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  1. whoa! I've been in the process of selling/buying a house and my ps4's been packed for the past two months. i haven't had much time to stop by and get updated. awesome news! hopefully I'll be unpacked and playing by this time next week.
  2. matisangry

    Do you still play the game?

    i've been completely out of the F13 loop lately. i really haven't even been keeping up with news or the boards. partially because of frustrations with the game itself but mostly because i'm in the process of selling my house and my ps4 is currently in a friend's storage space.
  3. matisangry

    14-Year-Old In The Hospital Long-term. Ideas?

    haven't been around in awhile but this is awesome to hear!
  4. first round was 8/8 but that was day one when most people didn't know what they were doing. i'm not a good jason. couldn't tell you the last time i played him in QP. that 8/8 had nothing to do with skill. it had everything to do with everyone else being shitty.
  5. matisangry

    Your favourite forum member?

    thanks, man! all of the above mentioned people (including you as wekk, @Vaderspupil) also @Corkenstein and @Toddarino.
  6. matisangry

    Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    no doubt. i'll even go one step further and say that even if you are headed towards the boat, if you're too far away, taking too long or if i think that waiting is gonna get me killed, i'm outta there. it's one thing to wait for people in the car but the boat is a whole other story. ha. i never play as jason so i don't get to kill my kid very often but he's killed me plenty of times. the worst part is that he couldn't care less about going 7/7 or 8/8 so if i've been really cocky and have talked lots of smack to him, he'll tunnel me until he gets me. he'll be 10 in april. it's pretty humiliating.
  7. matisangry

    Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    ...and to believe there are people out there that say tea-bagging is NEVER funny.
  8. matisangry

    Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    I was playing a QP round with a buddy and this dick took the car two rounds in a row without repairing it or picking anyone else up. The second time he did it, he actually drove around honking the horn, taunting people. So the next round the guy gets injured, gets on the radio and starts begging people for a spray. My buddy and I tell him we each have one but he needs to meet us at the Packanack Lodge. The guy shows up a few minutes later and immediately starts laying it on thick about how much he appreciated it. I tell him to stand still, run up to him then take a step back and heal myself. The guy just thinks I'm an idiot and tries to explain how it's done. My buddy tells the guy he's got a spray as well and will heal him... he runs up to him, takes a step back and does the same thing. At this point I tell the guy that people might be willing to help him if he wasn't a selfish dick. The guy goes off... "fuck you guys... i'm so much better than you... i'm still getting out of here..." blah blah blah... so the guy takes off, I'm assuming, to search for more sprays. My buddy splits off to finish repairing the car and I follow this idiot. He heads towards a cabin with a bathroom. I straggle behind until he gets pretty close to the window at which point, I sprint ahead of him, hop in, go in to the bathroom and wait. He enters the bathroom and I grab the spray, making sure he sees me do it. I get cursed out (again.) My buddy and another guy get the car going but someone must have screwed up a check because Jason is on 'em. They swing over to the cabin to pick me up and this dude is trailing behind me pleading for a ride. I enter the back seat closest to the cabin and my buddy tells this guy to go around to the other side. Just as he's about to get in, my buddy floors it and leaves the guy to get snatched up by Jason. We escaped a minute or two after this guy dies and he's FUMING in the dead lobby. He starts screaming at us, like, full on RAGE. We tell the dude he should probably leave the lobby and go find someone else to play with. He refuses... he's a "big bad motherfucker" or whatever and isn't going to be chased away. While this is happening, my buddy comes back as Tommy Jarvis. I'm watching him play and he comes up on this dude's dead body so I tell the guy he might want to check out Tommy. He does and my buddy is about 20 seconds in to a minute-long teabagging session. The idiot immediately rage quit, calling us childish. It was fantastic.
  9. matisangry

    Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    this is unfortunate to hear. i'm having a hard time believing dedicated servers are coming at this point. if they can't even begin working on the servers until the engine is updated (at their estimate that's MAYBE the beginning of April) that likely puts dedicated servers in to mid to late summer, a year and a half after launch. add to that no new content for a few months and i have a hard time thinking the player count will justify the expense. bummer.
  10. i've been through it as well. it's not hard.
  11. earlier in the thread you tell people to leave and play with like-minded players if they're in lobbies with TK'ers, then you just called them sore losers for leaving if they're TK'd. right. got it. so anyway... your solution for being TK'd is to exact revenge. great. then what? the person you enacted revenge on comes after you again the next round and it just goes around and around and around and before you know it, it's a lobby full of people running around trying to kill each other. genius. if you have that many friends that have stopped playing because TK'ing was removed and TK'ing is still available in private lobbies, then why aren't you just playing private lobbies with your friends? because you're making some moral stand about how the game was "supposed to be played?" no, it's because it's not fun to TK other TK'rs. i've gotten in to it with you once before. i don't remember what, exactly, it was over but i do think it involved you either acting like a troll or justifying troll behavior.
  12. matisangry

    Damm I am tired.

    just turned 40 on the 25th, dude. I'm right there with you in pretty much every respect. i'll be on tomorrow and monday. keep an eye out.
  13. this fucking thread should be three pages long. jesus, you guys need to, like, cool it.
  14. matisangry

    tea baging

    if someone spamming the crouch button in a video game humiliates and emasculates someone, they should probably spend less time playing video games and spend more time working on their self esteem and self confidence. its only as hurtful as you make it. you can choose to laugh at it and seek revenge or you can get butt-hurt and upset about it. the choice is yours and yours alone. getting upset about it gives the trolls exactly what they want: your rage. i work in the mental health field and have clients that thrive off of upsetting people. when they succeed, their victim's rage is like a teeny tiny gift that they can open and cherish for a few minutes. why give them what they want? i chose not to let it bother me because, really, who cares?
  15. matisangry

    New Mod: NthnButAGoodTime

    hell yeah!