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  1. The issue primarily isn't the animation. Its the graphical fidelity. For this kill to me far more impactful, we should see the throat of the counselor open, see the head tilt backwards, hanging only by the remaining intact skin, we should see the bone and all that gory stuff, and then have Jason knock the remaining head off with his palm in a gory finale. But the games gore isn't too good in portraying that level of mutilation. Its got good dismemberment but thats about it for the time being. Witcher 3's gore does what you want right. Moment you cut a drowner and get a gore kill you see the stomach open and you can see the guts inside. Theres even a gore mod that allows those internal meshes to fall out. And so on and so forth. The graphics hold the game back
  2. The trolling of Jason because of his mobility is not the fault of lacking Shift or Morph. Its the fault of how the game is designed around them. If jason was able to move faster, counselor stamina was nerfed, if he could destroy furniture, topple cars or toss other objects at counselors, this would be an entirely different story. All I know is... in the movies, Jason did 2 things. He used stealth to appear behind people, hiding in rooms behind stuff etc, or ran after them. I never saw him appear out of thin air infront of somebody. Just imagine how silly it would be if part 2 Jason was chasing the blonde chick and the moment she ran into his shack he was there infront of her, grabbing her GG. Come on... When I do it in game... I feel cheap using it and feel even cheaper when its using against me. Another reason I prefer singleplayer because there I can actually play as Jason is supposed to be played alike the movies. Lets stop defending this in the game because its just silly and non-representative in the movies. This is here because thats how the devs decided to go about it. Not because it was primarily about ensuring Jason remained like he was in the movies. If that was the case, Jason should be able to have permanent stalk and counselors should not have a 3rd person camera so the feeling of Jason hunting you would be incredibly paranoia packed and harder to detect overall. PLUS... Jason should be able to morph inside houses precisely. Overall just be far more stealthy than he currently is. Hell, Jason should be able to actually have a hide option in bushes and such. But well.
  3. He absolutely would without shift. Shift is a cheap and OP ability. Morph makes total sense though. So the solution should be to remove shift and make morph much faster to get and precise to place on the map. We never ever saw jason teleport in Shifts fashion. We saw him morph, appearing behind people and such. The way its being utilized in game makes dying feel cheap and lazy. I applaud Jasons that actually hunt properly.
  4. Hey guys I'd love the singleplayer. Its fun to finally be able to not only play as jason constantly but also play the way you want. Immerse yourself much more. Play slower, use stalk and manipulate the AI. However, I noticed the randomness of the counselors dont affect their attire. Its always default. Could we get another customization tab before launching the mode that neables us to choose which counselors we wanna play against, what they wear and more to throw in some additional variety and fun. We got so many outfits for them that aren't being utilized in this cool mode. Its probably already coming but I figured I'd make a suggestion anyway.
  5. You're whats wrong with modern gaming, Elvis We mod because we enjoy it and wanna share just like devs like to give us free stuff once in a while. Not everything needs to be god damn monetized. Jesus christ. You should actually think before posting something like this. Creation Club is universally HATED.
  6. Dont worry about the necro. It still happens. Happened to me 3 times today.
  7. Did you ever...see the films? Lol. When this game gets its singleplayer there better be sequences where you walk by as Jason and spot people doing one thing or the other. each and every single Friday film included it. Its an iconic aspect that was heavily emphasized from the very beginning of this entire franchise. The counselors were too busy having sex and making out that they let Jason drown. Its at the heart of the primary plot of the concept of what really makes Friday the 13th... Friday the 13th...
  8. Exactly what the title says. Thanks for listening to your community and nerfing weapons so the griefer scumbags can finally not ruin our matches as remotely easily as before.
  9. Some dislike seeing a billion traps around the phone. They find it ridiculous and immersion breaking. And although its a valid strategy, I can understand them. Again. The traps are a result of something else as I've explained above. Cause and effect.
  10. Aren't we touchy feeling?... The reason I as well as others are bringing it up are because of the fact that this mechanic is ridiculous. Want an example? Game starts, jason goes to the phone, plants 1-2 traps. he then goes hunting. Then he hears a trap. He immediately teleports back. grabs the player and kills it. He uses sense to look around, then teleports away again. Finds a counselor near the car and begins to chase. But tada... another trap sound is heard. He teleports BACK to the phone AGAIN, kills the counselor stuck in the trap. Places a new trap. Then he teleports back to the car, looks for players. He sees via sense that someone is in the house, he smashes down the door and tada! He hears that someone failed repairing the phone. Then teleporting BACK to the phone again and killing the counselor. Places a new trap. Back to the car again. The couselors are gone. About 1 minute passes and then Jason spots someone running to the car with gas. He chases them down but just as he's getting close. Tada... hears trap go off near phone again. Jason teleports directly back to the phone AGAIN and hunts down the counselor, but this time the counselor isn't wounded. So they initiate a hunt where the counselor runs in circles around the dinner table inside, as someone ouside repairs the phone. Then jason shifts outside, and destroys the phone but the repair guy is gone. Then he goes back inside and continues going in circles to kill this priority target. He eventually gets the guy and goes back outside, places his final trap and goes back to the car. He sees 2 guys are trying to get in. He kills 1 and just as he is chasing the other with the car keys, TADA:..the trap goes off and someone is repairing the phone. Jason is now in this " Fuck....what do I do" state of mind. RIsk the cops getting here in 3 minutes ? Or teleport there, and risk the guys in the car escaping. I hope this paints a clear picture... of how insanely immersion breaking this phone and its mechanic is. It pulls Jason away from his hunt because