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  1. That issues has existed for several months now. You just have to restart the game.
  2. Looks a lot like Seth from Superbad.
  3. Once again Xbox gets screwed on the update. Shortly means next year.
  4. This statement is 100% incorrect. The game is competitive & xp is rewarded giving players the ability to purchase perks & kills. Here I highlighted the definitions for you Incase you have trouble finding them on the image I posted below.
  5. Humble Pie

    Ya but players are suffering through these updates. The radio silence is irritating. The last update was October 25th. It’s been more than a month. Everyone hates the new grab tweak & the only thing we have heard from the devs is that it’s currently working as intended. This forum has a reoccurring theme. Every time an update destroys our ability to enjoy the game & the devs go radio silent. People tend to start showing hostility towards each other when there isn’t any devs to argue or fight with. By any gaming community standards this would be completely unacceptable for the devs to leave the game in its current broken state. Not to mention offline bots still not released. Forget the summer release date there is a good chance we may not even see it this year let alone this winter. Players aren’t angry because they are ungrateful. They’re upset because of the broken promise after broken promise that this company has failed to uphold from backer exclusive copies to even the content they have been releasing. They certainly spun quite a yarn fooling everyone into believing that this would be strictly an asymmetrical multiplayer horror survival game. We are not asking them to do anything beyond what they promised to do themselves despite a “small skeleton team” working on the game. I guess it’s fair to say they went in way over they’re heads in producing this game. It’s been a rough 6 months.
  6. Absolutely not. Recoloring counselors clothing is a cheap, lazy, & waste of time of a process. I’d prefer to not see anymore clothing packs for awhile specially recolors. We need bug fixes, dedicated servers, new game modes, more maps, more Jasons, new perks, new melee weapons, then perhaps new designed outfits. I definitely don’t want 2 new colors for Tiffany’s shorts. I very much prefer new designs all together.
  7. Don’t worry guys. The devs will fix this immature behavior by giving the trolls new outfits to wear while dancing. Hang in there.
  8. Its a Trap!

    Jason can’t place traps inside a building.
  9. Its a Trap!

    What’s stopping you from disabling the trap?
  10. The devs claimed an option to disable rain would be implemented when rain was released. Sadly it wasn’t until after the release of rain they stated it would be added at a later date... The devs also stated that there was little to no performance issues on consoles with rain implemented into the game. On behalf of my opinion. I like the rain. It’s very much needed. Jason's killing spree was mostly during the rain. I believe once they release dedicated servers & further polish the games graphics the rain will look spectacular.
  11. Omg lol. This thread went full gangster. Sad thing is it’s usually the people that play the game the least that say everything’s fine. The grab is most definitely broken. The last match I played I ran around Jason for a solid 30 seconds in circles before he finally grabbed me. I was the last alive with no one left & no immediate method of escape. So I decided to sacrifice myself. I believe @lHeartBreakerl was in the session. Now I understand a lot of people complained about the grab being ridiculous but the truth about grab is it was not a balance issue but a network issue. When your hitting constant lag spikes & frame rate drops. What looks like a 10 foot grab was something completely different. It was a fraction of a second to grab a player. So frame rate drop will make Jason appear a couple feet further. On your screen it’s going to look as if you were out of range when in reality Jason was much closer then he appears. In most matches I hosted running 150mbps we never had that issue or people complain that the grab was out of range. However I have been caught by Jason when the players are from the UK & lagging like crazy. It literally looks as if he grabbed me from around a corner of the outside of a cabin. I believe once dedicated servers are finally released hopefully sometime before the rapture. That most of the issues that currently exist will be solved. Like for example the grabbing which of course needs to be adjusted first. Driving as well. Which if you notice all the pro drivers are always the host. The terrible hit detection has a lot to do with the connection as well. When I’m hosting & playing as Jason I’m being stunned a staggering amount during the match.
  12. Shift Tips?

    Wait till they fix grab
  13. It’s insulting to all the angry fans that keep this company’s lights on. It’s almost as if they want this game to fail with statements like that. @AldermachXI JPopLockItWhileItsHot is going to lock this thread & probably ban you for that one 😂 No worries tho guys. This isn’t anything a clothing pack can’t fix. So everyone cheer up.
  14. Do you still play the game?

    Not if the clothing packs funding goes towards creating new maps. If not then absolutely. New maps & characters add way more longevity to the games lifespan. A lot of people on here give me flak for talking about the clothing dlc. They love to mention how other games like DBD & GTA 5 is filled with clothing dlc but they seem to never mention nor remember those games also have good quality content packs that add several new things to the game besides clothes. F13 is going to be 6 months in soon here & we have only seen 1 new map & Jason. The biggest horror killer of any movie franchise is Illfonics patches. They are more terrifying then Jason, Leatherface. Freddy, Pinhead & the nun from the conjuring 2. Every time we get a patch we lose more F13 veterans. These patches are starting to kill more players then Jason himself.