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  1. Bad example of a What If. Wolverine fought Hulk in his very first comic appearance.
  2. Getting rid of -Shift was the only thing I needed to hear to make me happy. No Jason with Can't Run should ever have had -Shift as well. Jason VII having -Traps on top of that just made him a huge Gimp.
  3. Duke was one of the worst characters in the worst Friday the 13th movie. He shouldn't even be mentioned, let alone be in the game, certainly not be a replacement for Tommy. They couldn't be bothered to give him a backstory in a movie where they were pulling retcons and bullcrap out of their ass like there was no tomorrow.
  4. I agree with this 100%. I see way too many stories about killing Jason. Killing Jason should never have been such a go to option, but more of a last resort / suicide mission type of thing. I think they should have made it more difficult, such as "you can only have one of each counselor." No duplicates. Maybe then we wouldn't have had the Jason kill be spoiled by streamers before the official release date. I'm still pissed at Gun for that.
  5. Those aren't Easter Eggs. They are just things from the movie. They are supposed to be there. A model of the Grendel, or Freddy's sweater would be an Easter Egg.
  6. So I noticed you didn't try to answer any of my questions about Mrs. Voorhees. That's ok, I didn't expect anyone to have any explanations as to how she does what she does. The "Something funny is happening at Crystal Lake" is more of a blanket statement that covers all of the movies and their killers. If you don't find anything funny about an old lady that can pin a man to a door with arrows with his feet off the ground, then I guess we will have to agree to disagree. They are simply mechanics of the game that can be changed to fit the map, or added to. They already showed that they can turn off things like friendly fire at a whim. Yes, a space map would be very different. Escape pods instead of cars, or calling another ship for rescue instead of the police. It would keep the game from becoming stale, which is not even close for me with the 3 camp maps we do have.
  7. Or it's just a bad movie. Almost nothing is clear about how Jason gets to where he needs or wants to be. It has to be left up to viewer interpretation.
  8. Honestly I don't mind if she's in the game or not. I would like her to be included, but it's not a deal breaker. Now on to your point about the supernatural powers of Pamela and Jason. Do you know many old ladies that can throw another grown woman through a window? She must have been a good runner, since after tossing Brenda through the window she drives up in her jeep without Alice hearing it start. It must have been parked pretty far away. How about the strength needed to pin a man to a door with arrows where his feet don't touch the ground? I really like the part where after she somehow puts Steve Christy in a tree, she is also able to rig his body to fall just enough to scare someone running past. Either Pamela was supernatural as well, or maybe it's just horror movies being horror movies. I'm going with the latter for her and Jason. I'm not opposed to them being supernatural either. Something funny is definitely happening at Crystal Lake. Why do you keep trying to apply the mechanics from a map of an 80s summer camp to a futuristic space ship? Obviously the goals for different maps would be different.
  9. About the same time in the movies that Jason got them, which would be never. Pamela, much like Jason would be placed in the movie where she is needed to create fear, and kill her victims. The game translates this horror movie trope into shifting and morphing.
  10. Jason in the game is too tall when compared to the movies, but I love it, and wouldn't want it any other way.
  11. It should never be easy to kill Jason. They should have added a few more conditions like all unique councilors, or Tommy has to use a special machete.
  12. Absolutely hate the window prompt. I want less prompts removing me from the immersion, not more. I don't need a stupid X button popping up in my face every time I walk by a window. I know I can break the damn window.
  13. Don't listen to them. The Devs didn't say that Pamela was never going to be in the game.
  14. I would save Alice in a heartbeat. I had a crush on her when I was a kid, and seeing her killed in the beginning of Part II was devastating. Why didn't she go back to California?
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