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  1. Ideas For Gun Media's Next Project

    Whether 4 or 50, I'm still willing to eat my hat if I'm wrong that a significant portion of that team are designers and not bug fixers. What exactly do you suggest they do with their expertise in the meantime to justify their wages? I can tell you this... however. Even lesser devs should be making their designers justify their wages between projects by working on something, even if it means outsourcing them. And if they haven't made plans for the next game... well I guess there's really no better time to make these suggestions is there? Because any later and they don't really make a difference.
  2. Ideas For Gun Media's Next Project

    And what do you think concept artists and Level Designers do while the programmers and testers iron out bug fixes and gameplay tweaks? They work on the next installment. That's why you hear studios tell people that they have been working on a game for 3 years when their last game was released sooner than that. Regardless of whether you want bug fixes or not, that sort of stuff holds no weight over the Early Development-level staff, who's jobs are limited to the handful of DLC content being developed. I have a little training in game design. Not much as I had to leave when my health declined and my fiancée got pregnant, but I am fairly well versed in the orchestration and design documentation. And I can tell you that with half decent direction, a team should be more than capable of orchestrating early development of the next project while finishing up late development on the last one. It's silly to have designers sitting on their thumbs while bug fixers and testers pump out iteration after iteration of tweaks and new problems. Better to create a new project so devs are motivated to finish their work and move on to something new.
  3. In regards to whatever the future holds for these devs, I'm sure most people are thinking another game about a licensed slasher hunting people down, like Leatherface or Chucky or even someone like Rusty Nail and his Truck (my pick of slashers). Let's talk about future projects that seem fitting. I think it would be neat to go with something a little less obvious... so heres one idea: EVIL DEAD: The killer (or "Evil" as I will call it from now on) starts out as an invisible force with only a set amount of "power" and limited options to mess with the real world. The rules change in every game and only the Evil knows what it is capable of. This could be done with RNG or unlockable abilities (or a combination of both to keep players uneasy). The rare possibility that the Evil is overpowered creates more tension for the victims. The Evil travels around at unpredictable speeds and must torment the victims in order to gain power, and only gains a small amount of power passively in order to ensure it never becomes powerless. You torment them by expending a little power to possess and manipulate objects like books and lamps at first. The more victims in the objects vicinity, the more power gained from tormenting and scaring them (this could encourage victims to separate). Victims must secure the cabin (or shed) first and then start search for helpful items. The most helpful items tend to spawn in more dangerous places, such as outside in the shed or in the fruit cellar. Victims can find the Necronomicon, pages torn from the book, keys, weapons, and matches among other things throughout the cabin, outside, toolshed and fruit cellar. Ash is the Hero and can only be playable by either sacrificing yourself with a ritual and summoning him from a portal from the past, or may occasionally spawn locked in a cage in the fruit cellar and begging for someone to find the key to let him out (only if a player is dead before entering the Labyrinth). A Labyrinth in the fruit cellar always holds pages or other important items that are necessary to win, while others can be found outside and in the Toolshed. Players win by either burning the Necronomicon and all of its pages (very difficult to get every page in the book), fixing and escaping in car (fewer items, escape sooner but there's a chance the bridge was destroyed before you got there and trees are still a threat), or performing a ritual with fewer items to summon evil in the flesh followed by a time rift (escape sooner but empowers the Evil with a physical form and far more power while a Victim must be kept alive long enough to complete the ritual). As you can imagine, Ash's ability to fight back is a significant help. Reading from individual found pages of the book results in a random effect that can be beneficial or detrimental at varying degrees. Once the Evil gains enough power through Torment, it can spend that power on possessing things and trying to break in. Possessing the living is cheaper than the dead (especially the dismembered dead) but victims can fight it and "may" be cured by sunlight if the sun hasn't yet gone down. Players don't know where the Evil is unless it is possessing something, it is holding shift to move faster (it makes that loud noise from the movies) or they perform a health depleting ritual to banish it for a short period. Banishing the Evil allows them to repair any breaches until the Evil can break in again. The issue is, the Evil can potentially later enter through any wounds inflicted, forcing those player to cut off a much needed limb (if they have the tool) or be permanently possessed as an NPC until another victim kills them. If the Evil Possesses a victim or dead Body, it may spend more power to transform into something stronger and more Twisted if it survives long enough or torments players (The ED2 and AoD Deadites levitated and twisted into all sort of things, even Gargoyles apparently). Trees can be cheaply possessed or simply animated as NPCs that kill anyone who comes too close and costs very little to possess, but cost a lot of power to move. Additional possessable items can randomly spawn in the cabin or surrounding area (think baby in a jar, dismembered body parts or potted cacti) and may have additional effects such as transformation and attacking rather than simply tormenting. Fake Necronomicons exist and bite players who try to pick them up, for this reason, it's best left for last to avoid getting a hand possessed. If a victim opens the Fruit Cellar Labyrinth, the Evil has the ability to possess and later transform Henrietta and stalk them while they search the confusing corridors. There is a grave outside and saving power to possess the corpse may be the best means of breaking into the cabin. Potential Easter Eggs: - Deep in the woods, just out of the Evil's effective range, lies an old ruin where the Kandarian Dagger can be found, which could be used for another possible ending. - If at full power, possessing the deer head could potentially result in more than Torment since it is technically dead. The deer head has a wide torment range, and if one can possess the deer head and get back the power they lost while still in it, the deer head can transform, resulting in the deer head forcing itself back into the world by climbing out of the wall and wreaking havok in full deer form (Potentially swearing on people as a reference to Drag Me To Hell). - If the Evil infects Ash's hand, he'll scream "You monsters! Give me back my hand!". Cutting it off and giving Ash the rifle and chainsaw basically turns on Unlimited Ammo and makes the game a lot more difficult for the Evil. I could go on and on about other Easter Eggs and game mechanics, but I'd love to hear what you guys think and your ideas. I may expand on this later because I just love the idea of a horror game where you don't know the rules and potentially anything could happen, that's the appeal of Evil Dead, in my opinion. One minute you think the Sunlight stops them and they can't possess a corpse if it was already possessed... the next the Evil just decides to reveal it was taunting you with hope the whole time. I also have similar ideas for a John Carpenter's The Thing game that could follow a similar formula, so I may return to talk about that as well.
  4. Demon Jason?

