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  1. The mystery deepens (blue dot)

    It doesnt look like anything to me
  2. Single Player Delayed!!??

    I said months ago that they meant Summer in Australia 2017...
  3. Everyone bitchin about Roy will change when hes one of the best. "OMG Roy rules! Awesome DLC"
  4. Theyve already said Pamela isn't comping because theyd have to redisign the game
  5. Wow whered u get that?
  6. Well, lets cheers with this Tenefly Viper I found!
  7. Oh, well then fuck my hypothesis
  8. These sound like they would radically change MP weapons and objects. I bet this is mocap footage they took for Single Player months ago and they're showing us now to get us hyped for dlc and drop an atomic SP campaign. They said Summer...
  9. Kane Hodder in the video says he's lifting someone with a pitchfork
  10. He probably hung up the phone and looked out against the dark city and said, "Im needed." Then he vanished into mist
  11. No part 4 skin?

    Yeah....but butcher knife!!!!!
  12. Thats a fantastic movie. Mutherfucker hits a demon with a tennis racket in it...
  13. $6 literally means nothing to me. Ive got more things to worry about than $6