if he tries to hunt down people, he will just end up losing the game when some god mode cops appear and gun him down over and over, allowing counselors to escape with ease. And this is not an overblown story or unrealistic. This happens.... every single day.... with experienced jason players. I do it myself. Why wouldn't I? If that phone gets repaired and Im against a very good team then I wont get easy kills within 10 seconds that'll render the phonecall irrelevant. I'll need time, and thats why the phone is so dangerous and thus insanely prioritised by Jason. Why you see people with posts complaining about trapping usage, about lack of pocket knives etc. Its all boiling down to this one mechanic where people pick Jason part 2 and place all 7 traps around that phone because they'd rather chase down a car than hear that phonecall. So critisise all you want, dude. Bottomline is this. This is a game based on a film franchise. A game, yes, but be that as it may, straying too far from the source material ruins things. And I dont ever recall a Friday movie where counselors were working their butts off to repair the phone whilst jason were killing them around it because he was panicking at the thought of the cops arriving. Again... Part 6. Last note: I've been in matches where I spawned inside of the phone house, and have found the repair item inside as well. That means I can repair the phone and call the cops with a 3 minute perk in less than 1 minute. That means the cops will arrive before 5 minutes have passed in the game, out of 20. That gives Jason roughly 6-7 minutes depending on runtime to the cops to kill the entire team. 13 minutes before it ends, 3-4 minutes before rage mode. If you can't understand how broken.... that is. How silly and unfair it is to the Jason player if he doesn't jump to that phonebox immediately... and keep a sharp eye on it, then nevermind. I can't explain it any better. The problem isn't calling the cops. The problem is that you can escape immediately if it happens, rather than something else happening that balances out the situation.
  11. My idea is no more complicated than calling Tommy jarvis. Player skill, luck, perks, whatever doesn't remotely matter if you start the game and 5 seconds later jason appears directly infront of you because you were unlucky enough to spawn directly beside the phone or car. Counselors are supposed to run into houses and check them. Barricade them. With the phone house... you just wanna get the hell away immediately unless you got the repair item. Thats just ridiculous. That that particular house just radiates fear and death. Your excuse that " Thats just how the game works" can literally be said about every single bad or broken idea in any game ever. Just because its there now, doesn't mean its good for the game. And giving counselors an actual chance to play the game should be a priority. Bad spawns aren't just something that happens. Its a legitimate problem in any game. Because nobody wants to start a game only to die after 5 seconds due to " Sorry. You're near a key objective" But anyway. I'm not one to conform to things that act as cheap game over's. Let alone shift grabs... Furthermore this idea wouldn't break anything. It would remove a kill zone and work around changing bad spawns to some degree because the phone would no longer be dangerous. In no Friday movie ever have calling the cops been the ultimate solution. Like I said above. Jason killed the cops. They worked as a distraction. But weren't gods that could just keep him at bay forever. Sure, this is a game, not a movie. But does that mean we should make it less like the movies? Well, then. To that I reply: What is the point then... in making a video game about Friday the 13th. Just my thoughts. As it stands right now, the phone is equally as helpful as it is spiking your chances of being murdered. Which is just sad to me, because I dont recall remotely seeing Jason camp the phone in the movies because god like cops would seemingly be a problem for him. Game balance or not, I find it extremely silly and puts unnecessary pressure on both jason as well as the counselors. He's supposed to kill them. Not chop a phone box to pieces over and over, monitoring it as if the counselors stole his Iphone.
  12. You're right. people should be able to vote for it or have a Tommy preference spawn. Its even more annoying if a random player quits after he dies but was automatically chosen to be Tommy, only to have a playerless Tommy afk at the cemetery for 20 straight minutes unless the Jason player knows it can happen.
  13. Hey Gun. So, I have an idea since a lot of us are annoyed by insane trapping usage near the phone, although we ( I) are forced to do it ourselves due to how fast the cops can arrive and matches end. Could you possibly change the phone mechanic so instead of having counselors escape immediately, upon calling the cops, a police car arrives, drives in to the area, and 2 dead players will be brought back to life as cops within it. They will both be armed. Furthermore, the police car can contain 4 people and can of course be used to escape with. Furthermore the cop players should have incentive to help their teammates as police officers. So they could get a 500+ bonus for being in the police car if it escapes with a counselor player or more. Let alone shooting jason, defending them. The "my dad is a cop" perk will be removed and the deadline is upped to around 8 minutes more or less. To give Jason a chance to kill someone but also to prevent him facing legit resistance so early in the match. Reasons for this idea? 1: Friday part 6. When Jason arrived at Crystal Lake and began killing counselors, the cops arrived. No counselors escaped, instead the cops began investigating and all ended up killed. So this is more realistic / accurate based on the films. 2: The phone is the most dangerous kill zone for both couselors and Jason alike. If you play counselor and see that you spawned next to it as the match begins, your initial words are: "Are you F'ing serious?" Then you hear the VCR static sound and murder music plays. Jason is knocking on the door. RIP. For Jason its the same way. He wants to trap that phone immediately and excessively because he doesn't wanna chase people towards the cops after 3 minutes which is incredibly difficult if counselors play well and have high stamina characters. Let alone the fact that there are 7. If they work together with weapons Jason may as well just quit right there. Which brings me to part 3. 3: If the phone is called within the 1st 5 minutes Jason players tend to give up immediately and the game ends. Because the experienced players know that they are screwed. I'd personally like to see this for no other reason than it is a extremely accurate portrayal of the movies. Being part 6.
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