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  1. the topic has just been beaten to death on the forums and every single time it's mentioned, it turns in to a pissing match. and in threads like this, that aren't specifically about the subject, it just takes them over. before you know know it there's two pages on the stupid doors. KIDS... OFF MY LAWN!
  2. i wonder how many threads have been derailed by the "doors" argument. at no point has the smart-assy, back and forth dick measuring ever changed anyone's mind. now you kids get off my lawn... and if your ball comes over my fence again, you're not getting it back!
  3. it's silly to think someone could be significantly injured walking through a door that's been completely smashed down.
  4. nah. i don't even bother, but as a vanessa, it's no fun running around repairing cars and phones without even being challenged after screwing up a bunch of skill checks.
  5. no doubt. and selfishly, after the first round or two, running train on crappy jasons gets really old.
  6. been playing since launch. i've rolled thick skin 3 or 4 times. the best one I've snagged was an uncommon... but i bet I've rolled the goddamn quiet swimmer one a hundred and fifty times... and i don't even feel like I'm exaggerating all that much... a few times I've rolled it two or three times in a row. the perk system is broken and almost not even worth the time.
  7. i really don't think it matters at all. it's seriously all coincidence. i've rolled two legendary perks at level 133 and they've both been crappier than the epic versions i had. yeah, the upside was a few percentage points higher than the legendary ones, but the downside was almost always significantly worse.
  8. i've started doing that too. at least in lobbies where it seem like people are actually trying. i've straight up told entire lobbies how to be better jasons (actually trapping objective, listening for sound cues, how to properly use sense/stalk/shift, etc.) it's nice when you can see your advice being heeded in the following rounds.
  9. exactly. i'm usually not inclined to risk my escape for anyone... especially if i'm in a QP lobby. if that makes me a dick, so be it. last i checked, you don't get XP for trying to be a nice guy. i've been burned (head punched?) too many times waiting for people to get to the car while jason's in hot pursuit so if i see my chance to leave, i take it... even if it means driving out by myself in the 4-seater. i'd much rather the car be full, but if the options are me getting out solo or me dying or blowing a car escape because i decided to play robin hood, i'm fuckin' OUT and everyone else is on there own. sorry (but not really.)
  10. i sincerely hope they don't "fix" this glorious bug.
  11. seriously! there was sparlkly shit everywhere. no way, man. I'll take two!
  12. i thought i was tripping balls the first time i saw it. i mean... i was pretty baked... but still... about five players were just running around beating the piss out of one another.
  13. oh yeah. i've seen lots of that, too. or repair characters refusing to repair anything. i had a level 6 tommy flicking his flashlight at me to put the gas in the car as vanessa. i guess that's better than the other low level tommys that spawn in and immediately run for the exit because the cops are already there. yeah. i think the biggest issue isn't that the players are new... i think it's that a lot of them are new AND don't really give a shit about the friday the 13th franchise or even the game itself. i think there's a lot of "what the hell? it's free so i might as well kill some time with it" going on and those are the dudes that screw off all game. i've been playing a lot and it seems to be about a 60/40 split, with the 60 being the crap players.
  14. for sure. it's like people don't even know the basics and I mean, like, "the goal is to escape" basics. it's bizarre. people making no attempts to leave when the cops show up even though they aren't doing anything, people fixing the phone fuse and then not call the cops... it's no wonder cabins aren't getting looted properly. oh.. another thing I've noticed... people looting one lone cabin in a string of 3 or 4 and then just bolting to another part of the map.
  15. i had a limping shelly wailing on me with a piece of drift wood AS I WAS HEALING HIM today. i just started playing air guitar until he finally got bored and ran away. another thing I've noticed is that a lot of the new players really suck at looting cabins. it seems like more times then not, there are drawers left unsearched.
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