    Oh it was him. It was missing an eye and the check on the left side of his face was missing with the teeth showing through and everything. That thing was super menacing. That's kinda why I'd love to see what he would have become had he continued to progress in that way. He was growing horns and everything.
  5. Demon Jason?

    What is in your top 3 list? Demon Jason?
  6. Demon Jason?

    Lol, I don't know why. The footage I've seen showed the creature emerge as the slug thing and crawl away, only to return as this thing shortly after with arms and no legs. He was becoming a demon and this was the upper body presumably. After this I assume they scrapped the idea because they mention Voorhees having to be born from a relative and he just leaps out of the floor as normal Jason after that coming out of the floor and skipping the whole.... rebirth scene. It didn't make any sense. My guess is they just stopped the transformation there and decided to go straight from slug to rebirth without the demon form. demon jason had a pretty blood curdling scream though. Looked like something out of Army of Darkness.
  7. Demon Jason?

    This thing wasn't little. It was a transitional point that came AFTER the little slug thing. His legs weren't fully developed in the deleted scene, but it was human sized. Devs would have to take Liberties with the legs since there isn't any footage I've found of the legs fully developed.
  8. Demon Jason?

    Fixed, thanks for the heads up. My iPhone seems to to autocorrect random words these days.
  9. Demon Jason?

    No no no, this guy.
  10. Anyone remember the deleted scene from Jason goes to Hell where Jason appears as a full on Demon? I know we already have Savini Jason, but if the plan is to pump out a lot of DLC, I think Demon Jason would be pretty neat. Edit: Added Image