agreed upon by many other theorists and testers - people who TEST things with video evidence instead of "I had a match once..." anecdotal evidence. Now, you can have an opinion on whether or not water speed is effective or not (its almost negated as a strength or weakness in matches without a boat - which is often). I agree when it's a water speed Jason he has a huge advantage in the water. But again - its an edge case. One of the biggest things imo that couples with the weapon strength is the hidden "weapon length". It gives him the bonus of j6 and j3 in one. It's real deadlybecause the length allows him to hit over furniture and through Windows from farther.
  3. Would this only apply to quick match? Could see privates becoming a circle jerk of "farming titles" with this system. Although I LOVE this idea! +1
  4. I don't think first person would work very well at all from a technical standpoint. It'd most definitely be more work than Gun would want to put in for it. Have you driven the car? I just have a bad feeling it would be similar to that. Not the sliding aroundand crashing into trees, but instead getting "caught" on the numerous world objects and edgeswhile trying to run from jason. Actually, it'd probably be more like shift come to think of it. I always see people get clipped on edges and rocks when spectaring Jason shifting >.< Not to mention firstperson puts you at a huge disadvantage in a game like this that already has 3rd person. I personally wouldn't use it if it were there. It's a nice idea though as it does improve immersion to be first person.
  5. The maxed "light foot" perk (reduces noise when sprinting) allegedly makes Aj and Tiffany undetectable while sprinting unless he is very close
  6. Yes lol. I think you would ave been safe to kill him right after he dropped the Jason in my game was. Also: I swear Imnot bad at grammar and spelling,its just my phone screen is cracked to beat shit, so my "u" and "h" keys don't work reliably. Well basically at all sometimes.it's really stressfil. I'd prefer typing on a keyboard anyday, but I also like to read and post while laying down It takes me so. Much longerthan it should to post sometimes as i dotryto go back and edit but sometimes I just say fuck it
  7. Oh shit actually had that happen 2 nights ago on Higgins to me for ye first time.I was a counselor and I actially "died" the first time (he said he got the xp and the telltale squish sound went off. But it was bugged. He walkedin thewater, dropped me.I was full fear. He then grabbed Nd killed me right away. It was hilariois. I forgot about that till justnow.I was.... Compromised at the time(irl) lol 0:)
  8. I have seen a couple that change it up a bit, like meleeing some, grabbing some (i actually like some melee kills mixed in), but I don't ever see Jason's carry people to environmentals lol. At least not far. They usuallyare reallyclose Actually I have once and I was spectating a chad. Poor Bastard got carried for like 4 whole seconds. Never seen anyone carried that far. Chad would be the best bet for a Jason to do that though I guess Never stood a chance even though you could hear the button mashing through the Mic haha.
  9. Interesting... never thought about it that way lol. I always thought grip strength was a useless stat for killing counselors with grab as composure is useless for counselors escaping grab if Jason wants to do the ol' insta kill. In my experiences that's what a lot do haha. I don't see many creative or "theatrical" jasons, if you will. Just people playing a game trying to win lol.
  10. I noticed this today as well! Rolled a yellow with like18% or something like that. And I have an epic 48% one. The scaling on these newly rolled one's is definitely different. Are they ninja nerfing thick skin by nerfing future rolls!? As far as I can tell,my thick skin is still 48%. God I hope not! I'd like them to nerf all thick skins existing in the game lol. I think 50% is a tad ridiculous. Maybe 25% at the most
  11. I've been playing random characters more often lately and when I get in the match, I have no way of seeing which perks I have eqquipped. This isn't a big deal really if I am playing one of my favorites as I of course know what I have eqquipped on them. BUT when I get someone I hardly ever play such as Eric or Kenny, I don't know what I have on them. I mean, I have their load out selected (went through each counselor and picked load outs before playing)but when I get in the match I wonder "do Ihave sense avoidance on eric? Or attack speed and stun time"? as an example I can't be the only one who has thought about this. My solution: When viewing the map screen, display your counselors perks (would ofcourse work if you haven't acquired a map yet). Just a small QoL change I suppose that I would love to see!. Other (minor) suggestion dealing with the map. I also would like a map legend on the map screen. I am tired of people calling certain buildings different things. It's caused confusion a couple of times lol (people tend to use "the wrench/oar/boat house" interchangeably, as well as others.
  12. why was it he isn't added yet again? I remember skimming over those older threads about it but can't remember why.thank you for correcting me - i knew at least one was locked behind licencing issues.
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