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  1. again. i hate the leavers. i really hope the can, before the game dies, implement some sort of temp-ban system for leavers, but right now, reporting this stuff doesn't do anything other than give them more reports to sift through to get to the jason helpers and glitchers.
  2. you're spamming when they've said they're not banning people for leaving at this time. i get it. i hate leavers, too, but you're wasting your time while given them more crap to sift through to get to the idiots they ARE banning.
  3. Running Over Counselors

    man... i guess i've been lucky. in my experience 9/10 death-by-cars are due to panicked drivers or idiots running out in front of it trying to get them to stop. unfortunately, the only real solution would be to eliminate dying if you're hit and that's stupid.
  4. leaving, as frustrating as it is, is not a bannable offense. by flooding gun with pointless reports, you're only taking up their time which could be better used banning glitchers, griefers and jason helpers.
  5. i main as a counselor and i dislike the icons. it's made things way too easy and, regardless of what anyone says, HAS discouraged communication... at least in my experience (level 98 playing since launch.) i get that the item makers are meant to combat griefers, but i still don't like it. the phone can't be repaired because some dummy (either intentionally or unintentionally) gets killed in a remote destination? tough. that kinda stuff happens in horror movies all the time. hell... characters making stupid decisions is almost necessary. if characters didn't do dumb shit, most horror movies would be ten minutes long. if @[IllFonic]Courier @wes @GunMedia_Ben and crew think it's something that needs to stay and there's an ok-sized portion of their player base that don't like it, why not come up with a compromise? don't remove it, but change it up enough so you're not spoon-feeding people? maybe? the other thing i forgot to mention - parts should have to be moved a certain distance from their original spot before showing up on the map. right now, if you find the gas, you can just pick it up and immediately drop it and it'll show up. the lame do-nothings exploit it constantly.
  6. @[IllFonic]Courier- has there been any thought put in to changing the icon system up a bit? say using a generic icon (like a gear) instead of a specific item icon? and/or having the icon show up in the general vicinity of the item? this seems like a decent compromise. by using a generic icon, you're forcing players to weigh the pros and cons of traveling to a location, often across the map, to find the item they may or may not be looking for... and by having the icon appear in the general vicinity instead of the exact location, you're creating a bit more risk and "danger" by forcing players search a little which leaves them vulnerable.
  7. Day Maps

    i kinda like the idea. they would have to figure out a way to re-balance as the flashlight would be useless as would darkness-based fear.
  8. to me, the bots will be good for Jason practice and that's probably about it. first, i can't imagine the bots will be all that intelligent. I'm picturing lots of running in to walls or otherwise doing stupid stuff. second, and must importantly, killing a bot will never be as satisfying as killing a human player. I'd rather have dedicated servers.
  9. agreed. i get people love the road map and would get pissed if there were delays, but I'd rather see them delay new content and fix the core of the game first. virtual cabins? new skins? great. all well and good... but I'd rather play a game without getting booted to the main menu 20 seconds after the host gets killed. if everything else was kosher, I'd be fine with it be this just seems like a huge waste of time when core elements of the game are still broken.
  10. i'd actually never seen this happen until the last day i played. if it wasn't for the trolls doing it intentionally, i don't think it would really bother me because that's what would happen in real life. the only reason i don't like it is because of the people that do it just to be dicks.
  11. add me to the list, here. i don't think i'll be playing all that much until they have dedicated servers up and running OR most of my f13 friends return, but this will be great when i do decide to play.
  12. i never pass up pocket knives. i grab every one i find. if i'm in QP and players aren't doing anything, i'll keep them all for myself. if i'm playing with friends or in QP lobbies where people are actually trying to get things done, i will either pop traps on objectives with the extras or give them to players that are trying to complete objectives or work as a team.
  13. am i the only one not super excited about this? don't get me wrong... it's a nice little addition, i suppose, but it really just seems like one of those things most people will spend an hour with before going "well... that was fun, i guess." i swear i'm not trying to shit on this... and maybe i'm just missing something... but i just don't see how this adds much to the overall gaming experience. seriously... please let me know what i'm missing, here.
  14. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    i want to start off by saying i agree with a lot of what you said. a lot of players are giant, whiny, demanding and entitled little babies that'll never be happy... but... i do disagree with this part of your statement. players really do set the time table, at least to some degree, by their choice to stick around. clearly, the player base is demanding and impatient... but if that's not something gun can work with, their game will die. i hope not, but that's reality. i like things in this patch but it's mostly devoid of fixes for the things that lead to a lot of players taking a break. if they can't lure them back with this next patch, i fear it's likely they'll have lost the majority of them for good. games become old news fast and keeping the disgruntled around for another month or two while they work on the next patch which may or may not address these issues is gonna be tough.
  15. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I'm glad there's a bit of news on the next patch. i really appreciate @ShiftySamurai's presence on the boards and his willingness to interact and actually respond to forum members, even when they're straight up being dicks. i'm really glad counselor preference was fixed and, yeah, there are other changes i think are solid, but for me, this patch doesnt address enough (any?) of the issues that caused me to stop playing the game in the first place. I'm afraid that if this patch doesn't address at least some of this stuff, most of the players that left are going to be gone for good. i don't see people returning in significant numbers months after they've given up. for me, dedicated servers/host migration has become almost a deal breaker. I'm sick of wasting what little time i have getting the boot mid-match over and over and over and over and over again.