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  1. He’s older then how long this game lasted.
  2. Tattooey

    The End

    What did they suspended you for this time? @bewareofbears
  3. At the moment the club isn’t very active. So your probably better off finding people through the game hub rather then the club.
  4. This forum isn’t twitter. Why does everyone feel the need every time they play one bad match to create a new thread complaining about it?
  5. Ya I have to rely on the playstation players to submit names & there own as well. Your on there now.
  6. We had ourselves a good match tonight with @Risinggrave @Thatguyinktown @GhostWolfViking @AldermachXI & myself.
  7. Your welcome to submit their forum names. There’s a reason I didn’t enter players actual gamertags. I thought I’d leave that to the individual themselves if they feel like they want to share it or not.
  8. I got burnt out so fast. When that lobby crashed I was alright time for bed.
  9. @Vaderspupil thank you for the list. Now I need somebody from the PC community to submit names of active members please.
  10. There you go. You have been added. Give me a day or so. I’ve reached out to some people & I’ll have the list populated by then.
  11. So as everyone knows finding decent players on F13 is sometimes not a simple task. Now I know that playing with friends allows the game to run a lot smoother. I can’t tell you enough how many countless times I’ve been booted from a lobby or the host rage quit from simple slashing or killing somebody before I have shift. Some of the best players I have ever met on this game come straight from this forum believe it or not. So I’ve decided to submit gamertags/usernames of players that I’m aware of that are like minded mature players just looking to have a good time & play the game correctly. Feel free to send out invites & friend requests. These players are reliable & friendly. If you want to overall increase the quality of matches then trust this thread enough to send out a few invites & meet some new people. I’ll have to rely on PlayStation & PC players to submit names for me to update the list. So please feel free to submit names of players & even your own. Xbox: @RKSDooM @TheHansonGoons @lHeartBreakerl @DamonD7 @bewareofbears @Alkavian @Brigadius @BionicCapo @ColdArmy13 @Corkenstein @GhostWolfViking @JTDestroyer5900 @Risinggrave @Slapnuts840 @AldermachXI @Thatguyinktown @a kamikaze man @Rabid Anteater @BrokenFattHardy @Super Ty Playstation: @NthnButAGoodTime @Ghostboy20@Cokeyskunk @Vaderspupil @malloymk @pioneer67fkd @j03audette @matisangry @RustInPeace @hu_soldier13 @Alien_Number_Six @LadySansaLannister @Bewitched @Redrum138 @Maddogg_8121 @piercedscreamer @Don’tTrustAnybody @lasse_hei @BoxingRouge @Tex138 @Shadesofjoe @Jvoorhees80 @Moe9999633 @Slasher_Clone @bewareofbears @OCT 31 1978 @Duckodb @jameson87 @BaesonVoorhees @Mtk9210 @SomebodyFancy @Chace Hollett @Wolledc @MJDrocks @TheShape_1978 @ChrisCerne1218 @BeautyNumber2 @TinTin_57 @Mehtevas69 @Sweenmasheen @Treymaker @JasonLives86 PC: @AldermachXI @zoey45 @i-cold @FlameRiderSD @The Gunslinger @GrandMoff
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