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  1. I would love that too! But they said it was out of the budget...
  2. You're angry about something, man. Just gonna let you be.
  3. That's not a very good reason to argue back... I'm sure more than none of the fan base would LOVE their own Jason masks. And a waste of resources? I highly doubt that
  4. No, that ISN'T what I'm talking about. They would give stuff you can use and only stuff you can use. One color for for the mask and just different pre-made shapes. Nothing else.
  5. They'd never even allow that. Degrading Jason is a big no-no to Gun.
  6. True that, IHeartBreakerl. But read the above, please.
  7. Like we stated before, you'd only get specific things that the devs allow you to use. One color mask but with many different color options, different style/shape types (obviously not very different from each other but maybe with some cool differences. You would not be allowed to just draw a dick on Jason's mask.
  8. Basically what VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said to sum it up. So no Trolling or anything like that
  9. Well they'd only be allowed to make it with certain things that the devs themselves make, so it would be harder to troll
  10. I think it would be cool if you could make and customize your own Jason mask. Whether it be for all Jasons or not, I think it would be a cool feature, especially if they maybe make a new "custom" Jason, like the tom savini one. He could have rugged clothes or even a selection of damaged and destroyed clothing and such, and even have the customizable masks. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks! I really wanted this as a feature, considering it makes Jason look like a little kid not being able to do anything.
  12. I was playing a match and died, bringing me to spectate mode. While spectating I saw a Jason get shot, fall down, then t-bagged. When Jason got up, the person just got away. This isn't the Jason we all know and love, he wouldn't just get up and not do anything about it. Jason is always looking for a kill, and I say, while he's down on the floor from a stun, if he gets up (not all the way; just picking his upper body up) and someone is near him, you could get an E prompt to grab them and do some damage to them or something of the sort. Thoughts?
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