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  1. people keeping saying "it's only two minutes" but it's usually not. who knows how long people have been sitting in that lobby while players come and go. twice in a lobby yesterday, we were at the 10 second countdown when someone would drop out / join and the counter bumps back up to one minute. then there's the actual pre-lobby. it's easy to spend five-plus minutes sitting in a lobby between matches. this wouldn't even be that bad if most matches didn't end with a host quitting or some other stupid connection issue. i don't really spam the select key, though... i like to turn my mic on and play a loop of the seinfeld theme while asking people politely to ready up.
  2. I'd be more patient in lobbies if two thirds of the games i played didn't end with the host leaving or a connection time out. nothing worse than spending five minutes in a lobby to have the host quit 30 seconds in.
  3. the perks system is awful. just yesterday i rolled that stupid, poor "quiet swimmer" perk 3 times in a row.
  4. this game is super buggy and glitchy but to say it's so broken that all you can do is have a dance party? seems kinda over-dramatic. i'm not excusing the state of the game, but seriously? i still manage to eek some (SOME) enjoyment out of it. if it's that bad, why are you still playing?
  5. i've been in a few of those. i think the retro costume looked pretty rad, and i'm not an especially huge fan of him... in game, at least.
  6. matisangry

    Still Undefeated

    i was in a QP lobby during the last double XP weekend where jason was killed three rounds in a row (i was only involved in one, though) and we were all randoms. as far as the jasons go, two were trash but the third was one hell of a fight. prior to that, i think i'd been involved in maybe 2 jason kills that weren't set up?
  7. for sure. 8 hours in a costume like that has to be miserable.
  8. the savini jason costume looks weird. it almost look like the head is too big. plus kane looks hella uncomfortable.
  9. there's a misfits tune in the game that plays in the car and in one of the houses, i think. i don't recall which one, though. The Misfits - Friday the 13th
  10. I never bought a physical copy because I didn't see the point. I'd consider picking this up if I didn't think things were on the decline and if the mask were unique to the collector's edition but it's not so I won't.
  11. matisangry

    prayers for shifty

    great news, @ShiftySamurai!
  12. if there's a 2 and a 4 on the map, i almost always go after the 2-seater (especially in QP) because most jasons focus all their energy on the 4-seater. even if you screw up the mini-game, you're still relatively safe because there's a good chance jason will morph to the 4.
  13. i found 4 pamela tapes in about 6 matches.
  14. they'll pull the plug when the player base erodes and they're spending more money than they're making keeping it alive. this is a business. they're not going to walk away from something that makes them money because people are saying mean things.
  15. what's this have to do with shifty? i was commenting on people bitching because they thought gun wasn't going to do anything special this weekend and then when they announce they're doing something, people bitch because it's not enough. at this point, extra xp... tapes... perks... what else can they really do?