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  1. I'm with you on this. In the movies, Jason didn't need to constantly talk trash or barter with counselors to reveal the locations of others. Jason was a silent killing machine. Anything less than that cheapens what he his. Plus the only voice Jason seemed to understand/listen to in the originals was mothers. And that is built into the game.
  2. I sympathize - I play with my brothers and we like besting each other as Jason. But we all agree in that it has gotten out of hand in the random matches. If we want to play against each other we just invite folks to a private match and play that way. Its not "punishing people" - it's setting limitation to prevent atrocities in gaming. It's kinda like speed limits, they are not "punishing people" that want to drive as fast as they can, they are applying limitations for the greater good. If people want to drive as fast as they can, there are private tracks for that. Just like there are private matches.
  3. I agree with you if they add the host migration. It worked great in counter-strike but there, players weren't hosting the games. What I am ultimately saying is that rather than implement deterants, eliminate the ability to do it in the quick game mode. And if you can't let people know up front what they are getting into.
  4. I only play on PS4 so I don't know all the challenges of implementing this solution with Xbox or PC. But this would definitely work on PS4. In order to be together in a random lobby (quick game), you have to party up before hand. If you opt to invite when you are in the lobby, you Party up automatically when you friend joins the lobby. This definitely works on PS4 - the game is creating the party.
  5. A vote/kick feature is a good idea but as you pointed out, that "could invite griefers or others to come after you." (Weak excuse right??) Actually thinking further about this - this is not an option. When people are partied, if they are vote/kicked, depending on who the party leader is, it can result in a drop of multiple people including the Jason, automatically terminating the round. It can also potentially remove the host, terminating the lobby. The simplest solution is eliminate the potential for collaboration: preventing partied people from being assigned Jason.
  6. So... let's recap: You are an admitted collaborator... and proposed an impractical solution... ??? Well played sir. Developers: You can fix this - I believe in you. If you don't feel comfortable, limiting partied players from being Jason, can you PLEASE, at the very least, denote players that are partied on the lobby screen. Again, this helps people identify if they are wasting their time in a match. Because usually, if those people show up in a lobby and they do not have a mic or are non-responsive to those that do, you can almost be sure they are maintaining some form of private communication - and that is what's problematic. (In a lesser violation, it's circumventing the need for a walkie-talkie) Plus let's be serious, there is a ton of blank space between people's names and their pings on the lobby screen. Plenty of space, where a small partied identifier can be placed. This eliminates the chore of having to watch the player lobby like hawks and making mental notes of people that show up at the exact same time and are non-responsive.
  7. This is a thought provoking thread but no matter how good you are at Jason, there are circumstances a that make a bunch of counselors swinging wildly a problem. Take my example above, I was stuck in a tight doorway so my ax kept hitting the frame. Despite being stunned a few times, I was able to eventually reorient myself to hit one of them before they got the mask & took off. But that's because there were only 3. Had there been 4 or 5 crowding me, and I was the Jason with the spear, there might not be a way to clear that door frame... Plus making the shotgun friendly fire makes it so you have to get the angle right when trying to save someone grabbed by Jason. There is nothing funnier than a little kid declairing they will safe someone, only to shoot and kill them themselves. It's almost cinematic.
  8. For a while I was of the school of thought that friendly fire was not needed but for the sake of Jason, I think it is... Bare with me: I was once Jason where 3 counselors (that knew what they were doing) sandwiched me in a door way I just broke. They just keeps swinging and stunted me 3 times in a row. The 2 on the same side hit each other once or twice but after they got my mask they took off. But the point is multiple swinging counselors can be a problem in a tight spot. Now apply that another example: I once played in a lobby where there were six 10 year olds with mics (agony believe me). At the start of the map, they all synced up and moved together - they looked like an amorphous blob moving across the map. Jason showed up and cut through them like butter. But could you imagine if 6 counselors got Jason in a house and just started swinging wildly? He could be in a permanently frozen state. Particularly if everyone had those perks that increased the endurance of weapons. I think that is a tough one to fix... The quitting early is tough too, but like someone said on this chain, I, or the host, has timed out many times at the start. Being penalized for that is not cool.
  9. Requesting that the game be tweak so that if people are partied, they are automatically relegated to being counselors and cannot be Jason. Allowing partied people to become Jason only promotes nafarious forms of collaboration. In private games, I could see how paritied people could be allowed to become Jason. Speaking plainly, if you are in a private match, you know what you are signing up for. But in a quick match with randoms you don't. In random quick matches, I find myself playing rounds far too often, where partied people are blaintantly collaborating with Jason. Case in point: I played a match where the driver of a car would continuously stop the car, and allow Jason to pluck non-partied members from the vehicle (while occupying the drivers seat). Jason then defended the car until other partied members could travel to said car, so that only the party can escape. This is a pretty agregious example but examples ranges from collaborators revealing the locations of other counselors, to collaborators attacking other counselors until they are hobbled, so that Jason can get them easier. If preventing partied players from being Jasons is not an option - can you please denote who is partied on the lobby screeen. At most, there could be 4 parties per lobby, so just identifying them with a letter or unique identifier would help other players better assess if playing a game with those individuals is worth their time. It may also act as a deterrent in preventing nefarious behavior because players will know they have been identified up front. The game is awesome when everyone is playing fairly. And I enjoy being a counselor for the challenge. But on PS4, I encounter these collaborators far too often - and it becomes not fun. In fact, its happening so much, its becoming easier to recognize it early in the rounds to quit and find other games... ...but then everyone is losing. People are frustrated by people quitting early/mid game; people are frustrated by the collaborating team; and/or people are seeking to extract vengeance on specific counselors the next round....ruining the game for everyone... and then that leads to people stopping playing. And people not playing = less money for you all.
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